Delving deeper into the life of Perry Mandera

The renown Perry Mandera is not only the Chief Executive Officer but also the founder of “The Custom Companies, Incorporation.”

He has varied his career in logistics as well as transportation. Perry Mandera has had experience in this field for forty years. He started this area of business in the year 1976.

Perry served in the marines. It is something he goes back to once too often. In the year 1984, Perry Mandera vied for a seat. He won as a Republican Ward Committeeman in the twenty-sixth ward in Chicago. He did his four-year term and then stepped down to let others have a chance to make a change.

In 2000, the Illinois Transportation Association put Perry in the enviable “Top 100American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.”

During one of the many interviews that he has, he was asked his typical kind of routine and went ahead to give a somewhat detailed description saying that he sleeps for four hours on a normal day. Perry Mandera ends his days returning calls as well as replying or sending business emails to clients or to his partners.

In a month, he can use up to nine thousand cellular minutes, and he can send up to three hundred emails in a day. In a week, he may have entertainment which varies from sports to theatre to dinner with clients or even his employees. Perry Mandera dedicates the rest of his week solely to his family so that he cannot lose touch with them due to work.

He said that a roundtable with a few executives works best for him in bringing ideas to life. Perry believes that two heads are better than one and that consultation enables one to make better as well as more enlightened ideas which help the firm to move forward without hitches, gracefully.

The most exciting trend in his place of work is the ever-changing technology. The changing scope of and innovation in technology never seizes to amuse him because it makes every day different from the other. His strive for perfection is what makes him more productive. Perry Mandera operates on the policy ‘do it right the first time.’

Perry Mandera encourages people to think more, avoid being impulsive and lean more on listening than doing as these are what he has learned from his past mistakes