Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Issues Statement About Determination To Keep Up Water Quality

Access to water is highly important all over the world. People need to have clean water so they can drink it and use it for other activities. Many people also love to engage in water sports of all kinds. They love to go swimming during the summer and skiing and snowboarding during the winter. Many resorts are well aware of the need to keep the water in their facilities as pure as possible. This is something that officials at Squaw Valley Ski Holdings have rushed to do in the aftermath of a potential threat to the quality of the water in this area. They know that their clients count on them to provide clean water when they are in residence in this highly popular resort.

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Keeping Water Sources Safe

When health officials announced that potentially troublesome viruses had been found in the water supply, officials at the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings company stepped up efforts to make sure they were doing everything to combat this problem. The water here is treated via the best possible, most up-to-date technology, allowing for officials to monitor the situation closely and make sure that they are implementing solutions for it. Heavy rains in the area caused issues that were immediately made clear to the property’s managers. The rain was unusually heavy for this time frame. Officials in the area who manage this area immediately stepped up and they realized the need to respond to it as quickly as possible. Since that time, they have taken many important steps forward that should help make sure all water in the area is fully protected. Officials made it clear that the water in question was not available for consumption by the public so no visitors were put in direct danger at any point from this issue. Their water supply was always maintained at a high level.

Hard Steps

It was constant, routine testing ghat was able to detect this issue. The managers of the company then go in touch with Placer County Environmental Health. They also contact officials who are in charge of the Squaw Valley Public Service District to inform them of the problem they had discovered. At that point, they also made enormous efforts to speak with those who bring many years of water quality control expertise to the table in order to figure out the next steps involved. Those at the company are confident they have found this issue and discovered what steps they must take in order to make sure that the problem is under their full control. They have issued a statement to the public that anyone can read, allowing everyone anywhere to know about this issue and their efforts to make sure that it remains fully confronted and avoided in the future. They will continue to issue updates as the problem is fully confronted, allowing the public to understand what steps remain in place to combat it and how such efforts will continue to make sure it does not happen again.

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