Adam Milstein- Author with JNS

Adam Milstein is one of the Jews who are very supportive of the community outside of Israel. He is a common name for those who read articles in various media channels. In his recent work, there is one thing that comes out clearly. He has a passion for supporting the Jews against the radical Islamists who believe the Jews have created all the problems facing the Middle East. According to Milstein, Israel is the only democracy in the region, and this shows why the radical Islamists can never agree with them, Radical Islamists are the opposite of everything the Jews and the Americans believe in. The sole aim of the radicals is to see these two groups fail. It is for this reason that Adam Milstein is baffled by the radical right and radical left who seem to have an alliance with the radical Islamists to support the hate against the Jews.

Adam Milstein is concerned by the rise of anti-Semitism in North America and Europe which he attributes to increasing campaigns promoted by the three radical groups. Each one of them is bashing the Jewish State for all the wrongs going on the Middle East. Although these three groups have had a working relationship for a long time, they are from very diverse traditions. What the left and the right do not know is that the radical Islamist are using them to push their agenda of anti-Semitism and anti-American all over the world. These groups are simply playing into the hands of the radical Islamists who are mainly behind terror attacks on western democracies, and who have queer beliefs such as the stoning of gays, banning women from driving among others.

Adam Milstein has been an advocate of Jewish rights for many years, he came to the United States in1980s and had used this time to create a strong movement of Jews living abroad who are committed to supporting their community in this time of dire need. Anti-Semitism is skyrocketing, and there is a need for nations to come together and oppose what could now look like hate against the Jews but later turn into a war against westernization.

Jason Hope and His Unceasing Support To Heal The World Through Biotechnology

The Scottsdale entrepreneur and philanhtropist Jason Hope has done it again, and with the kind of success that he has in the field of non-profit efforts to finding solutions to aging, it’s not going to be long before he can be today’s most successful innovator in the field of aging research. Not that he is not already one of the best today. What we highlight here is that with the support that he has been getting lately, as far as the report by Release Fact goes, he can still reach a higher level of success that can generate more traction to his company.

The Support of Others

We hear from ReleaseFact that what makes Jason Hope’s work in anti-aging research seem more seamless and practical would be impossible without the help of the SENS Foundation, along with Aubrey De Grey’s unceasing push for biotechnology research that’s long-term in orientation. It is the hope of this partnership that all the modern health problems today and diseases would not only be completely eradicated but also its solutions made sure to impact as many number of people as possible. These conditions could be as minor as having a skin ailment to highly more threatening diseases, which include devastating skin diseases that affect the society in a larger scale. And because aging is one of the biggest and sensational concerns in the society right now, it just makes sense that Jason Hope would consider the different ways to address it.

The Charity Work

Through the support of Jason Hope for charity groups such as the SENS Foundation for the past years, he is able to fund many projects that attain his goal. The first of his funding work for SENS has started in December 2010, where he was able to fund $500,000 from his own resources. The good thing that just makes SENS an outstanding organization today is the fact that it is able to support scientific discoveries that not many would dare. Its focus on living organisms and organic systems is also seen to be a deviation from what other research groups are focusing.

Truly, the SENS Foundation and Jason Hope partnership would be some of the best research team collaborations that the public has ever seen. It also helps to know that SENS Foundation doesn’t forget to include in their organic research some of the other most important topics about health today, which include organic agriculture and ways to imprve it.

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My Stream Of Energy: Inspired By Power And Philanthropy

Staying connected to the modern world isn’t just about having digital technology. It’s not enough to secure all of the right accounts online and to protect your passwords. There’s a source of power behind the massive digital transformation occurring in the world. That source of power is now being streamed.

Stream Energy brings together as many energy sources as is possible. This includes wireless signals and emergency medical response. Wireless signals are structuring the modern world and enabling many functions in data. That data processing is being measured as energy also, so Stream enables phones plans and messaging.

Consolidation And A Larger World Plan

The larger plan for world-energy puts together all major energy sources and presents them in one, usable package. Packaging energy is simple. You receive a monthly bill, but one that covers all of the power sources that you consume. You can add them together to create the modern image of energy.

Gas, electricity, cell service and entertainment can all be supplied as one service and through one expert. This consolidation of energy is being modeled by the entire world, and makes your daily use easier, your monthly bill simpler and overall cost lower. The infrastructure needed is minimal, and this works in the public’s favor.

The Simple Steps You Take

Connecting to the modern streams of energy is as simple as registering for home services. Electricity is now consumed daily by society, and accessing a new service is more comprehensible. Stream Energy has done the complicated work for you and has simplified the registration process.

There’s a simpler access you have with energy, and the results can be experienced today. There’s no limit to the transformation that energy is undergoing. Stream Energy has made its adjustments and is in the position to lead the digital transformation ahead. You only have to connect to its source of power once.

Agora Financial Is A Priceless Resource For All Investors

Whether you’re a new or seasoned investor there’s an online resource you will want to get your hands on before investing your hard earned cash. Agora Publishing is a digital newsletter publisher that has built an excellent reputation over the last decade helping their readers protect themselves from inaccurate advise, wealth killers like big banks, the IRS and overcharging financial advisors. Giving their subscribers independence, solid unbiased advice and tips as well as protect and grow your wealth.

Agora Financial provides you the reader and subscriber with free online newsletters, seminars, books and documentaries. With over one million readers taking advantage of this free resource and learning the unique and effective approach they provide you in building wealth and managing your money.

You will have access to over 20 publications that will guide you in the right direction in many areas of the investment market. Including secrets of generating income, finding companies that are positioned for rapid growth, wealth protection strategies and more. They have all bases covered and valuable content to share with most any investor in today’s investment market.

Agora Financial’s research is 100% independent, they never accept money from companies in exchange for coverage or positive reviews. Their information is gathered, organized and presented solely for the subscribing investor with completely unbiased tips, advice and solutions. Their advisors do not sit in front of a computer and simply gather data. They spend over $1,000,000.00 traveling and investigating unique not yet known investment opportunities around the world to deliver to you, the subscriber.

Finding investment ideas before they hit the mainstream is how you get in early and low to watch your profits grow. That is the primary objective of Agora Financial’s experts, to find these sweet spots for subscribers. A team of experts is waiting to give you their golden insights now.

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Investment Tips By Real Estate Magnate Adam Milstein

About Adam Milstein


Adam Milstein was born in the Haifa District of Israel. By his father being a real estate agent, Adam was exposed to the industry from a tender age. He also had a hands-on experience in the sector, assisting his father after graduating. As per the obligations of the government, Adam like any other youth served in the national armed forces for two years. He enrolled in the Technion, where he received an undergraduate Business and Economics degree. He pursued postgraduate education in the United States, achieving an MBA from the University of Southern California.


Milstein is a top executive at Hager Pacific Properties, a prominent property development firm. With his significant other, they established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, a benevolent organization whose benefactors are students of Jewish origin. He also heads the Israeli-American Council, the biggest Jewish organization in the USA. Adam is a fellow at several boards such as StandWithUs, Birthright Israel, and Hasbara Fellowships just to name a few. In partnership with his wife, they donate Hebrew-written paperwork once-a-month to many Israeli families living in the US.


Entrepreneurship Tips


AdamMilstien first thought of starting Hager Pacific while he was still a postgraduate student at the University of Southern California. Corporate institutions flooded the campus looking for talent to recruit, but Adam did not like their remuneration rates. He felt that the firms offered way below average salary rates.


Adam, therefore, decided to gamble on entrepreneurship, starting out as a commercial dealer in real estate. His audacity reaped fruits, and after three growing years as an agent, he became a self-sufficient investor.


To optimize his output, Adam maintains three values; follow-up, consistency, and persistence. He echoed the necessity of understanding recurring problems and learning to solve them without external assistance. Moreover, he said that investors should not pay attention to cynics and work indefatigably.


Many investors fail because of having unrealistic expectations. For this reason, Adam urged businesspersons to work hard and the profits will come, not immediately, but eventually.


In conclusion, Adam stressed the importance of follow-ups in the getting hold of new customers. He also vouched for Constant Contact, software used for managing numerous contacts.