New York’s Excellent Cardio Team with Edward Honig

Have you ever had you heart checked out? If so, why? When we think of cardiologists, we tend to relate them with health problems. Patients go to a cardiologist after they have had a heart attack or when something scary happens with their heart. This is great, but if they had seen a cardiologist sooner, it could have been prevented! That it why it is so important to schedule check ups with a cardiologist. Just like any other part of our body, it is important to watch the health of our hearts.

At a heart check up a cardiologist can use many different screenings and tests to help you learn about your individual heart health. This may include the doctor physically listening to you heart, checking blood pressure, finding weight and BMI,checking blood glucose, and even testing cholesterol. These are all factors that could be secretly effecting your heart. It is important to have a cardiologist help you learn how healthy your heart is or how to make changes to make it healthy. A patients blood pressure could be way too high and they would never know without getting checked. This could cause serious damage to the heart and entire body. Just like have a general physical or having your eyes checked, having a check up for your heart is important.

So how do you choose a cardiologist that will help you keep your heart healthy? Find some one you can openly communicate with. If you feel uncomfortable with a cardiologist or they are not sharing helpful information, it may defeat the purpose of seeing them. Another huge factor is their specialty. Some cardiologists have worked with mainly children, men, or women. Both age and gender can make a huge difference in heart symptoms and treatments. It is important to find a cardiologist who has experience with your situation. Experience is a huge part in a decision process. Doctors with more experience have more knowledge. Choosing a wise and experienced cardiologist can save you a lot of trouble.

The Glen Cove Hospital of New York took this into consideration while staffing their hospital with the best fitting cardiologists. Edward Honig was the perfect fit. This cardiologist is very well experienced. With over sixty-six years practicing in medicine, Dr. Edward Honig may know a lot about hearts and staying healthy. He has spent more time with patients in this work field than most doctors. That gives him a wise and experienced reputation.