Rebranding Gives Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s Firm a New Corporate Identity

JustFab Inc. was founded in 2010, and it tops the growing list of fashion subscription companies. Its brands include JustFab, Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids. The firm is headed by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, who are also the co-founders. In 2016, the investors of the company and the management agreed to shed its old identity. This resulted in the change of the company’s name from JustFab Inc. to TechStyle Fashion Group.

Rebranding is one of the changes the company is implementing to make it a powerhouse in the fashion industry. TechStyle Fashion Group aims at using data, personalization and vertical integration to control its processes that range from product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Software development is also another aspect the company is reimagining to provide exciting products and service to customers.

In his statement when the new corporate identity was revealed, Adam Goldenberg said that the new name reflects the transformation of TechStyle Fashion Group from being an on-trend fashion seller to a branding- building company, which is guided by data and personalization.

JustFab Inc. embarked on a six-year journey that was aimed at making the company a leading online retailer that sales its brands. The change of the name signaled the end of the expansion journey the firm had started in 2010.

The raising of capital worth $85 million in 2014 forms part of the company’s expansion plans. This funding round was spearheaded by Passport Special Opportunity Fund, who is a new investor. Existing investors Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, and Technology Crossover Ventures, also were given a chance to take part in the round. The new capital injected, raised the company’s capitalization to $ 250 million. However, other sources estimate that TechStyle Fashion Group is valued at $1 billion. This value puts JustFab ahead of many e-commerce companies, which have not even come close to attaining such capitalization.

According to Adam Goldenberg, the decision to raise more funding was informed by the interest many investors had shown of investing in their firm, and since the activities of the company are capital- intensive, he saw that this presented a great opportunity of injecting more capital to the company’s balance sheet.

The capital raised from this round is a clear indication that the company is forging forward into becoming a public company. Adam and Don Ressler admit that their management is working closely with the investors to grow JustFab into a business worth either $3 billion or $ 5 Billion.

Lime Crime Releases Fun Palettes

There are new releases all the time in the beauty world, and every brand that puts out something new has to work hard to make what they are offering unique from other products that are out there. There are many ways that a brand might go about creating something that will stand apart from other brands, and the packaging of a product is important in that regard. Lime Crime has released new palettes of makeup that have packaging that helps them to stand out. The new palettes that the brand put out are colorful and fun, and they look like a toy from the past.

Pocket Candy Palettes are beautiful and fun in appearance, and the product that they hold inside of them is something that can help a person create a great look on their face. The palettes that Lime Crime has put out have a look to them that makes it fun for a person to use them, and the product that is inside of them is a quality product. These new palettes are not only an interesting and fun thing to play around with, but they are something that a person can put to use when they would like to complete a flawless beauty look.

LimeCrime has done well with the way that they put their new palettes together. They have created shadows that are buttery and smooth and that go on the eye in a way that will make it look good. The palettes contain a variety of shades so that a person can use them to create a neutral or bold look. The palettes each include a mix of shades that work well together and that will allow a person to complete a full eye look. These new palettes come from a brand that knows what they are doing, and they are a fun new product.

I Like to Shine with Lime Crime

I had been looking around for just the perfect make-up products for quite some time without much luck. What’s a girl to do? I realize make-up and “looking good” are very subjective topics, but I am of the belief that a woman knows when she has found the beauty products she has been looking for. I have discovered in Lime Crime a line of products that women can believe in with confidence that they will be getting top-line quality with excellent selections.


I discovered Lime Crime make-up products through word-of-mouth recommendations initially. We were at a baby shower for my cousin, and of course at some point the topic of skin care and beauty products came up. I listened intently to opinions and experiences from my family members and friends attending, and this company was the name I kept hearing brought up again and again. Everything I heard from these testimonials was so positive that I just had to check things out for myself, so I went home after the festivities to see if it was all too good to be true.


Getting on the company’s user-friendly website, I noticed what a wide array of products Lime Crime carries and offers to its customers. Wow! So much to take in and be impressed by at once! Products that caught my attention initially were aquarium glittering make-up brush sets, mermaid sparkling highlighter sets, and moonlight mermaid bundle collector sets. I also was relieved to discover the website also had plentiful instructional videos for clients needing assistance on how to apply/wear their line of products. Now that feature hooked me. I knew I was one step closer to channeling my inner mermaid, even I am a mermaid with a few extra nautical years on me.


Look into one of their products that I found so novel and effective. Unicorn Hair (who is going to forget that name?) is a hyper-performance, semi-permanent hair color product that can make you look like a unicorn. This stuff is professional quality, conditioning hair dye that will look like a professional applied it. Get some today!

Express Yourself With Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime is a cruelty free makeup company that offers a wide selection of products including lipstick, hair color, eyeshadow, highlighter, nail polish, and makeup brushes. Each product is made in their signature colorful style. This indie company is known for being unique and of the highest quality.


Unicorn Hair is one Lime Crime’s most popular products. It is a fantasy hair color is semi-permanent, meaning it will eventually be washed out. It a vegetable dye that promises to fade out evenly and beautifully. Not only does it add a pop of color to your hair, it conditions and restores it as well. This dye doesn’t contain any harmless chemicals like bleach so it can be used safely.


The M$LF lipstick bundle is another popular Lime Crime product. The liquid lip product is applied evenly to pre-balm lips and allowed to dry. It lasts all day and will not rub off like a regular lipstick. The Velvetine set comes in modern, neutral tones that work well for an everyday look but can also be transformed into a heavier nighttime look.


Hi-Lite, also known as the highlighter for unicorns, leaves an iridescent glow on the skin. This is by far the most popular product that this company provides. This highlighter differs from others on the market by blending into the skin and look natural while still popping. The palettes are available in a variety of shades that are flattering on all types of skin tones. It can be applied over foundation or on bare skin—either way, it is sure to be a confidence boost.


Being cruelty free and vegan, this brand is health and socially conscience. Lime Crime strives to provide a wide range of products for all people. This brand encourages people to wear their personalities for all to see and promotes positive self expression.

Fabletics Business Approach makes it a Strong Internet Brand against Amazon

In case you did not know Fabletics is an online retailer that has been around since 2013. They were brought into existence by actress Kate Hudson and two other founding members. This company sells their signature athleisure wear products. This company also sells products such as leggings, Capri pants, dresses and undergarments. They also sell accessories as well. While Fablectics is a fashion clothing outlet that caters to women; they also sell products to men.


Fabletics has managed to stay competitive by focusing their efforts onto their customer’s preference and experience. First of all, they want customers to have a unique experience purchasing their products from their online stores and locations. They do this by ordering clothing into their retail outlets that fit a customer’s expectations and preferences.


Another great customer service skill that Fabletics has is their ability to provide their customers with an exclusive type of environment. Fabletics is all about membership and when people purchase the clothing online or in-store; they are required to have a membership. Once again, this membership creates an exclusive place for clients to discover the type of clothing they desire they want.


Fabletics has to take these approaches to their business to stay competitive. They have grown at least 35% since they first opened their doors back in 2013. The company is now worth $250 million. Their biggest online competition is Amazon.


Amazon is a powerful online company that dominates a whopping 20% of the online fashion industry in terms of sales. This company has the ability to provide name brand fashions at a lower price. Unless a business distinguishes itself and offers some type of unique service for its clients; they will not be able to compete against Amazon.


Amazon’s power lies in its ability to sell large amounts of products for a low price. They do this by selling huge volumes of products form virtually any category imaginable. Fabletics has to focus hard on the customer experience to compensate for Amazon’s online presence. This company can beat out other enterprises by simply underselling them. Consumers already know that Amazon typically provides the best prices for the products they desire.


Fabletics is not going to challenge Amazon head on. They will not be able to win this fight. So, they make it a point to keep their customer first and to make their experience something memorable. Fabletics is moving in a positive direction and in time they are expected to become a major online competitor within the world of fashion.

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Fabletics offers highly discounted clothing for the holiday season

Fabletics has grown to become an inspirational, practical and fashion-forward company that sells fashion clothing. All of the clothing sold by the company comes at discounted prices that women can afford. The site has grown to differentiate and place itself above its competitors. It offers highly quality clothing that the everyday woman can afford. Fabletics has increasingly grown to become the one stop shop for every woman.


The cost of an average clothing is highly discounted. One can access an activewear at a price of $50; it includes a top, bottom and the regular sports bra. The cost at Fabletics is much cheaper compared to that of the competitors. The clothing lines provided by the company varies with different styles and packages. Multiple best sellers should keep every stylish woman coming for more. Most of the clothing such as the Salar leggings have been flattering, giving one a breathable and practical experience with their workouts. Fabletics too comes with a new line of men’s high-performance athletic gear with premium lifestyle basics.


What is more important about Fabletics is its great community.  The company has given its customers the exclusive chance to try, see and feel the pieces of clothing they would like to purchase. Kate Hudson, co-founder of the company, recently stated how thrilled she was to have such a business that is beneficial to many. She was also happy to announce a new home of the company at the International Market Place.


Started in 2013, Fabletics has mastered its niche to provide highly fashionable activewear. The company has focused its fashion wear to feature a high range of active lifestyle, high fashion styles and cozy loungewear that anyone can take beyond their workouts. The best place to shop in the coming winter cold season would be Fabletics. The brand boasts of its ability to provide high-quality insulating clothing.


People that have shopped with the company have noted that the range of goods sold by the firm have been comprehensive. Fabletics brings in a new activewear suitable for any season. The multi-purpose layered clothing will be appropriate for a trendy and stylish look. If you love to exercise in activewear that are highly fashionable, then going for Fabletics clothing should be the best deal for you.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler’s high-power moves 👊🏼

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