The Chainsmokers Continue Their String Of Success

In the continuing evolution of the DJ and Producer duo The Chainsmokers their first song of 2018 went to a darker place than anything they have released before. This was a single named “Sick Boy” which also got a music video release which has so far been viewed by over 134 million people. This was the first time Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart hadn’t released a song in five or six months and was met with enthusiasm by their fans and newcomers to their music.

“Sick Boy” is a song about social media and people seeking likes and people to friend them. A lot of younger people have become narcissistic in their approach to social media and they need constant affirmation through it. Unfortunately, accounts such as on Facebook have become all but necessary as it can often be the only way people can be reached.

Alex Pall said this song is also about celebrity culture, although they don’t whine about the attention that they purposely chose by becoming celebrities themselves. Some successful musicians before have released songs about the circus in their life and saying they didn’t sign up for it but really, they did.

The Chainsmokers released a song in February as well called “You Owe Me” which hit #4 on the charts. This was followed more recently by “Everybody Hates Me” which has been going up the charts as well. During March The Chainsmokers also hauled in a number of awards during the iHeartRadio Awards show. They won for Dance Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Dance Album of the Year. They also put on a successful set at the Ultra Music Festival that was also held in March. During this festival they put on a great show which featured six of their new songs plus their past hits. Fans really enjoyed it when Halsey came on stage to sing her part in “Closer”.

Next up for The Chainsmokers is a music video for their “Everybody Hates Me” single. We can expect them to release more singles soon and they are also working on another studio album.

Alex Pall Leads The Chainsmokers To Global Success

Millions of us dream of turning our hobby into a successful career but few of us can claim to have as much success as The Chainsmokers Alex Pall in doing so. Now one of the most famous recording groups in the world, The Chainsmokers began life as a weekend project of Pall and a DJ friend who would tour the bars and clubs of New York creating music as a part-time addition to their everyday jobs.

Alex Pall has explained in various interviews his love of performing and the need to create electronic music soon became all-consuming and took over his day job to such an extent he was concentrating on his DJ work rather than his nine to five employment. In 2012, the dream looked to be over when the first DJ collaborator of Alex Pall decided to leave the band at a time when the New York-based musician was working closely with a management team to extend the reach of the band. In Maine, Andrew Taggart had just left college and was dreaming of a musical career when he was put into contact with Alex Pall by a member of Pall’s management group.

Alex Pall now believes the arrival of Andrew Taggart as a member of The Chainsmokers pushed him to quit his day job and make a full-time career out of what was then simply a DJ duo. The pair worked every day to create new music and a distinctive style which has led to them stepping out from behind the DJ booth and becoming known performers in their own right. As Alex Pall explains, very few people recognise the world’s most successful DJ’s as they are often pushed into the background by more famous guest performers on their tracks; to avoid a similar fate, The Chainsmokers have sung on their own recordings and are working hard to develop a live show which places them at the forefront of each and every performance.