Securus Technologies Blocking the Network on Contraband Phones through Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies is the only company in the corrections space that has been able to successfully develop a technology that would make it impossible for the prisoners to use the contraband phones. Even when the prisoners would have the contraband phones with themselves, the network would be blocked automatically with the new technology developed by Securus Technologies, named wireless containment system.


The use of contraband phones is so rampant in the correctional facilities that the correctional and law enforcement agencies have made it their priority in the last couple of years to stop its use altogether. The contraband phones are making its way inside the prison in some way or the other, but mostly due to the real corruption inside the prison as well as the use of the drones. Securus Technologies has been able to find a way to not only stop the infiltration of contraband phones inside the prison but to also stop the use of contraband phones entirely through its two new technologies.


The two new technologies that Securus Technologies has recently launched are the wireless containment system and the drone detection technology. As per the report, most of the criminals are using drones to supply a wide range of contraband inside the prison. Even though the correctional officers are trying to control the use of drones to supply contraband inside the prison, not much success has been achieved on that front yet. The drone detection technology, however, has proved to be highly successful in detecting the entrance of drones in the prison airspace and alert the correctional officers on duty. It would eliminate the use of drones to supply contraband, and any drone that would be detected would be seized along with the contraband it is carrying.


The company is trying to find ways to backtrack the controller as well with the drone so that the users of such drones can be arrested too. The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would help in ensuring that the contraband phones already in use inside the prison are rendered useless altogether. The wireless containment system would not allow the contraband phones to connect to any network and thus, the phone would be nothing more than a paperweight.


Any phone without the network would not be able to make or receive calls, and thus, the wireless containment system has proved to be highly successful. It is the only such technology that is tried, tested, and approved by the FCC so far, and is scheduled to be installed in many other correctional facilities shortly. Securus Technologies is committed to the new technologies that it has been rolling out for the safety and security of the prisoners and the officers, and hope to work on it further to upgrade it.



The journey of Securus Technologies and their responsibilities

Securus Technologies is a prison technology company that operates from the United States. Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986. The headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas. We have offices in various regions across the States including Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta, Georgia.

After the launch of Securus Technologies, we have employed at least 1000 people. We Ave also worked with more than 2600 correctional institutions across the United States. With an investment of more than $600 million, we have been able to improve in technologies, acquisitions, and patents in a span of three years. This has helped us to take care of more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America.

We got the international brand leader in the Offender Management Systems in June 2007. This was a thumb up for us and in 2010, we ranked top among the few companies that offered telephone services to the inmates in the United States. This was our main aim in founding the Securus Technologies.

At Secures Technologies, we care much about offering our clients with the highest quality services all through. The main services that we offer to our clients include public information, emergency response, biometric analysis, incident management, communication, in-mate self-service, and communication and information management. We also monitor the services and products to secure our clients.

As we grew, we came up with a system that controls the contraband cell phones. Our managed access solutions had more than five approvals from correctional institutions by 2016. In July 2016, we worked together with Harris Corporation to come up with Cell Defender Technology.

In 2017, we introduced the Wireless Containment Solution. This was to keep off the contraband cell phones from accessing any connections with mobile networks. However, we have also improved the communication between inmates and their families and friends. This has improved their relationship; therefore, they will not feel left out.

By 2017 November 2017, our Wireless Containment Solution system had been able to block approximately 1.7 million calls from inmates. There is no other company across the United States that has achieved such a number; therefore, Securus Technologies makes the best company to rely on.


How Securus Technologies Has Impacted The Inmate Population Within Inmate Facilities

A business located in Dallas, Texas is increasing safety for inmates, employees of inmate holding facilities and even the public. Through the involvement of the business, the number of agencies and holding facilities increases year after year. Since the business first started, Securus Technologies has increased the number of people who are safer through their products and teachings to over a million inmates yearly and close to 3,500 public safety officials.


Securus Technologies has helped in connecting agencies with one another during an emergency and to increase the awareness of public safety. Through investigations, analysis and information, products are used to increase safety for inmates and employees. They focus on building services anchored towards safety of inmates by raising awareness of surroundings, technology that can be used to increase safety and by knowing the signs of inmate to inmate crimes. The civil and criminal justice side of the business is always increasing the products they offer as well as services they cover.


Jails and inmate holding facilities are at the forefront of the business technology that Securus covers year after year. The focus of establishing new training methods and new ways of teaching the employees who work in the facilities is how more jails are safer than they have ever been.


The number of facilities that are helped yearly through Securus Technologies increases each year as more people are helped through their services. The number of people who are helped yearly from Securus Technologies is over 3,000 employees through jails, holding facilities and state facilities. There are more than a million inmates who are safer because of Securus Technologies.


Securus works to increase public safety through their programs as well. Making the world safer for everyone is the goal of Securus Technologies. They are committed to making that happen, one person at a time, one inmate at a time and one facility at a time.


Securus Technologies – Offering Seamless Services to the Correctional World

Securus Technologies is considered a leader in the area of inmate communications because the company has made rapid advances in the field since the time it was established in 1986. The company also provides a broad range of investigative solutions and services for the law enforcement agencies and officers. Securus Technologies offers its services to law enforcement agencies and prisons in Canada, United States, and the District of Columbia. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is planning to take the services to many new territories in the country to help increase the company’s revenue and increase its outreach.


Securus Technologies has played a very vital role in improving the conditions of the inmates in the prisons. For years, the inmates have been suffering from lack of connectivity with their loved ones outside the jail. It added to their stress levels. However, Securus Technologies has given them a lease of life by providing them a wide array of products and services in the inmate communication segment to choose from. Moreover, the prisoners and their loved ones can control these inmate communication services from their phone itself through the mobile application of Securus Technologies. The company has made the mobile application for its customers to ensure they have all they want in one application. The customers can recharge their account, make calls, do video chat, make a complaint, and even make a money transfer from the mobile application of Securus Technologies.


I have been using the services of Securus Technologies for past seven years and have never faced any problems with their services. The best part is that the customer service of Securus Technology is rapid to resolve any and all queries and would also address any other grievances you might have. It ensures that the customers enjoy the seamless services offered by Securus Technologies.


Bringing Fugitives to Justice with Securus Technologies

When there is a very dangerous fugitive on the loose in a community, my team of fugitive task force hunters arrive to the location and begin putting the pieces together of this very complicated puzzle. Each hour that passes with this suspect on the streets is putting an entire community in harm’s way. To locate and arrest these suspects, we have come to rely on a few sources that help make the job of my team that much easier.


We used to rely on informants to help close the gap to our suspects, but many of these folks have stopped coming forward because of the violent nature of these fugitives. When a suspect has a history of violence, then these informants fear for their own lives as well as the lives of their family too. So if that is the case, we simply slip into the shadows and collect evidence in a way that no one can see us.


This usually involves a trip to the local prison, especially if they have partnered with Securus Technologies and have the modernized inmate call monitoring system working. These phone call monitoring systems pick up specific chatter from the inmates and alert authorities of the information. In this case, if you plugged in information about our suspect into the LBS software, we will get an alert if there is any chatter about his whereabouts.


Didn’t take more than a day to get the alert this time that our fugitive was hiding with the relatives of an inmate from the jail. As a personal favor, he was housing the fugitive because he knew no one would connect those dots. Unfortunately for the suspect, the Securus Technologies call system did uncover the chatter and put us on that lead quickly enough to get the suspect off the streets.

Securus Technologies – Protecting Law Enforcement Officials and Keeping Crime at Bay

Securus Technologies is a highly reputed and enterprising company in the field of civil, criminal justice, and inmate communications. The company offers highly innovative and useful products and services for the law enforcement officials and inmates. The inmates can communicate with ease with their loved ones with the use of services offered by Securus Technologies. The company also helps with video calling, email services, and money transfer. It provides products and services that were just impossible until a few years back. As the company continues to invest millions into research and development, it aims to expand the communication opportunities for the inmates and make the overall cost of the services it provides much lower.



The law enforcement officials also have many services that are offered by Securus Technologies, which allows them to do their duty safely and with confidence. The data analytics and information service help the law enforcement officials get the information they needed to act earlier to control the damage and catch the offenders before any crime is committed. It is for this and many such reasons that the law enforcement officials have flooded the company with letters of appreciation. The company released a press release online recently where it showed some of the comments from these letters.



Securus Technologies also invited the customers and investors to its technology center in Dallas, Texas. The company is making tremendous progress in the field and wants to showcase to the investors and clients what it has done and doing to make communities safer and empower the law enforcement officials. Securus Technologies offer a broad range of products, many of which are used by as well while doing my duty as a law enforcement official. I find the products and services of Securus Technologies highly helpful, and it also helps me keep crime at bay in my area. It ensures I have the information available to catch the offenders before they commit a crime.

Why You Need to Use Securus

One of my good friends had gone to prison several years ago and it was very difficult for us to keep in touch with each other because of the way that communication is set up in prison. It wasn’t until after he got out of prison that I began to discover a system known as Securus. Securus is a top technology that is being used in prison systems all across the country and it basically enables you to video message with your loved one even if they are behind bars. This definitely closes the communication gap that you might have had in the past and it can definitely be something that benefits you both no matter where you happen to be.


You will also find it amazing to know that secures has one of variety of certifications and awards in the communication industry. Not only will this enable you to feel confident knowing you are using a technology that truly works, but you can also feel good that this is something that many other people have used with great success. This is something that you will definitely want to consider for yourself if you have been having issues keeping in touch with a loved one behind bars and do not know if there is any other technology out there that can do the same as Securus has done for so many.

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I have personally used this technology in the past and will continually recommended to people of all types. Whether you are a prison family with someone behind bars for many years or you are just trying to keep in touch with someone who is in jail for a couple of months, this technology is exactly what you need and can totally change your life for the better.


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