Robert Deignan Shares His Company Startup Background With Ideamensch

Robert Deignan started a call center based troubleshooting company several years ago known as ATS Digital Services, and it’s become very reputable for repairing computer issues for a variety of customers. Deignan recently made sure the company achieved the AppEsteem certification, a significant certification that adds credibility to software and operating system repair companies. Deignan also spoke to Ideamensch about his role in founding the company and taking it to the level of success that he has.

Robert Deignan says that when he needs a new idea for his company, he has discussion times with his partners, and they often decide on ideas that align with the company’s values and their gut instincts. He said part of running a good company is not just hiring the most qualified people to work with, but hiring the people who buy into your values completely and who treat employees right. Deignan certainly loves reading business leadership books which provide fresh perspectives, and his personal favorite is “Rework.”

Robert Deignan lives in the Miami area of Florida, but he attended Purdue University in the 1990s and actually considered playing professional football for a while including playing punter on the Miami Dolphins for one season. But he decided instead to play pursue an IT business career, and he started off as a sports ticket sales specialist for Fanlink back in the early 2000s. Deignan later got into more of the IT repair field and did technical work for a larger company. It was there that he got the idea for ATS Digital Services while trying to resolve a malware issue for a particular customer.

What ATS Digital Services does is use remote desktop connections while customers call them to resolve PC and Mac computer issues. Usually if there is no sophisticated hardware changes required, this can all be done without the technician ever needing to be there in-person to fix the issue. Outside of running this company, Robert Deignan also is involved with local community activities like youth sports leagues as well well as fishing trips off the Florida coast.

Shervin Pishevar Forecasts the Downfall of Monopolies

In a day long tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar outlined many economic problems facing the world. While some of the issues may not seem an imperative, the long-term outlook can be catastrophic. It may all depend on how fast the world advances. There is a chance that his predictions will come to pass in the near term. The reason for this is that the world is already connected. It relies upon innovation to sustain a culturally diverse civilization. Human interaction through emotional media is available to most of the world. Thus, staunching innovation could throw the world into turmoil.

According to Shervin Pishevar, monopolies like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft should be treated like nation-states. They simply have too much influence for the rest of the world to live freely. Oftentimes their influence is unwanted. This may be no more conspicuous than in the struggle to mitigate the sharing of private information. It is not so much that these monopolies save customer information than it is that they profit from its distribution. They do so without compensating their customers. One can even argue that they cost their customers money by acting this way.

Shervin Pishevar believes that monopolies hinder startups from enter the market. This limits the growth of innovation. While needs may be met, cultures and belief system can suffer if a monopolistic agenda asserts itself. This is not an unrealistic future considering the nature of competition and the bottom line. People need to be heard. It is why infants cry out. Even a mother must listen to her child when it needs something. Soulless monopolies cannot treat their customers as dependents and then not listen to them in times of needs. Hindering startups and diversified innovation isolates anyone who is not in line with the corporate agenda.

Overall economic growth is also limited in the Shervin Pishevar monopolistic model. It was much harder for the world to come together in the past. The Internet and mobile devices make global sanctioning by opinion a powerful regulator. This is one way his prediction of the downfall of monopolies may take place.

Steelseries Recommends NewsWatch TV In Its Review

Steel series sells a range of electronics and headphones. The company enlisted the help of NewsWatch TV. They had nothing but good things to say about NewsWatch in its review.

Steelseries NewsWatch TV Review

Steelseries was working on two projects and they enlisted NewsWatch TV to provide reviews for both. One project involved promoting gaming controllers and the other project was promoting headphones. The goal was simple, get the products seen by many potential customers.

The results were impressive and Tori Puliese (the senior director of marketing) of Steelseries said the entire experience of working alongside NewsWatch TV was an amazing one. Tori’s review was positive and added that they noticed an improve in distribution.

About News Watch TV

NewsWatch covers a range of news, but they also cover sponsored/paid content. Travel, consumer, health, technology and entertainment are the categories NewsWatch covers. As of now, the show airs once per week on ION and twice per month on AMC. March, 1990 is when the show started production. As of now, over 1,000 episodes have aired in total and over 8,000 individual stories have aired.

Celebrity Appearances

Many celebrities and entertainers have appeared on NewsWatch. In fact, over 600 of them have been on the show. The celebs have discussed a range of things, such as about causes they are supporting and issues they care about. Within the last two years, major stars such as Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington have been on the show. Others includes Colin Firth and Will Smith, as well as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

NewsWatch TV has a proven track record of creating effective campaigns. Anyone who has a produce, service or info they want people to know about, then they should consider using NewsWatch TV to spread the word.


The Capabilities That Bob Reina’s Company, Talk Fusion Has

Talk Fusion is a company that’s been around for just over 10 years, but they’re continually joining the wave of the future to make online video communication easier than ever. While video communication has been pretty easy with tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook’s messenger program, sometimes these apps put a lot of overhead on your computer, clog up memory or constantly update when you don’t want them to. Talk Fusion is much easier because it can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores for mobile users, or used easily by regular browser users on desktops or laptops. Talk Fusion basically allows you to start email-to-email video communications without even having to download any software, and the man who came up with this idea is Tampa resident Bob Reina.


Bob Reina was with the Hillsborough County sheriff’s department serving the Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida for over 20 years, but he decided to change his occupation to direct selling because he wanted to set his own schedule. He worked as a sales representative for several companies that all eventually went under until he found the idea for Talk Fusion while vacationing. He had noticed in the age of digital cameras and shooting videos that most video files were too large to email, so he wanted software that could convert those videos into formats that could integrate into emails without taking up space. He and Talk Fusion’s current IT Director Jonathan Chen began working on a program that could do that, and in three years they defied most IT experts who said such a program was not possible to develop. Talk Fusion now had its video email, but in the following years since Reina brought a lot more live video and chat software to the Talk Fusion program suite. Learn more:


One of the main benefits to Talk Fusion is how associates in their multilevel marketing program can link customers to their own Talk Fusion sales pages and also recruit new associates and earn commissions doing so. Talk Fusion has tremendous rewards for associates who are successful in a monthly period allowing them to win prizes from expensive jewelry and vintage cars to paid-for vacations in dream destinations. Talk Fusion’s product suite does require a monthly or yearly subscription account for regular use, but customers can signup for a 30-day free trial if they want to test them first.

Jason Hope Puts the IoT to Work

For Jason Hope, the IoT is a huge part of technology. In fact, it is the future of technology and it is what he is looking forward to in the future so that he can help other people out with all of the technology issues they have. He has come a long way in his career and the majority of the things he has done have been so that he is able to help other people out. He has remained dedicated in different areas, and he has tried his best to make the IoT something that most people are able to rely on. He believes that it is a huge part of the future and that it will improve things for everyone. In fact, the IoT has done a lot to already help people out, and Jason Hope expects that it will continue to be a positive influence on different people who are in different situations.

Since Jason Hope knows what he is able to do and knows a lot about the IoT, he plans to make it a key part of his career. While he has already put a lot of effort into it, it is something he is going to continue to do so he can help other people out. He wants the company to see major improvements. There are going to be some major changes in the future and Jason Hope wants them to succeed. He hopes that the IoT will be the best that it can be so people can try different things on their own. He has stayed dedicated throughout Jason Hope’s career and continues to do so with the opportunities he has for success within the field that he has worked in.

As things have gotten better for the IoT, Jason Hope knows what he can do to make things better for different people. He also knows that he is capable of providing people with all of the things that will make their lives more convenient. Since Jason Hope knows this, he also knows he can show others all of the options they have to be successful in their own lives. For more info about us: click here.

Out of everything that Jason Hope has done, he knows what he is doing in his career. He also knows the right way to handle different situations so he can help other people out on their own. There have been many different opportunities he has created for people to try different things on their own. He plans to make the IoT the most popular thing available for people who want the best technology on their own. It is going to be something he can enjoy doing for people who need his help with the IoT.

A Look at Eric Pulier and His Unusually Varied Tech Career

When you look at Eric Pulier, you won’t guess that such a young face has achieved that much in the business world of the United States. For over two decades, Eric Pulier’s career has been varied with numerous start-ups in the world of technology and business. His latest work has dived into venture capitalism where he outsources money from investors to fund individuals into their trade and technology ideas in the country. Eric Pulier is one of the most distinguished graduates of Harvard University. He has experience as a published author, a public speaker, a columnist, a brilliant technologist, and a serial entrepreneur whose work is seen through building various startups that end up in the world of technology to learn more: click here

Having a chance to know Eric Pulier gives you an insight of what a blended business corporate and a technologist look like. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey. When he was still a child, his parents bought him a computer to play games, during that time, he was growing into technology as opposed to what their parents thought he was, while they thought he wanted to play games, Eric Pulier was busy developing programs and computer commands through the help of his senior cousin. He used his early childhood education to sharpen his capabilities in the world of technology and business. As a student at fourth0grade, Eric Pulier commenced programming his father’s computer. By the time he was radiating from high school in 1985, Eric Pulier had already started a database company based in New Jersey.

When he graduated from high school, he went to Harvard University to pursue advanced education. During that time, his talent as a writer and author came to light. He started writing for Harvard Crimson Journals for over three years while he was in college, for most of his writing, he was recognized as a very insightful business entity. He also wrote for the stigma associated with the degree in Harvard University to gain recognition among many. He has also written on a broad range of topics. In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.