Lime Crime Teases Fans With Hint At New Product

Those who follow Lime Crime and who are interested in the products that this brand puts out have been teased recently regarding a new product that the brand is creating. The brand shared a photo of some kind of a product and let people know that they will be releasing that product soon, and that got all of their fans excited and talking about just what their new release could be. The picture shows what appears to be a palette, and some people have pretty specific guesses as to what kind of a palette it is.

There are people who think that the new product coming out from Lime Crime is another Venus palette. The brand has previously put out two Venus palettes and their fans have loved those. The picture shows something that could be a third palette in that line. The pigment of the previous Venus palettes was high quality and it helped those palettes to do well. There are many who would be excited if the new product that is coming out is another palette in that line.

The original Venus palette from Lime Crime featured browns and burgundies. It was a palette that helped people to have a somewhat neutral and somewhat grungy look to their eyes when they did their makeup with that palette. Venus 2 is a darker palette and one that features some shades of blue. Both palettes are vegan palettes and they are made of ingredients that make the shadows pop on the eyes.