Anthony Petrello’s Business And Family Life Both Have Numerous Milestones

Anthony Petrello has earned some honors and prestige that few have achieved even in the elite banking world. Just a few years ago he became the nation’s highest paid CEO when he received a compensation of over $68 million as part of a contract renegotiation. But it’s understandable why Petrello is compensated heavily because he works closely with big oil companies and is responsible for guiding company investments in drilling rig technologies and automated systems. For Petrello, the journey to Nabors CEO came as a result of several times he changed his mind.

According to Lloyd Grove, a former roommate of Petrello’s, he was a math whiz who enrolled at Yale and achieved high honors with both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics. He decided to start a career in law instead of teaching math, so he got his J.D. at Harvard and joined Baker & McKenzie as an associate. He became partner at that firm in 7 years and met the leader of Nabors Industries several years later. In 1991 he left the firm and became Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries, and then took over as CEO in 2011.

Anthony Petrello joined the Texas Children’s Hospitals Board of Trustees not long ago when he and his wife Cynthia gave birth to a daughter who had periventricular leukomalacia and now has cerebral palsy. The Petrellos consulted with various doctors to find out if any treatment was possible but were told it was not. So they met Dan and Jan Duncan who had started a neurological research facility at TCH and they became enthusiastic about the potential to one day address brain diseases. The Petrellos sent a gift of $7 million to the facility to invest in advanced research technology.

White Shark Media; Transforming Digital Advertising

White Shark Media, a one-time boutique agency, is now a fast-rising digital agency in North America. On the company’s official website, there’s an accentuated statement about the company’s being a Google AdWords Premier SMB and Bing Ads partner. Some small and middle -sized enterprises are ineptitude of carrying out their online and offline advertising campaigns because of lack of resources and time.


The Google AdWords Premier SMB project was meant to help the small and medium-sized enterprises reach potential customers and market their products. Being a partner of the project, White Shark Media offers expertise and experience in their end-to-end customer service. This gives the business owners enough time to run their business while at the same time they are guaranteed of professional handling of their advertising campaign.


The company offers its services through exceptional marketing campaigns on behalf of the small and medium-sized enterprises and other business owners. These campaigns focus mostly on giving customers a world class experience. The feedback from the clients they have worked with on their official website shows that White Shark Media are a competent group passionate about what they do. From the comments, it seems the company’s core ambition is to grow the marketing and consumption of their clients’ products. White Shark have subsequently created a symbiotic relationship with their customers.


The company is keen in maintaining ties with their clients, and their pioneer client is still with them even after three years of continued growth. With their services being relatively cheap, the company’s current growth and future prosperity can adequately be attributed to this strategy. And today, White Shark Media have over a hundred employees with services in three countries, and they have opened several offices within cities in the United States. They offer multiples services, covering Digital Advertising, Google Analytics, Bing Ads and much more. Judging from the recent success, the sky is the limit for this promising company.

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Reputation Management Is Critical

One thing that could be said for businesses is that they can be very fragile without proper online reputation management. For one thing, it is very critical that any company of any size is very mindful of the type of activity it does. For one thing, it is very important for business owners and other people involved in the business to not only mind their own activities, but also make sure that they are careful about what is released about them. For one thing, there is always something being revealed about various companies. For instance, H&M had something revealed about it that has caused a lot of media attention for the giant.

Another common deal with online reputation is that a lot of businesses find themselves faced with a lot of negative stories about them. However, they may not necessarily be true. However, the whole deal is that there is a large battle to shake off all of the bad press. It doesn’t matter if the stock is on the uptrend and the business is still expanding and succeeding, there is still a lot of issues with online reputation management that they have to handle.

One of the best ways handle online reputation management is with the help of an online reputation management firm. There are a lot of online reputation management firms that have a lot of different methods that are helpful in the improvement of online reputation. Therefore, they can be counted on to make sure that the reputation of any client has been improved greatly. As a result, they will gain a lot more trust from their customers as well as gain new customers. With online reputation management, people will also be able to prevent any major attacks on the brand. Anything that is said about the brand will be taken care of before anything gets too far out of hand.


Top Award Given For Fastest-Growing Companies

According to a recent online article on, Status Labs was ranked on Inc. magazine’s 500 List. It is a ranking of America’s quickest-growing private companies, says the article. It was named number 339 on the list because it experienced over 1000% growth for three years. Status Labs was also recognized as an excellent online reputation and public relations management firm. The company has tremendous influence on the marketing and public relations industries, the article states.


Darius Fisher is Status Lab’s President and CEO. With his guidance, the company increased its market position by creating a top client base and new digital services. Some of the clients include public figures and Fortune 500 companies, says the article.


In a quote, Fisher says that his company was honored to be named to Inc. 500 List of quickest-growing companies. He also says this honor represents an increased demand for strategic digital public relations, marketing, and SEO campaigns. It also shows how much people want digital reputation management.


The article says that Inc.’s 500 List represents the independent entrepreneurs of this country. They are an important segment of the American economy. Several other companies such as Yelp and Zillow got early exposure from being members of the Inc. 500, says the article.


Status Labs is a top public relations firm that manages digital reputation on online marketing for companies and public individuals. Their main office is in Austin; however, they also have offices in New York and Sao Paulo. The company strives to build reputation by proper public relations strategy and digital marketing.


This company represents over 1500 clients in many different countries. Many top business publications as US News & World Report have profiled Status Labs. Not only have they been named to Inc. 500 List, but their CEO has been given several distinguished awards.

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