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Political Campaigns Expensive

The world of social media is affecting everything we do in our lives today. Political campaigning is an intense work for politicians and their dedicated staff; it is not taken lightly; months are required to organize and coordinate all the efforts and activities for a candidate and his team to contact voters, compose lists of potential voters and send staff and volunteers out to canvas these areas.

One problem campaigners coordinators risk is a majority of voters are straddling two parties and are hard to convince which candidate to choose. Sharp partisan voters have dedicated followers of one candidate and less likely to be swayed.

Today about 39% of voters are stuck in the middle of the political party spectrum. Only about one person in 800 change thru the effect of canvassing reveals a recent survey done by UC Berkely and Stanford Professors, Broockman and Kalla. Campaign coordinators are leery about sending valuable workforce out into a field which will result in zero or negligible turnover to their voter base.

NGP VAN MiniVAN Canvassing Solution

NGP VAN has a very portable and mobile solution. The NGP VAN MiniVAN mobile app allows canvassers to create a digital ID on their App. Canvassers can obtain lists on NGP VAN with their numeric ID. The campaign coordinators either build their files and upload them to the NGP VAN servers or sign in to proprietary records created by NGP VAN.

NGP VAN MiniVAN creates a list for each canvasser and directs them to what houses to visit within a circum-navigated are for each canvasser. As soon as vital data about a voters preferences for a political candidates party is processed, it’s uploaded in real-time and sent to the campaign headquarters for integration and coordination with other canvasser data. NGP VAN MiniVAN is a powerful mobile tool which cuts the time and effort of the entire political canvassing effort, which has been used for decades in collecting data for political campaigns.

NGP VAN has provided digital software solutions for political campaigns for 20 years for every state in the Union. NGP VAN technology was instrumental in the Barack Obama campaign.

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