How to Manipulate the WR Fantasy Football Rankings to Build a Juggernaut

Any seasoned fantasy football team owner knows how critical it is to do well in your league draft. Statistics show that auto pilot teams invariably have poor seasons. That said, what techniques could you employ to help manipulate your picks to get an unbeatable team. Well, one way is to adjust when you take your wide receivers, therefore giving opening up early picks for top-level players at the other positions.

To forego picking any wide receivers until after the 4th round, you need to do some research. Construct a list of at least a dozen WR2s according to the fantasy football rankings. The reason for researching so many is other owners may try a similar tactic.

Now, the real skill is to uncover any player projected as a WR3, who will light up the fantasy season as a WR1. Build a list about half the size of your first dozen pass catchers. Queue each of these players right before the draft begins.

Follow the progress, but focus on your #1 running back and game changing quarterback first. There are only about five truly top-level stars in each group. A good strategy is to seize the best running back according to your projections first, then go after one of four elite quarterbacks. The third round depends on who is left on the board.

If you have another RB1, grab him. If it’s a toss up, this is probably the last chance you’ll have to take a shot at The Gronk. Rob Gronkowski is always the #1 TE in the fantasy football rankings, navigating his way into the top 25 overall when he’s healthy. We stress, when he’s healthy.

During round #4, go back to the running back pool and be certain to get the next best RB2 option you can find. This should give you an early draft roster that is strong at QB, and sufficiently stocked at running back.

Now is the point when you turn your draft into a championship winner. Between rounds 5 and 9, begin to pick off your highest rated WR sleepers. Players such as Martavis Bryant, Pierre Garcon and others, are not coming off the boards until the mid to late rounds.

Finish your draft class off by filling in positional needs with the best player on the board, possibly even plucking a good defense with your 9th round pick. Be cautious with your DST though, because the point differential in the fantasy football rankings between a top 10 and top 20 defense is marginal.

If you decided to steer away from the injury prone Gronkowski, get yourself a serviceable tight end during the 9th or 10th rounds. Complete your juggernaut team with the best kicker still on the boards in the final round, and get ready to demoralize your competition. You’ll have built a high scoring fantasy machine that is set to defy the fantasy football rankings.

Robert Ivy Wants To Revise How Society Sees Architecture

Ever since 2011, Robert Ivy has been the CEO of American Institute of Architects. Ivy is highly educated. Ivy earned a B A in English in 1969 at Sewanee: The University of the South. Mr. Ivy had received his Masters degree in architecture from Tulane University in 1976, graduating cum laude.

Robert Ivy worked for McGraw Hill Companies from 1996 to the time he left to work at American Institute of Architects. At McGraw Hill, Ivy was Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Mr. Ivy was also Vice President and editorial director for McGraw Hill’s construction division. As an architect, Robert Ivy’s opinion is highly regarded. He was on the selection committee that appointed Frank Gehry to design the Dwight Eisenhower memorial in 1999.

The American Institute of Architects or AIA is located in Washington DC and has more than 260 chapters all over the world. Thirteen architects established AIA back in 1857. The architects of AIA believe that their dedication to excellence and power designs drives positive change in the world.

Robert Ivy work at Architectural Record earned him many awards, including the American Society of Magazine Award for excellence, 26 Jesse Neal awards, and seven Ozzies. For his work at McGraw Hill, he received their Management for Excellence award in 1998. In 2009, Ivy won the Crain Award. By 2O10, Alpha Rho Chi named Ivy the Master Architect award.

In 2001, Robert Ivy penned the biography of Fay Jones. Mr. Jones was one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s many apprentices. Jones was the only one of Wright’s apprentices to win the AIA Gold Metal, which is the highest award the Architectural Institute gives out.

On February 8, 2015, Mr. Ivy placed advertisements on major stations, all over the country on shows, such as Cable News and Face the Nation. The ads are part of a three-year campaign about the role of architecture. One ad conveys that architecture is more than walls and ceilings. Architecture is art, history, and our future. The future is architecture blending in with nature.


5 Things Preston Smith Learned from Operating Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith in 2006, who currently serves as the public charter school network’s CEO. Mr. Smith already had more than a decade’s worth of formal educational experience at Rocketship’s date of inception, although, just like every human being on our great planet, Preston didn’t know everything about elementary education. As such, the highly successful and intimately involved administrator has picked up a number of valuable tidbits of knowledge related to education throughout the past 10 years. Let’s look at a few of them, as they can be applied to every other school in the United States, if not those spread across the tire world.

Diversity is longed after by many organizations throughout the United States, whether it be universities, primary schools, manufacturers, or law firms. A large number of schools throughout America strive to diversify their enrollment statistics, which, if they’re properly diversified, often appeals to parents, school board members, and government agencies that award grants and other awards. However, Rocketship Education has figured out that teachers and admins should be of culturally diverse backgrounds and ethnicities prior to diversifying these characteristics of students. Doing so helps students learn more, and also connects them more closely to their instructors.

Students with developmental, social, and learning disabilities spend an average of 80% of their schooldays in their “regular” classrooms, or those classes that students without disabilities occupy 100% of the time. This serves two purposes: special needs students themselves feel better about learning; and teachers, students, and principals become more aware of the reality of special students’ needs.

Rocketship Education, thanks to its charter status, accepts investments from outside, good-hearted investors. Even if they’re not educators themselves, administrators should always heavily value their inputs, including that of parents, community members, and everybody else that lives or works near their facilities.

RSED was founded in Redwood City, California, which borders the Bay Area, known for pushing out tons of innovative businesses and organizations, of which Rocketship Education’s eighteen facilities are no exception. This network of public charter schools is commonly recognized as one of the first to intimately integrate technology into regular learning functions, an integral part of its students maintaining ultra-high standardized test scores.

Trabuco- An Ancient War Device

A Trabuco is an ancient war machine that was used by soldiers to fire projectiles at their enemies. Additionally, soldiers also used the Trabuco to crush the masonry walls of their enemies. The device functions using the same principles as those of a catapult. Moreover, it also works just like a sling. In other words, it changes the gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy, which then supplies the force required to the projectiles.

Therefore, in order to distinguish a Trabuco from other weapons that have a similar design and function, the Trabuco is also referred to as a balancing Trabuco. Additionally, it is also referred to as a balancing Trabuco because in some countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and France the word Trabuco is sometimes referred to as ancient revolvers, and shotguns. There are two types of Trabuco namely the hybrid Trabuco, and the tensile Trabuco. The hybrid Trabuco can fling stones weighing up to 400 pounds. The stones can be thrown up to a distance of 300 meters. Furthermore, the hybrid Trabuco was used by Arab merchants in the Middle East to fight Egyptian soldiers. The tensile Trabuco, on the other hand, can fling stones weighing up to 140 pounds. The stones can be thrown to a distance of 80 meters. Although the Trabuco is no longer used in war, and therefore unavailable in the market, it is easy to build it according to Nowadays, many people use the Trabuco for various activities like hurling grapes, foam balls, or paper balls.


The Trabuco was first used by the Chinese to launch attacks among themselves in 400 DC. Later between 500 and 600 DC, the tool became famous in Europe. For many years since then, the Trabuco was used as a dominant device during wars until gunpowder emerged. Additionally, the tool was very famous among the Mongols. The Mongols was a native tribe that lived in China between 1000 and 1300. The Mongols used to attack their neighboring tribes (Xiangyang, and Fancheng) by throwing heavy and hot stones at them using the Trabuco. Moreover, the machine was introduced in Europe and the Middle East by the Persian Engineers, and the Byzantine Empire on In Europe, it was first used by empires based in Northern Germany. Later, its popularity spread to Italy, England, France, and Portugal.

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Spending Money Post-Retirement with David Giertz

According to David Giertz, creating a reliable retirement plan entails saving money, budget formulation as well as making arrangements regarding insurance requirements. Moreover, David notes that enjoying retirement comprises striking a sustainable balance between saving funds wisely and spending them with an equal sense of abandonment. Discussed below are some of the insights from David Giertz on how to live a responsible life without the need to forfeit the chance of having fun during the golden years.

Firstly, discipline is critical to a sound retirement. Nevertheless, individuals need to formulate and implement different approaches based on their personal likings and preferences. Formulating a sound retirement plan translates to deciding how much money as a retiree one want to leave to their heirs. Moreover, the plan must also entail such activities, which had been put aside due to demanding schedules such as work.

Thirdly, creating a budget will help a retiree who is hesitant about spending. A retiree can learn how to budget their funds by setting aside monies for taking holidays and traveling. Once they calculate the figures, it becomes easier to spend funds for pleasurable activities as permitted by the budget. Lastly, David Giertz insists on retirees always having enough cash reserves at hand. Some liquid cash will make one more comfortable as well as less stressful.

David Giertz possesses more than three decades of experience in the financial services sector. Most recently, Giertz worked with Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization as the president, where he featured excellent operating results. He grew the organization from $11 billion to $17.8 billion worth of profitable revenue. David Giertz successfully led the distribution and wholesale strategy of life insurance, regional firms, IMOs, Wirehouses, independent brokers and dealers, private-sector retirement plans and specialty markets among others.

David Giertz has been affiliated with numerous community foundations, including the former positions he held as the chairperson of Millikin University’s Board of Trustee. He additionally chaired the Millikin University Budget and Finance committee for nine years. David Giertz is also an industry arbitrator linked to FINRA.

Why Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Researches The Anti-Aging Effects Of Rapamycin

Suren Sehgal is a longtime researcher into anti-aging pills. He remembers putting a package in his freezer in the early 1980s that contained small glass vials of a rare bacterium. What he had in his freezer amounted to all that was left of this bacterium in the world. Today his research, along with others, has been developing this material into what is showing strong promise of being an effective and safe anti-aging drug.The bacterium that Suren Sehgal researches comes from the soil of Easter Island. There he had found Streptomyces hygroscopicus. He saw that this bacteria secreted a very strong antifungal compound which initially he thought would be a great cure for athlete’s foot and other types of fungal issues. After purifying this compound he called it rapamycin and started research on just what it could do.

The first person he used rapamycin on was his neighbor who at the time was suffering from a fungal skin condition that wouldn’t clear up. He made an ointment for her which quickly cleared up her problem. Before too long he faced a problem when the company he worked for, Ayerst, shut down the entire Canadian Lab he was working for and he was ordered to destroy everything that was “nonviable”. Instead of destroying the bacterium he was creating rapamycin from he put it in his home freezer.Today rapamycin has been developed into a powerful cancer drug. It has saved lives around the world. It is also considered by some researchers to have huge potential to extend people’s lives. One of the most prominent researchers into using it this way is Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny. He researches cures to cancer as well as ways to provide people with anti-aging pills that will help them lead longer and healthier lives.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny specializes in oncology. In addition to researching in this field he is also a professor as well as a philanthropist when away from his lab and classroom.The research that Dr. Blagosklonny has performed on the anti-aging effects of rapamycin has garnered the attention of his peers in oncology as well as other medical disciplines. As a consequence, his work is often cited by other researchers working on their own anti-aging studies. He is also cited because of his groundbreaking research into targeted cancer drugs which have the ability to kill only cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells behind.There are a number of reasons that Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny researches rapamycin. Among the reasons is that he wants people to be cured of their cancer in a very effective way that is also as inexpensive as he can make it. He wants everyone to be able to have their cancer treated, not just those who can afford it. He also wants to bring anti-aging pills to the masses at an affordable price. As a philanthropist he wants to bring good into the world for people around the world who want to live both a longer life as well as one that is free of disease through the use of rapamycin.

Information and The Latest of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a makeup company from Los Angeles, California, that is a trend-setting one. It holds the belief that makeup isn’t just a method in covering up imperfections in our faces. It is also considered both a form of self-expression and freedom. Lime Crime has a commitment in bringing original, high performance formulas to the market of cosmetics. These cosmetics are both vegan as well as cruelty free.

This article will first start exploring a new product called Scandal. On Tuesday January 10, 2017, Lime Crime hit more than 2.6 followers on a social media network. This was right after the release of a new addition called Scandal. It is a product from a type of lipstick called Velvetines.

This product was created and thought of by Doe Deere the CEO of Lime Crime. This product, like the others is 100% Vegan. It was also certified cruelty free. It also, includes the same luxurious and long-lasting formula of Lime Crime. It has a rich purple-violet hue as well as a famed liquid-to-matte lipstick like nothing before.

Here is a good tip in using lip balm in a situation. In in order to ensure a pout that is the best it can be, wearers should put on lip balm 15 minutes before application. It should also pat off excessive oils with a tissue. Then the Scandal should be put on directly the lips. A lip brush should also be used to refine edges. Even though it dries to a finish that is velvety and bullet-proof finish, but it can be removed with oil or waterproof makeup removal.

Now this article will explore the mission of LimeCrime. The main mission of this company is the revolutionize makeup. It is revolutionized from the way it makes someone feel to how someone shops. It has become both a leader in the digital and social space and a cult favorite as well. Their collections are created to put a great shade on someone’s face

What Makes Dr. Jenninfer Walden Who She is Today

Jennifer Lee Walden is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC. She also provides services at her private plastic surgery practice. They are both located in Austin, Texas. However, it is important to tell you that her career didn’t begin there. In fact, 2003 – 2004 she was in Manhattan, New York working at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital with her mentor Dr. Sherrall Aston for Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, when it all came together for her.

She got her education at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. In 1990 -1994 she went for her BA in biology. Then, she studied for her MD in medicine from 1994 to 1998. The next step in her education was her Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency that lasted a total of five years from 1998 to 2003. In view of her experience, she has been practicing plastic surgery for well over 13 years.

Her primary focus is on cosmetic surgery, which includes face-lifts, eyelid lifts, breast augmentations, and more. What Walden likes best about her career is the way she can provide immediate results to her patients. Being a woman herself, Walden can understand why a female would like to enhance their deflated breast or need a tummy tuck after giving birth. In fact, 92% of her patients are of the female gender.

With giving birth to twin boys and simply being a woman she can relate to her patient’s feelings and needs. Dr Jennifer Walden Reviews practice consists of all female employees from the med spa to the operating room environment. In my research, Walden shared that the most rewarding part of her job is at the end of the day and that she can do something very few people can do, which is to operate on human beings and provide positive external results in patients.

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Securus Technologies – Offering Seamless Services to the Correctional World

Securus Technologies is considered a leader in the area of inmate communications because the company has made rapid advances in the field since the time it was established in 1986. The company also provides a broad range of investigative solutions and services for the law enforcement agencies and officers. Securus Technologies offers its services to law enforcement agencies and prisons in Canada, United States, and the District of Columbia. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is planning to take the services to many new territories in the country to help increase the company’s revenue and increase its outreach.


Securus Technologies has played a very vital role in improving the conditions of the inmates in the prisons. For years, the inmates have been suffering from lack of connectivity with their loved ones outside the jail. It added to their stress levels. However, Securus Technologies has given them a lease of life by providing them a wide array of products and services in the inmate communication segment to choose from. Moreover, the prisoners and their loved ones can control these inmate communication services from their phone itself through the mobile application of Securus Technologies. The company has made the mobile application for its customers to ensure they have all they want in one application. The customers can recharge their account, make calls, do video chat, make a complaint, and even make a money transfer from the mobile application of Securus Technologies.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for past seven years and have never faced any problems with their services. The best part is that the customer service of Securus Technology is rapid to resolve any and all queries and would also address any other grievances you might have. It ensures that the customers enjoy the seamless services offered by Securus Technologies.