Why You Need to Use Securus

One of my good friends had gone to prison several years ago and it was very difficult for us to keep in touch with each other because of the way that communication is set up in prison. It wasn’t until after he got out of prison that I began to discover a system known as Securus. Securus is a top technology that is being used in prison systems all across the country and it basically enables you to video message with your loved one even if they are behind bars. This definitely closes the communication gap that you might have had in the past and it can definitely be something that benefits you both no matter where you happen to be.


You will also find it amazing to know that secures has one of variety of certifications and awards in the communication industry. Not only will this enable you to feel confident knowing you are using a technology that truly works, but you can also feel good that this is something that many other people have used with great success. This is something that you will definitely want to consider for yourself if you have been having issues keeping in touch with a loved one behind bars and do not know if there is any other technology out there that can do the same as Securus has done for so many.

Know more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

I have personally used this technology in the past and will continually recommended to people of all types. Whether you are a prison family with someone behind bars for many years or you are just trying to keep in touch with someone who is in jail for a couple of months, this technology is exactly what you need and can totally change your life for the better.


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Securus Technology is Making Prisons Safer

Securus Technology, a company that is leading the way in innovations for the corrections industry, has made headlines recently for the positive effect the company’s software is having on the behavior of inmates around the country. Because Securus Technology is now a presence in over half of the correctional facilities in the United States, it has become relatively simple for data to be collected regarding the effects of the software implementation on the behavior of inmates in certain correctional facilities. According to several reputable research teams, the implementation of Securus Technology software in to a correctional facility can lead to a measurable change in the behavior of inmates.

Because of new software like the inmate visitation system, inmates who are in facilities where Securus Technology has been utilized are experiencing a changed lifestyle, which has proved to be a positive occurrence for the prison system as a whole. Because of the change in inmate attitudes as a result of Securus Technology, inmate abuse has been reported low. Apparently, the improvement of the attitudes and outlooks of the inmates creates a more positive inmate experience, with low occurrences of gang activity or other negative instances that are usually frequent in prisons.

Since the data collected from the research team showed the improved safety of the prison facilities associated with Securus Technology, the company has been mentioned in several major news outlets. A spokesman for the prison technology company stated that the founders of Securus Technology are very pleased that the implementation of their software programs is making a difference in the lives of inmates and in the prison system as a whole.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.