Women Career Advancement with Susan McGalla

Many women want to advance their career. Sometimes, however, it proofs to be a difficult task to most of them. Susan McGalla’s professional journey would help such women be encouraged. For starters, Susan McGalla says that women should stop seeking to get into the business while targeted by their femininity but should get as professionals.


Susan McGalla was brought up by a football coach. She grew up together with two older brothers. Her parents always encouraged her to work hard and with lots of confidence present her ideas to any audience. This contributed to her being comfortable with men and women; she has significantly excelled in working with both.

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Her confidence has geared her success every step of the way. Prior beginning her career at Joseph Horne Company, Susan McGalla got her BA from Mount Union College. She in 1994 started working for American Eagle Outfitters Inc. It was a company dominated by men. There were no women in the executive positions. Through hard work as well as success, Susan McGalla excelled and had a career of a lifetime. She ascended the radars, and this contributed to the culture change where both men and women created one of the most fruitful and inspirational corporate cultures between 2000 and 2010.  Based on post-gazette.com.


According to ireport.cnn.com, before she became the president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagles Outfitters Inc., Susan McGalla held many managerial positions. She has ever since taken control of her career and is a consultant for top persons in finance whenever they need a perspective on the world of retail. Her career success is characterized by years of hard work, adjustability and chasing her passion. She broadly says that at no particular time did her gender factor in her career goals. She had no chip of what she was entitled to as a woman despite prejudice. Her hope is to see women take the same approach and attitude in their careers.

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