Trabuco -The Medieval Times War Machine

History of Trabuco

The Trabuco was a siege war machinery used in medieval times for battles. The ancient war machine was first invented by the Chinese at around 300 BC and is believed to have been used in terror for more than 1000 years. Trabuco war machine was closely related to the catapult since both used similar mechanism to hurl objects at a distance. What’s more, the Trabuco machines could fire all manner of projectiles including rocks, bombs, and dead infected bodies thus resulting in biological warfare.

The Working Mechanism of the Trabuco

The weapon worked by firing projectiles to the enemy across distances of up to 800 meters away based on the power of the Trabuco. Again, the projectiles fired caused mass destructions to the wall of the enemies depending on the size of the projectiles or fireballs shot. On, the Trabuco mechanism was derived from the sling analogy whereby it consisted of the transformation of the potential energy into kinetic energy. The counterweight determined the strength and velocity of the projectile though some of the energy got dissipated by friction and gravity.

Further, it is believed that the very ancient Trabucos once used human energy to operate whereby more than 250 people were needed to effectively launch a projectile. It was very difficult to operate since the people used had to be in sync and it was not easy to coordinate them. This was a major drawback of the Trabuco but it was later modified with the invention of counterweight used independently instead of human energy. Moreover, the war machine was also used in the twelfth and thirteenth century by the Christian and Muslim societies in religious battles back then according to

The Trabuco was later introduced in Europe in the 600 AD and was used till the invention of the gunpowder according to The Trabuco became obsolete at the beginning of the fourteenth century when gunpowder was adapted. Additionally, the Trabucos were very easy to construct but the usage required a lot of calculations thus their effectiveness seized when more modern day artillery was invented. Today, they remain a great tool in physics education in schools.


Trabuco- An Ancient War Device

A Trabuco is an ancient war machine that was used by soldiers to fire projectiles at their enemies. Additionally, soldiers also used the Trabuco to crush the masonry walls of their enemies. The device functions using the same principles as those of a catapult. Moreover, it also works just like a sling. In other words, it changes the gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy, which then supplies the force required to the projectiles.

Therefore, in order to distinguish a Trabuco from other weapons that have a similar design and function, the Trabuco is also referred to as a balancing Trabuco. Additionally, it is also referred to as a balancing Trabuco because in some countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and France the word Trabuco is sometimes referred to as ancient revolvers, and shotguns. There are two types of Trabuco namely the hybrid Trabuco, and the tensile Trabuco. The hybrid Trabuco can fling stones weighing up to 400 pounds. The stones can be thrown up to a distance of 300 meters. Furthermore, the hybrid Trabuco was used by Arab merchants in the Middle East to fight Egyptian soldiers. The tensile Trabuco, on the other hand, can fling stones weighing up to 140 pounds. The stones can be thrown to a distance of 80 meters. Although the Trabuco is no longer used in war, and therefore unavailable in the market, it is easy to build it according to Nowadays, many people use the Trabuco for various activities like hurling grapes, foam balls, or paper balls.


The Trabuco was first used by the Chinese to launch attacks among themselves in 400 DC. Later between 500 and 600 DC, the tool became famous in Europe. For many years since then, the Trabuco was used as a dominant device during wars until gunpowder emerged. Additionally, the tool was very famous among the Mongols. The Mongols was a native tribe that lived in China between 1000 and 1300. The Mongols used to attack their neighboring tribes (Xiangyang, and Fancheng) by throwing heavy and hot stones at them using the Trabuco. Moreover, the machine was introduced in Europe and the Middle East by the Persian Engineers, and the Byzantine Empire on In Europe, it was first used by empires based in Northern Germany. Later, its popularity spread to Italy, England, France, and Portugal.

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