Becoming Your Best With The Kabbalah Centre

The Jewish teachings of Kabbalah are thought to be the oldest in the world predating every other form of religious teaching as they are reported to have been handed to Adam in the Garden of Eden. In the 21st century, The Kabbalah Centre has been bringing these ancient writings to the people of the world in a new way as founder Philip Berg believed every person should have the right to live the best possible life available.

The aim of The Kabbalah Centre and these teachings in general is to make sure each and every person who follows these teachings has the chance to do so, despite the fact The Kabbalah Centre teaches the present life being lived is unimportant when compared the the eternity spent in the afterlife. In teaching this the aim is to achieve as much as possible throughout life as the people of the world set out to create a new way of living that includes putting forward our best possible self each and every day.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, The Kabbalah Centre has developed new ways of looking at the world that are based upon the ancient teachings translated in the biblical scriptures known as the Zohar; the roots of The Kabbalah Centre can be traces back to the 1920s when the first attempts were made by Jewish religious teachers to create new ways of bringing these teachings to the people of the U.S.In the teachings taught by The Kabbalah Centre the majority of the universe and world around us cannot be seen as our reliance on the traditional five senses allows us to only see one percent of the universe we live in. Unblocking the mind is a major part of the work of The Kabbalah Centre as no student will have the opportunity to learn about the world while traditional psychological blocks remain in place.