The best management skills from the attribute of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is the current CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., a company that deals in health consultation services in Verona, Madison. He has been one of the most prominent and hardworking CEO whose main intention is to make each company he runs to thrive beyond the other competitors. The following are some of the golden lessons we can learn from the renowned CEO.

Educational achievement of Drew Madden

The Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. head has a wealth of knowledge and success in academics. He studied at the University of Iowa College of Engineering where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science (Engineering in industrial Medical Systems). Upon completion of this course as an undergraduate, he secured himself a job with his first company, Corner Corporation in the year 2001.

The competency at every company that Drew Madden worked in

As a professional, Drew first worked at the Corner Corporation from 2001 and served there for four years leaving everything he touched better than he found it. After the experience at Corner Corporation, he joined Healthia Consulting Inc. it is here that he started his career as an IT guru in medical systems. He served in this company successfully for five years after which he joined his current organization, Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. in which he has a lot of achievements to display.

The breathtaking success miracles of the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., Drew Madden

It is always challenging to get to the head position and still maintain the company’s service delivery and effectiveness. Contrary to this fact, the prominent CEO has gone against all the odds to making Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. one of the nation’s companies which has grown very fast in the past few years. Drew is a jack of all traits since he occupies three other positions in this company apart from being its head. These posts include the development project department headship, recruitment officer as well and the customer relations head. These responsibilities have enabled him to interact freely with all the members of the organization thereby increasing the number of the client partners to 150 from the previous three. Also, the CEO increased the number of employees to the current 500 people from across the country.

The above qualities of Drew Madden should be in the mind of any young and ambitious person.