Working for Brian Touchin

Brian Torchin is simply a medical professional and business genius, with exemplary experience. As president and founder of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors, referred to as HCRC Staffing, which he started in Philadephia, in 2005, Torchin dreamed of making the path of securing a medical opportunity, attainable. As a former job seeker himself in 1995, from the New York Chiropractic College, he understood the importance of quality workplaces and talented medical staff. Brian Touchin is equipped with a Bachelors degree in exercise science, as a licensed, board certified chiropractor. He started his own private chiropractic practices in Philadephia, Delaware and Florida, before evolving into the staffing giant he is now. When he established HCRC Staffing, he made sure to offer his clients extended staffing assistance with counseling and job placements, whether day, night or weekend. Touchin remains focused, self-directed, and a team player, all three qualities that look good on a resume. He is, however, living, sharing and teaching these very attributes to healthcare organizations, while continuously helping medical profeesionals find jobs. Read more on about Brian Torchin

HCRC Staffing expanded to the entire USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as a full-service healthcare staffing and consulting firm. As CEO, Brian Torchin continues to actively update his social medical sites with tips and advice, to maintain a smooth running medical practice. His sites include Facebook, blogs on the HCRC website, Linkedin and Twitter, which he uses to post medical positions available in various states.

On his blogs, he has more room to emphasize the common morals of treating all staff with respect, from the physicians to the receptionists. He cannot stress enough that every employee should be equally important. He also gives examples of how to accomplish this. He seems to have captured the essence of combining the human experience with the professional business world. In addition to his vast medical accomplishments, his accolades from, the, CNN, and his company’s ability to find medical candidates for an organization within 72 hours, Brian Torchin believes in treating his staff and clients with superior results, in that he has made himself consistently available, via email or cell phone. Now that’s a guy I wouldn’t mind working for.



Why Brian Torchin Is Regarded As A Top Recruiter In America

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur in the staffing industry. He graduated with a degree in exercise science from the University of Deleware. He then attended the New York Chiropractic College from which he graduated in 1995. After working as a chiropractor for five years he made the decision to enter the staffing side of the industry. He became the director of medical marketing for Practice Management, Inc., in January 2000. After seven years with this firm he started his own company called HCRC Staffing, headquartered in Narberth, Pennsylvania. He has now been the chief executive officer of this company for the past 11 years. Read more at

His company provides staffing solutions for businesses in both the healthcare field as well as the legal industry. He says the biggest issue both of these industries face is a lot of staff turnover. People are mismatched with jobs which results in constant turnover. Brian Torchin and his team help reduce this turnover rate by taking the care and due diligence that is required to match people to open positions. He offers his clients staffing solutions built upon their individual needs. His aim is to build a long-term relationship with each of his clients which are based on mutual trust and respect.

He has built HCRC Staffing into a global company. He has clients across the United States as well as in Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. He maintains staff 24/7 including weekends so that clients around the world can contact his company and speak to a live person regardless of the time zone they are in. He has also spoken around the world at various conventions and meetings. He speaks at both recruiting events and at chiropractic events as well.

One of the ways that Brian Torchin markets his company and lets people know about open positions he is trying to fill is through his Facebook account. About once a month he posts some of the many positions he and his team at HCRC Staffing are recruiting for. Recent entries included a physician assistant nurse practicioner position in Austin which pays between $110k to $130k per year, for example. Visit:


A Review of Dr. Mark Mofid’s Innovations in the Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid is a renowned medical practitioner in the cosmetic medical community for his numerous accomplishments. He attended Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University and graduated with medical-related degrees. He is also an industry innovator in the field of medicine. He earned the trust of many clients because of his astronomical reputation and discipline in regards to his medical safety practices. Dr. Mofid puts the safety of his patients first by engaging in medical practices that are completely safe. He is one of the best practitioners in the industry and he frequently conducts research to better his practice in the field.

Dr. Mark Mofid incorporates innovation as well as science and detailed examination in his medical approach. His knowledge about the human skin, muscles, and fat puts him in a good position to understand the human body appropriately. He has been serving on creating various kinds of surgeries for more than 8 years. He realized that there were many opportunities for improvement in the field of medicine when he joined the profession. He then decided to reinvent the whole industry using transformative healthcare services. One of the biggest challenges that affected the gluteal augmentation industry was their generic and incompatible nature with the human body. Dr. Mark Mofid analyzed the existing options and developed a new approach. After thorough researching, he came up with a holistic gluteal implant approach. The new implant approach has transformed the industry and has improved cosmetic operation. This innovation has made him one of the best innovators with the ability to develop unique medical procedures in the gluteal augmentation industry.

He invested most of his time and resources to find alternative approaches to better the lives and health of his clients. Dr. Mark Mofid has been researching gluteal augmentation for several years. He has been working with Dr. Raul Gonzalez, a skilled practitioner in the industry, to advance his work and research. The gluteal augmentation industry is ever increasing and having the likes of Dr. Mark Mofid in the forefront will make it possible for operations to be conducted more effectively and safely than before. He is constantly learning and improving his expertise.

Mina Ebrahimi – her take on treating employees properly

During the start of a business, most of us are more concerned about the flow of money that the business generates. But unknowingly, we ought to ignore one of the most basic reasons for a positive cash flow and that is having the right people to work for you. Mina Ebrahimi is very serious about this aspect and she makes sure that her staff is always empowered. This is one of the reasons why she has such a loyal and dedicated workforce, having been into 19 years of business. She has always been generous in giving back to her staff and has never lost the sight in doing so. And she goes on to say that it has paid her off in a lot of ways.

She stresses the need of treating your employees properly in order to achieve greater leaps in business. It is your staff that makes your business grow from few hundreds of dollars to maybe millions of dollars or more. Hence it is important that you always keep your staff involved while concentrating on newer ways to scale your business. According to Ms. Ebrahimi, the smiles at her catering business is what keeps her going and gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment. She is a firm believer in the fact that it is employees that create wonders at the workplace and are the magical hands behind its success.

Ms. Ebrahimi also suggests that satisfied employees are likely to perform better and be there for you whenever needed. If they feel appreciated, they are likely to be more productive and contribute in a more seasoned way. This also decreases the attrition in the workplace and also augments the retention which is key to successful businesses. She mentions that retaining employees has lots of advantages; one of them is their quicker and quality delivery and the other is eliminating the time and money that is likely to be spent while hiring new candidates. She says that if your employees are happy, they are likely to promote your organization in a positive way which might assist in bringing in more talent, especially through referrals.

Meet Gregory Aziz; The Businessman Behind National Steel Car’s Glory

For an engineering company to succeed, it must have an innovative team. On top of that, it must have a leader with great ideas and proper management skills. National Steel Car is an engineering company that specializes in the manufacturing of top quality railroad freight cars. The company is based in North America and has an experience of over ten decades in the competitive industry. Since 1994, the company has been under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz who acquired the engineering company from Dofasco. As the president and CEO at National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz has helped the company grow significantly.


Gregory J. Aziz is a great investor who is hard working and determined to see his investments yield returns. He invested in the freight car manufacturing industry as he knew the potential the industry holds. With top quality freight cars that addressed all the needs of the railcar industry, National Steel Car regained its glory. Greg Aziz has been in the frontline ensuring that the company engineers’ tank and railcars are strong and easy to operate. With his leadership, the company production capacity increased significantly. By 1999, the company’s annual production increased to 12000 cars from 3500. When it comes to the employment capacity of the company, it rose from around 600 to 3000 employees thanks to James Aziz.  See Related Link for additional information.


Apart from increasing employment and manufacturing capacity in the company, Gregory Aziz made sure the number one railcar manufacturer in North America got certification. Thus, the company got more clients and continued to engineer more advanced railroad freight cars. As an excellent engineering company, the company has been honored many times. The engineering company has won the TTX SECO Award consistently since 1996. This award goes to the engineering company that makes railcars of high quality.


Before purchasing National Steel Car, Greg Aziz was a great investor in the New York banking sector. He made huge profits from his investments. He also worked at Affiliated Foods; a family food business. He spearheaded the food business to great heights, and it became a leading importer and distributor of fresh foods in Eastern Canada and the United States. Greg James Aziz attended Ridley College and University of Western Ontario for higher education. Besides being a leader at National Steel Car, he is a great philanthropist who supports the Hamilton community.


Visit: https:/

Robert Deignan Shares His Company Startup Background With Ideamensch

Robert Deignan started a call center based troubleshooting company several years ago known as ATS Digital Services, and it’s become very reputable for repairing computer issues for a variety of customers. Deignan recently made sure the company achieved the AppEsteem certification, a significant certification that adds credibility to software and operating system repair companies. Deignan also spoke to Ideamensch about his role in founding the company and taking it to the level of success that he has.

Robert Deignan says that when he needs a new idea for his company, he has discussion times with his partners, and they often decide on ideas that align with the company’s values and their gut instincts. He said part of running a good company is not just hiring the most qualified people to work with, but hiring the people who buy into your values completely and who treat employees right. Deignan certainly loves reading business leadership books which provide fresh perspectives, and his personal favorite is “Rework.”

Robert Deignan lives in the Miami area of Florida, but he attended Purdue University in the 1990s and actually considered playing professional football for a while including playing punter on the Miami Dolphins for one season. But he decided instead to play pursue an IT business career, and he started off as a sports ticket sales specialist for Fanlink back in the early 2000s. Deignan later got into more of the IT repair field and did technical work for a larger company. It was there that he got the idea for ATS Digital Services while trying to resolve a malware issue for a particular customer.

What ATS Digital Services does is use remote desktop connections while customers call them to resolve PC and Mac computer issues. Usually if there is no sophisticated hardware changes required, this can all be done without the technician ever needing to be there in-person to fix the issue. Outside of running this company, Robert Deignan also is involved with local community activities like youth sports leagues as well well as fishing trips off the Florida coast.

National Steel Car: Receiving Awards and Recognition

The National Steel Car is one of the premier manufacturing companies in Canada. The company was established in 1912, and more than one hundred years later, the company became stronger than ever. The National Steel Car is now under the ownership of Greg Aziz a wealthy individual from London, Ontario, and he is doing an excellent job in transforming the company to become the leading rolling stock manufacturer in North America. The National Steel Car is known for their high-quality rolling stocks that are assembled manually by their 3,500 strong employees who are working inside the company’s various departments.


The National Steel Car is also known for being able to manufacture the highest number of rolling stocks in a single year, at 12,500. This has been the case with the National Steel Car ever since they decided to hire an additional number of workforces immediately after Gregory James Aziz took over. Over the years, award-giving bodies have been made aware by the performance of the National Steel Car, and just recently, they have given the award to Gregory James Aziz. Several award-giving bodies recognized him because of his contribution to the growth of the rolling stock manufacturing company, and his role in transforming the railroad transport industry.


Gregory James Aziz thanked the institution who has given him the award, but he also claimed that his employees should also take the credit because they are the ones who are working hard to create these rolling stock units. Gregory James Aziz would always congratulate his employees every time the National Steel Car bagged an award. He knows that without them, the company would be nothing. Visit This Page for more information.


As a form of appreciation, Gregory James Aziz is giving his employees something in return, like benefits and incentives. The National Steel Car owner knows how to keep his employees, and most of them are satisfied with how Gregory James Aziz is running the company. They also stated that they wouldn’t be leaving the National Steel Car for a long time because of the benefits that they are receiving from the company.


Aside from awards and recognition, The National Steel Car is also a recipient of the quality certification seal. They were given the ISO: 9001 certifications about representatives from the organization reviewed the company as a whole. They were impressed by how the company is run, and they gave the award to Gregory James Aziz.



Louis Chenevert leaves a legacy

Louis Chenevert is a household name in the business world, Louis first education achievement was from the University of Montreal where he attained a bachelors in business administration. Soon after completing his first degree Louis sort to practice what he had learned and he joined a general motors firm, in this firm Louis worked for almost 14 years. He then got an opportunity to work at Pratt and Whitney, and here he was appointed as the vice president and later as the president. Louis’ business skills are exceptional, and everything he touches turns to gold.

This is evident from the responsibilities he has received in different organizations. In 2006 Louis moved to UTC where he was appointed to work as the chief operating officer. This opportunity has given him the platform to change the aerospace industry.

Additionally, Louis has also worked in different organizations in different capacities. But the most recognized contribution was at UTC. In a sit-down, Louis explains how he got the idea to merge to different ideas from Pratt and Whitney and some of the habits that have contributed to him staying at the top.

Louis Chenevert first confesses that working in a global organization, people will pitch different ideas to you, and some might be implemented immediately, but others need time and development to produce best results. While working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis recognized the GTF engine. He, however, did not act upon the idea he had at that time, but he knew that this engine would turn out to be something big in the future. As soon as he joined UTC and made his observations he knew that marrying what he had at his disposal at UTC and using the knowledge he had gained earlier at Pratt and Whitney would be a game changer, his predictions were correct since UTC is one of the most prominent aerospace providers in the world. It is a globally recognized company all over the world.

Over his years as a leader, Louis has displayed admirable leadership skills, one of the things he believes will help you to achieve your goals is working closely with your team members, be a team player. This will help the company to overcome challenges.

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Mixing Medicine And Business With Great Success

During his time as a medical student, Mark McKenna realized that the medical industry was probably not the best course for him to take. Not because he did not like that practice, but because it was not capable of offering him the level of success that he wanted. Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also in the medical field, this is how he determined it would not bring him what he desired. He even managed to intern with his father for several years, building up his experience and saving money to start his own company.

In 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to start up his first real estate company, McKenna Investments. This first company did great for Mark, building up to four or five million dollars over several years. New Orleans was hit by Katrina in 2005 and wrecked much of the assets Mark had gained with his business. Though this was very unlucky for Mark and thousands of others, Mark did not pack up and leave. he stayed behind to rebuild homes and flip properties to rebuild his assets. It wasn’t long before Mark decided to move on and he moved his family to Atlanta, Georgia. After settling down, Dr. Mark McKenna started up another successful business known as ShapeMed. This company was successful for years and even joined up with Life Time Fitness, however, they were bought out by two large private equities.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a new vision these days and it rests with his company OVME. Mark has combined his knowledge of medicine and aesthetic-wellness to a whole new level with this new company. OVME will bring various treatments that are typically only available at a medical office, right to people’s front doors. This is possible because freelance doctors can sign up with OVME and be a part of their app to provide their services to customers throughout Atlanta and Nashville.

Shervin Pishevar Forecasts the Downfall of Monopolies

In a day long tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar outlined many economic problems facing the world. While some of the issues may not seem an imperative, the long-term outlook can be catastrophic. It may all depend on how fast the world advances. There is a chance that his predictions will come to pass in the near term. The reason for this is that the world is already connected. It relies upon innovation to sustain a culturally diverse civilization. Human interaction through emotional media is available to most of the world. Thus, staunching innovation could throw the world into turmoil.

According to Shervin Pishevar, monopolies like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft should be treated like nation-states. They simply have too much influence for the rest of the world to live freely. Oftentimes their influence is unwanted. This may be no more conspicuous than in the struggle to mitigate the sharing of private information. It is not so much that these monopolies save customer information than it is that they profit from its distribution. They do so without compensating their customers. One can even argue that they cost their customers money by acting this way.

Shervin Pishevar believes that monopolies hinder startups from enter the market. This limits the growth of innovation. While needs may be met, cultures and belief system can suffer if a monopolistic agenda asserts itself. This is not an unrealistic future considering the nature of competition and the bottom line. People need to be heard. It is why infants cry out. Even a mother must listen to her child when it needs something. Soulless monopolies cannot treat their customers as dependents and then not listen to them in times of needs. Hindering startups and diversified innovation isolates anyone who is not in line with the corporate agenda.

Overall economic growth is also limited in the Shervin Pishevar monopolistic model. It was much harder for the world to come together in the past. The Internet and mobile devices make global sanctioning by opinion a powerful regulator. This is one way his prediction of the downfall of monopolies may take place.