The Open Societies Foundation receives $18 Billion from its Founder, George Soros.

For the past four decades, George Soros has built a reputation as one of the most generous businessmen in the United States. The billionaire accumulated his fortune by working as a hedge fund manager and has spent a significant percent of it advocating for human rights and democracy. Mr. Soros is a committed philanthropist, and he recently gave $18 billion to his charity organization, the Open Societies Foundation. This donation has made the Open Societies Foundation to be ranked second on the list of the world’s largest foundations. The biggest charity body is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The latest transfer that Soros has made to the Open Societies Foundation is among the most significant that has ever been made. The philanthropist established his foundation in the 1980s, and he has been serving as its chairperson. The charity has run campaigns to advocate for democracy human right in over 120 nations. It has also strived to stop police brutality and support gay people in the United States.

The Open Societies Foundation’s donations have facilitated projects that are important to the world. It funded the establishment of Ebola treatment centers during the 2014 outbreak. Mr. Soros offered $10 million to prevent the occurrence of violence after the 2016 presidential elections that led to widespread hate. The former hedge fund manager has also been appreciated for his focus on political activities. He funded PACs that supported the election of Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has helped a couple of Democratic Party politicians. George Soros’ political stands have attracted criticism from members of the Republican Party. The VP of the Open Societies Foundation believes that the organization has had the urge of helping minorities in the United States since President Trump took over power.

The billionaire’s involvement in philanthropy was inspired by his childhood. He was raised in Hungary, and his family had to struggle to stay alive during the Nazi Occupation. Thousands of Jews were murdered during the harsh movement. Soros specialized in finance in a London-based college and moved to Wall Street to develop his career as a hedge fund manager. He earned more than $1 billion in 1992 after betting against the British pound. The currency was later devalued to his aggressive rate of selling it. The wealth of Mr. Soros has enabled him to fulfill his goal of supporting human rights. The Open Society Foundation’s first offices were established Hungary and follow him

Mr. Soros has been giving about $800 million to $900 million through the Open Societies Foundation every year. His $18 billion donation to the organization is likely to increase its impact on communities across the globe. The charity foundation is expected to receive an additional $2 billion from George Soros. The Open Societies Foundation’ operations cover the entire planet, and this has made it be recognized as the charity organization that has the greatest impact. Its philanthropic investments are run by Soros Fund Management, which is the company that controls George Soros’ fortune and more information click here.