Equities first Hopdings LLC is a company that provides the customers with alternate means of financing. The company provides loans to their customers making the qualification for the loans less stringent. The company was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr.

The company uses a unique system, that offers loans secured against the customers stocks and shares using them as collateral to the loan. The company has offices in five couhtries, they are United States, The United Kingdom, China, Thailand and Australia.

Equities First Holdings LLC in Australia has made great progress helping several customers complete transactions. Just recently, they entered into a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited to provide funding to be used in the development of major projects in India.

Equities First Holdings info: ponydesignco.com/portfolio-view/equities-first/

Greg Secker and His Journey to Success

Greg Secker is an English multi-billionaire entrepreneur, who has gained a lot of respect in the finance industry. He is a huge success, perhaps due to his philosophy of ‘why not’ instead of ‘why’. He believes that it is possible to make money anywhere, at any time and doing anything. Currently, he is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of a number of companies including Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, FX Trade, Smart Charts, Capital Index, Global Success Summits and STP Forex Brokerage.

Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham and studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. But, it was in the finance industry that he settled for a career. During an interview with CEOCFO magazine, he said that he got his first job in the finance industry. It all started when he was invited by a guy from Thomas Cook Financial Services, during a fair, to a job interview that he passed. The guy had noted that thy shared an interest in computers, which is something that he had been doing while in college. Therefore, they immediately clicked, leading to the job offer.

Working for Thomas Cook, Secker developed the first online Forex trading floor, the Virtual Trading Desk. It was during this time that he realized his deep passion for Forex trade. Because he had to interact with traders and put their strategies in code that computers could understand, he had no choice than to master the trade. Besides, with coding, you cannot afford to have any discrepancies.

Secker began his own trading floor by borrowing 5000 Euros. He had seen that the Forex Trading business would make a lot of profits. Therefore, he knew that he would make a fortune out of it. And, in less than a year, he had managed to turn the 5,000 into 60,000. When he had made enough, he retired and went into entrepreneurship fully. His journey to success began and there was no looking back. From there, he began teaching the art of forex trading and has never looked back.