Raw Vegan Crepes by Markus Rothkranz

With a vegan diet, it would seem as your choices are limited on what you can or cannot enjoy. Especially with a lot of recipes out there containing eggs or dairy products. With this crepe recipe, not only do you get a lovely breakfast but still meet your dietary preferences.

Raw Vegan Crepes
Serving Size 1
-1 cup raw organic coconut meat
-1 cup cashews
-Strawberries or any other fruit if desired
-Maple Syrup or Markus Sweetener
-Vanilla Extract

To begin, add a small amount of coconut water to the blender. Next, add the coconut meat to a blender and blend. The consistency should be thinner than pancake batter, as thin as a crepe. Once blended, place mixture onto a dehydrator sheet. Spread mixture with an offset spatula slowly and into a circle. Place into the dehydrator for a total of two hours, after one-hour flip over the crepe, to dehydrate evenly. After the crepe is finished in the dehydrator, slowly remove it from the sheet so it will not tear or rip. Set crepe aside, and put cashews, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and a small amount of water into the blender. Blender into desired consistency. Place cashew cream into a bowl. Cut up strawberries or whatever fruit that has been chosen and place down the middle of the crepe sheet. Then, roll the crepe sheet up. For an even better taste place some cashew cream to the side of the crepe and/or add some dollops onto the rolled up crepe, along with some cut strawberries.