How to Manipulate the WR Fantasy Football Rankings to Build a Juggernaut

Any seasoned fantasy football team owner knows how critical it is to do well in your league draft. Statistics show that auto pilot teams invariably have poor seasons. That said, what techniques could you employ to help manipulate your picks to get an unbeatable team. Well, one way is to adjust when you take your wide receivers, therefore giving opening up early picks for top-level players at the other positions.

To forego picking any wide receivers until after the 4th round, you need to do some research. Construct a list of at least a dozen WR2s according to the fantasy football rankings. The reason for researching so many is other owners may try a similar tactic.

Now, the real skill is to uncover any player projected as a WR3, who will light up the fantasy season as a WR1. Build a list about half the size of your first dozen pass catchers. Queue each of these players right before the draft begins.

Follow the progress, but focus on your #1 running back and game changing quarterback first. There are only about five truly top-level stars in each group. A good strategy is to seize the best running back according to your projections first, then go after one of four elite quarterbacks. The third round depends on who is left on the board.

If you have another RB1, grab him. If it’s a toss up, this is probably the last chance you’ll have to take a shot at The Gronk. Rob Gronkowski is always the #1 TE in the fantasy football rankings, navigating his way into the top 25 overall when he’s healthy. We stress, when he’s healthy.

During round #4, go back to the running back pool and be certain to get the next best RB2 option you can find. This should give you an early draft roster that is strong at QB, and sufficiently stocked at running back.

Now is the point when you turn your draft into a championship winner. Between rounds 5 and 9, begin to pick off your highest rated WR sleepers. Players such as Martavis Bryant, Pierre Garcon and others, are not coming off the boards until the mid to late rounds.

Finish your draft class off by filling in positional needs with the best player on the board, possibly even plucking a good defense with your 9th round pick. Be cautious with your DST though, because the point differential in the fantasy football rankings between a top 10 and top 20 defense is marginal.

If you decided to steer away from the injury prone Gronkowski, get yourself a serviceable tight end during the 9th or 10th rounds. Complete your juggernaut team with the best kicker still on the boards in the final round, and get ready to demoralize your competition. You’ll have built a high scoring fantasy machine that is set to defy the fantasy football rankings.