5 Things Preston Smith Learned from Operating Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith in 2006, who currently serves as the public charter school network’s CEO. Mr. Smith already had more than a decade’s worth of formal educational experience at Rocketship’s date of inception, although, just like every human being on our great planet, Preston didn’t know everything about elementary education. As such, the highly successful and intimately involved administrator has picked up a number of valuable tidbits of knowledge related to education throughout the past 10 years. Let’s look at a few of them, as they can be applied to every other school in the United States, if not those spread across the tire world.

Diversity is longed after by many organizations throughout the United States, whether it be universities, primary schools, manufacturers, or law firms. A large number of schools throughout America strive to diversify their enrollment statistics, which, if they’re properly diversified, often appeals to parents, school board members, and government agencies that award grants and other awards. However, Rocketship Education has figured out that teachers and admins should be of culturally diverse backgrounds and ethnicities prior to diversifying these characteristics of students. Doing so helps students learn more, and also connects them more closely to their instructors.

Students with developmental, social, and learning disabilities spend an average of 80% of their schooldays in their “regular” classrooms, or those classes that students without disabilities occupy 100% of the time. This serves two purposes: special needs students themselves feel better about learning; and teachers, students, and principals become more aware of the reality of special students’ needs.

Rocketship Education, thanks to its charter status, accepts investments from outside, good-hearted investors. Even if they’re not educators themselves, administrators should always heavily value their inputs, including that of parents, community members, and everybody else that lives or works near their facilities.

RSED was founded in Redwood City, California, which borders the Bay Area, known for pushing out tons of innovative businesses and organizations, of which Rocketship Education’s eighteen facilities are no exception. This network of public charter schools is commonly recognized as one of the first to intimately integrate technology into regular learning functions, an integral part of its students maintaining ultra-high standardized test scores.