Robert Deignan Shares His Company Startup Background With Ideamensch

Robert Deignan started a call center based troubleshooting company several years ago known as ATS Digital Services, and it’s become very reputable for repairing computer issues for a variety of customers. Deignan recently made sure the company achieved the AppEsteem certification, a significant certification that adds credibility to software and operating system repair companies. Deignan also spoke to Ideamensch about his role in founding the company and taking it to the level of success that he has.

Robert Deignan says that when he needs a new idea for his company, he has discussion times with his partners, and they often decide on ideas that align with the company’s values and their gut instincts. He said part of running a good company is not just hiring the most qualified people to work with, but hiring the people who buy into your values completely and who treat employees right. Deignan certainly loves reading business leadership books which provide fresh perspectives, and his personal favorite is “Rework.”

Robert Deignan lives in the Miami area of Florida, but he attended Purdue University in the 1990s and actually considered playing professional football for a while including playing punter on the Miami Dolphins for one season. But he decided instead to play pursue an IT business career, and he started off as a sports ticket sales specialist for Fanlink back in the early 2000s. Deignan later got into more of the IT repair field and did technical work for a larger company. It was there that he got the idea for ATS Digital Services while trying to resolve a malware issue for a particular customer.

What ATS Digital Services does is use remote desktop connections while customers call them to resolve PC and Mac computer issues. Usually if there is no sophisticated hardware changes required, this can all be done without the technician ever needing to be there in-person to fix the issue. Outside of running this company, Robert Deignan also is involved with local community activities like youth sports leagues as well well as fishing trips off the Florida coast.

Upwork- To-do list outline

There are several things to getting through your to-do list on Upwork completed.

One of the very first things the will help you speed through your to-do list is writing everything down. Things that do not get done tend to linger in the back of your mind. This psychological mishap can prevent you from moving forward and getting side-tracked instead of staying focused and staying on task. It is also key to writing down your incomplete tasks as then you will not have to recall memory, which is not always reliable.

It is also good to prepare the list in which you are to write in advance to starting any task that needs to be done.

After preparing your list, start crossing off things that you finish. Energy levels tend to be higher in the morning, this time of day should be used to complete more difficult tasks. It is better to get the big things out of the way, that way you can wind down with smaller tasks later.

It is also a good idea to keep your list in one place. Tired of writing on scrap pieces of paper and losing them? SmartPhones are great tools for keeping your to-do lists organized. All you have to do is open a note and list the things that need to be done.

Sometimes it helps to keep track of how long you are working on a certain task. You don’t want to get stuck working on something before a deadline, that is why it might be easier to set clear deadlines by logging your hours or days you’ve been working.

Once you have set your priorities for a to-list you can be on your way to freelancing on Upwork.

Upwork is a great resource for those who want to freelance their technical or creative abilities to clients or individuals.

It is also a community of over twelve million freelancers, who have varying talents, and five million clients, who might just be looking for a talent like yours.

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Jason Hope and His Unceasing Support To Heal The World Through Biotechnology

The Scottsdale entrepreneur and philanhtropist Jason Hope has done it again, and with the kind of success that he has in the field of non-profit efforts to finding solutions to aging, it’s not going to be long before he can be today’s most successful innovator in the field of aging research. Not that he is not already one of the best today. What we highlight here is that with the support that he has been getting lately, as far as the report by Release Fact goes, he can still reach a higher level of success that can generate more traction to his company.

The Support of Others

We hear from ReleaseFact that what makes Jason Hope’s work in anti-aging research seem more seamless and practical would be impossible without the help of the SENS Foundation, along with Aubrey De Grey’s unceasing push for biotechnology research that’s long-term in orientation. It is the hope of this partnership that all the modern health problems today and diseases would not only be completely eradicated but also its solutions made sure to impact as many number of people as possible. These conditions could be as minor as having a skin ailment to highly more threatening diseases, which include devastating skin diseases that affect the society in a larger scale. And because aging is one of the biggest and sensational concerns in the society right now, it just makes sense that Jason Hope would consider the different ways to address it.

The Charity Work

Through the support of Jason Hope for charity groups such as the SENS Foundation for the past years, he is able to fund many projects that attain his goal. The first of his funding work for SENS has started in December 2010, where he was able to fund $500,000 from his own resources. The good thing that just makes SENS an outstanding organization today is the fact that it is able to support scientific discoveries that not many would dare. Its focus on living organisms and organic systems is also seen to be a deviation from what other research groups are focusing.

Truly, the SENS Foundation and Jason Hope partnership would be some of the best research team collaborations that the public has ever seen. It also helps to know that SENS Foundation doesn’t forget to include in their organic research some of the other most important topics about health today, which include organic agriculture and ways to imprve it.

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Talk Fusion Changes And Leads The Way In Email Communications

Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion is a term that’s surfacing lately and there’s been a growing, little buzz taking place. So what is Talk Fusion? At its most basic level, Talk Fusion is video email. It would seem that Talk Fusion has reinvented email and it has taken it to a whole new level. Just think about it, there are so many directions that you can now go in to with a video email. From a personal perspective, people who you engage with this communication vehicle, there’s a chance for you to make a more personable and deeper connection. However, when you think about Talk Fusion from a business perspective, a whole world of possibilities open up for everyone. More specifically, Talk Fusion is an all-encompassing video marketing solution for today’s business hurdles professionals face. When you think about it, Talk Fusion is almost a face to face way for you to communicate to consumers, business associates or potential consumers.




Bob Reina created Talk Fusion back in 2007 and his new communication vehicle formulates a new medium that cultivates a dynamic communication environment that makes business professionals content more appealing, meaningful and compelling with the means used to communicate. Just think about the various avenues business professionals can use to Talk Fusion to rise above competition, boost profits and skyrocket sales.




Talk Fusion is a progressive organization who’s revolutionizing the way we think about how we communicate with each other. They are leading the way for video as a front-runner for communication and is truly a prolific, communication tool for business professionals to engage their consumers. Various technologies allow consumers to cut commercials from the entertainment media they consume, Talk Fusion allows business organizations a new avenue to reach current and potential consumers.




Another great thing is that Talk Fusion did not just stop at video email, they raised their offerings to integrating with other platforms such as video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking.




Video emails produced with Talk Fusion products are not static, they are dynamic by allowing businesses to offer any graphic imagery they want to combine in their presentation. In addition, Talk Fusion offers a variety of templates to their consumers to aid them in their pursuits. In addition, the options Talk Fusion offers, allows their consumer to add a text message.




One of the great things about Talk Fusion is that Bob Reina has chosen to market his leading products through a world-wide web of independent marketing, sales associates. Talk Fusion independent marketing sales associates reach over 140 countries. One of the most compelling selling points Talk Fusion offers is they allow for a 30 day free trial for their all in one Video Marketing solution. Talk Fusion has a free trial is open to anyone who wants to sample this great solution and another great thing is that there’s no need for credit card to use of the product.




Not only is Bob Reina is this amazing business innovator who has created great products, but he is this great humanitarian too. Bob Reina has an amazing drive to proactively make an impact to giving back to the community via various charities (world-wide). The charities associated with Bob Reina are in many forms that help animals, friends and family. One of the reasons why Bob Reina is so relatable is that he has a strong online presence from his many online video productions. As a former police person, Bob Reina has demonstrated a strong work ethnic that carried throughout his entrepreneurial career. Learn more: