Talos Energy: A Tiny Company that Made a Huge Find

Houston based Talos Energy employs less than 200 people and in the oil industry world, is considered to be an extremely small oil and gas exploration company; however, this has all recently changed by the discovery that Talos Energy made off of the coast of Mexico. Since the Mexican government has deregulated its oil industry and allowed foreign companies to search and drill for oil, major oil companies have been competing to see who would find the first huge find. This find was actually made by tiny Talos Energy, but it is a find that will have the name of the company at the forefront of everyone’s mind for a few years to come.

Talos Energy was drilling 500 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico when they made huge discovery. This discovery is what may be at least 2 billion barrels of oil in a shallow area under the water. The initial find was made while drilling at 11,000 feet below the ocean floors surface, but it is currently planned that drilling will continue until at least 14,000 feet to get a better idea as to just how much oil is in the area that they have discovered. It is possible that initial estimates as to how much oil is in the field may drastically increase as the drilling depth gets deeper.

The Mexican government is extremely pleased by the find and they hope that this will just cause the other Talos Energy oil exploration companies to search harder for their own large field finds. Talos Energy leaders and stockholders are overjoyed by the find. Being that Talos Energy will hold a 35 percent interest in the well, the company will make millions off of their find and their name will be solidified in the oil exploration world as the first company that made a huge find after Mexico deregulated its oil market.

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