NGP VAN provides insights on writing effective campaign emails

There have been remarkable changes in the way political, and advocacy campaigns are conducted. The rapid technological advancements have primarily driven this transformation. Today, social media platforms have become effective platforms for political candidates. The development has also seen the emergence of digital companies providing solutions to political parties and candidates.

One such company is NGP VAN. It has over the years provided integrated services in fundraising, organizing, compliance, digital, and social networking products. The platform is mainly used by Democratic and other progressive organizations and campaigns.

The success of any campaign lies with the ability to understand the voters or target group. NGP VAN’s platforms and products provide data on voters. The process of data collection is often tedious, but the results are usually impressive. In essence, the information helps candidates and advocacy organizations understand the perceptions and opinions of the target groups on various issues. Therefore, the campaigner the designs the campaign based on the voters’ or target group’s needs

Besides the digital services, NGP VAN also offers advice on various issues related to campaigns. In a recent article, the firm posted an article on how to write effective political and advocacy emails. The article divides the process into two sections; sending the actual emails and testing their effectiveness.

According to the article, it is essential to set your intention before writing an email. The principle of one email=one idea should reinforce it. It is unwise to write one comprehensive email on fundraising, policy, and stories among other purposes. The email should also be authentic and speak to the heart of your audience. This will motivate them to take the action you are targeting. However, the email should demonstrate how the audiences’ action will provide the intended positive change.

After sending the emails, one should be prepared to engage more with your supporters. Communicate to them how their action supported the cause. Talking about how they are impacting on the purpose motivates them to get more involved in the campaign.

Attachments such as charts, photos, and videos are also essential in selling your candidate or agenda. Social media platforms can also help you get the message home.

Testing involves analyzing the success of the emails through the responses from the audience or supporters. NGP VAN has useful tools for analysis, which use parameters such as the subject lines or contents.


NGP VAN was established in 2010 by a merger of NGP Software and Voter Activation Network. Nathaniel Pearlman founded the former in 1997 while the latter was founded in 2001 by Mark Sullivan. NGP VAN combined the brilliance of both companies to become a leader in providing digital services and products to campaigns