Guilherme Paulus: Making It To The Forbes Billionaires List

Guilherme Paulus never realized that his net worth someday would reach $1 billion. The successful Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur was recently revealed by the Forbes magazine to be the newest billionaire of the world. Representatives from the Forbes magazine have carefully inspected every detail of his assets to ensure that he is really posting the real amount that he made over time. Guilherme Paulus stated that the wealth he received is a testament that the country is steering towards a tourist-backed economy, and he was lucky because millions of people are visiting Brazil every week. One of the things that the government of Brazil must focus to would be the construction of reliable airports and seaports that would transfer the passengers from one place to another.

The people and the culture of Brazil make it an ideal location for an exotic paradise. Guilherme created CVC that focuses on providing the tourists with a reliable tour operator. His company was co-founded by a Brazilian politician who have already quit decades ago, giving the whole business to him and the responsibility on how to make it successful. Guilherme stated that the company that he and the Brazilian politician established that has spread all throughout the South American region.

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The company, which was opened in 1972, became one of the most favorite tour operator services in the country. The CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is being contacted frequently because of the tours that they offer. In 2005, Guilherme Paulus had the idea of creating a hotel and resort and see if it would become a hit. His project became well-accepted by the public, and they stated that the beaches found in his resorts are truly magnificent. Today, Guilherme Paulus manages the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. and the GJP Hotels and Resorts.

Guilherme Paulus made a lot of money recently because of the rising number of tourists who are flying into Brazil. One of the highlights of his career was when Brazil was chosen to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. The influx of millions of tourists during the years 2014 and 2016 made him a successful businessman in the field of tourism, and he cemented his reputation as one of the most successful businessman in the country.


Jose Auriemo Neto, CEO, JHSF and former Chief Executive of YPO

Voted as Chief Executive in consecutive terms, 2003 to 2004 and again from 2004 to 2005, at the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). The Young President Organization, is an organization group of the top executives, composed of over 25,000 members, and from more than 130 countries from around the world. I am referring to Jose Auriemo Neto, graduate from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Jose Auriemo Neto is JHSF current Chief Executive Officer, and has been a Member of Board Executives since March 2009. Ever since coming onboard the JHSF “train”, back in 1993 Jose Auriemo Neto, has demonstrated leadership, innovation and unparalleled work ethic. Four short years after joining JHSF, in 1997 Jose Auriemo Neto, began what would later develop into JHSF’s services department. Jose Auriemo Neto established the company Parkbem. Parkbem is a parking lot solution that is used to manage various parking lot. To know more about him click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto wasted very little time before facilitating the construction the Shopping Santa Cruz shopping mall, in 1998. The Shopping Santa Cruz mall is a shopping with a movie theater, lots of stores and restaurants. Jose Auriemo Neto is responsible for the management of the Shopping Santa Cruz. Jose Auriemo Neto continued his path to success, by following JHSF’s tradition of having the ability to identify opportunities based off the current needs in the market and finding innovate ways to turn them into profits.

Jose Auriemo Neto, pioneered JHSF entry way to the luxury brand sector. In 2009 Mr. Jose Auriemo Neto was responsible for the partnership agreements with luxury brand companies, Hermes, Pucci and Jimmy Cho. Later in 2012 Jose Auriemo Neto was responsible for the creation of what is known now as Valentino RED. Jose Auriemo Neto negotiated a deal with Valentina, a store based out of Brazil.

Fabletics Co-founders Promoting Breast Cancer Awareness

On Oct. 10, Kate Hudson appeared at an event to celebrate the launching of the international campaign by the CFDA and Fable tics for Fashion Breast Cancer (FTBC) at the Fabletics store that is based in the mall called Del Amo Fashion Centre in Torrance, California. Hudson was set to reveal the baby pink and bright blue capsule collection that was set to be beneficial the Fashion Breast Cancer project directly.

Hudson, who is one of the Fabletics brand co-founders said that doing so in promoting breast cancer awareness wasn’t only something of importance to her, but to the firm as well. That was the second time that collaboration has occurred with the charming actress, fashion tastemaker, plus mother playing the role of ambassador for Oct.

One of the features of that partnership was eventually starting a capsule collection, which is branded FTBC, and was to be available all through Oct., which is known worldwide as the BCAM (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), also called the NBCAM (National Breast Cancer Awareness Month) in America.

It comprised three two-piece attires that were designed in FTBC signature colors, which include Capri plus a sports brand, high-waist leggings plus sports bra, and a tank with leggings. Hudson stated that their mission isn’t only creating and spreading breast cancer awareness, but also steering the innovative research that is necessary to propel the task of eradicating breast cancer ultimately. All the proceeds were to go towards benefitting the FTBC global directly. All items were to be made available for purchase on the twenty-two U.S.-based accredited Fabletics stores as well as on

According to Don Ressler, the outfit choice depends on the preference of an individual. Nonetheless, people tend to be more likely to investing in as well as purchasing essential items. She restated that the focus of her firm is on Health, and it’s all about the society, working hard and supporting towards a course like breast cancer that is affecting many women worldwide made their partnership to make a lot of sense.

At the recent global events, the iconic actress said that a lot had happened in 2016. For her, it felt like the days had flown quickly, but it also felt as if a long year that was never ending, particularly with everything that happened in life, politics plus everything that matter. To put these memories plus stress to bed, Hudson set forth the need for keeping a healthy mind and body, which to her these needs to co-exist as well as to guarantee. Hence, it all starts with a sole urge to think positively and live optimistically. For Hudson, she felt great that her company plus brand stood for that.

Eric Lefkofsky: New Lung Cancer Biomarkers

Lung cancer is a difficult diagnosis for anyone to go through. Healing is a long road and sometimes there is nothing a physician can do. Recently, new research was done that can give us hope to further understand this disease. Could there be variations in ones DNA that could result in the development of lung cancer? Yes, and these deviations or SNPs(single-nucleotide polymorphisms) provide possible biomarkers for the screening of lung cancer and its intervention strategies.

The team’s findings were published in Carcinogenesis as, “Genome-wide interaction study of smoking behavior and non-small cell lung cancer risk in Caucasian population”. According to Yafang Li, PhD, the study is the biggest genome-wide SNP-smoking collaboration analysis that is reported for lung cancer. For this interaction, they approved a two-step strategy in the examination to lower the loss of power from ordinary environment to gene interaction analysis. Biomarkers of the three SNPs can be used to increase accuracy in which a person’s risk of lung cancer can be classified from smoking.

Unfortunately, since the population was limited to Caucasian individuals, there is much more research that will need to be done. The team now aims to test the identified interaction effect using the genotypes from other populations.

Eric Lefkofsky is a potential player in this new development. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a technology company that battles cancer through an operating system. He has also donated millions of dollars in his life toward cancer research and seems to have a true passion for it.

Tempus’ website says patients can make more data-driven treatment decisions by “analyzing a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies.” To do this it uses analysis methods and cutting-edge genomic sequencing to help physicians better understand the tumors in patients.

If these genetic markers can be identified through genomic sequencing, physicians will be able to provide more personalized medicine and have better care plans for patients. Currently, Tempus is working with patients that have pancreatic, lung, and/or breast cancer. Over time, they plan to add many more types of cancer and help a larger population of people.

Sheldon Lavin Grows OSI Across the International Stage

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO at the OSI Group Company that produces quality foods that are shipped all around the world. The OSI Group is one of the leading groups that provides retailers around the world with quality food products to sell their consumers, and Lavin leads the OSI Group in that endeavor. Lavin has developed extensive knowledge of the food industry and how it evolves over time since joining the industry as an entrepreneur in 1970 when he was helping finance Otto & Sons which ultimately developed into his giant company that is today known as the OSI Group. Today, the OSI Group operates more than 60 locations in 60 different countries worldwide.

Sheldon Lavin was honored by being given the Global Visionary Award by India’s prestigious Vision World Academy on February 20th, 2016 thanks to the growth of the OSI Group which operates around the world including in India. Lavin also was cited as spending his entire life looking after the welfare of his company and every single employee that works for that company. Click here to know more.

Sheldon Lavin is also an environmentally conscious owner who is aware of what his operations and workings do to the environment and the world around them. Lavin works tirelessly to ensure that the company is “friendly toe the environment as possible while continuing to dominate the business they thrive in. Lavin is also an avid fan of the Ronald McDonald House where he has provided invaluable amounts of money and time to the charity as well as partnering to be their spokesperson throughout his career.


Logan Stout, Former Star Athlete And Founder Of IDLife

Logan Stout is an accomplished entrepreneur, leadership trainer, keynote speaker, philanthropist, and best-selling author. Logan Stout serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of IDLife. He is also a 16 time World Series Professional Baseball player for the Dallas Patriots.

Logan Stout Empowers Basketball Players
Logan is a philanthropist who aims at building people’s leadership skills. In 2013, he published a book entitled “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” in a bid to inspire and empower readers. As a result, Stout’s advice was endorsed by Shark Tank’s entrepreneurs Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran.

Logan’s passion for helping empower the youth led to the development of the Dallas Patriots. Dallas Patriots is the largest organization for basketball activities across the world. As the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder of the organization, Logan aims at ensuring that players get access to training through personalized classes, camps, and clinics. Logan Stout also offers volunteer and community service positions to people who are willing to assist him in ensuring that basketball players recognize their potential. Logan Stout has entered into a partnership with John Maxwell, the motivational speaker, and “Most Popular Leadership Expert in the World” based on Inc. Magazine.

IDLife is Logan’s business venture that focuses on the wellness and health of an individual. The company offers the best products to improve the vitality and overall health of an individual. It offers an online assessment that asks health related questions to determine the best formulation for nutritional supplements.

Since May 2014, IDLife has exponentially grown and educates individuals on the advantages of wellness and health. The company provides nutritional products of high quality, and in 2014 it was featured on DSA Magazine. In 2016 it was listed as one of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies worldwide.

Logan Stout has made several appearances on live events, radio, television, and media outlets. He has featured in the New York times, the Dallas Morning News, Fox, The Ticket, The Fan, and the Philadelphia Life Magazine. Over the years, he has generated revenue in billions of dollars with a credible track record of team building and leadership skills.

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The Name of Jose Henrique Borghi and Mullen Lowe is a Success Story in the Brazilian Advertising Industry

The world of publicity is a very competitive sector, especially in developed economies. In the Brazilian advertising industry, no other personality is as talented and highly prolific like Jose Henrique Borghi. Throughout the media sector in South America, he is famous for his charming and charismatic qualities. The vibrant nature of Mullen Lowe Brasil and the entire advertising industry in Brazil is due to the insights and forethoughts of Mr. Borghi. All the media campaigns in which he has been part of have had greater impact in Latin America and beyond.

One very famous advert by Mullen Lowe that portrays children dressed like stuffed animals and singing sweet carols is very popular in the country. The rise of his fame in the Ad agency can be traced back to the days when he was a student. He decided to go into advertising after watching a theater performance of Castro Neves. In 1989 he graduated with honors from an academy for advertising, and he joined the Ogilvy Ad agency, The Company was soon competing with well-established companies and winning many accounts from big corporations.

After working for sometimes he collaborated with Leo Burnet, and they founded their organization which was later named Mullen Lowe, and without funding from any external source, the company rapidly expanded to become a major player in the Brazilian media. It is interesting that instead of borrowing money for the startup, he used the money he had saved by selling coffee. They worked together with his partner for sometimes, and later they split up. Jose managed to steer the company to greater heights of success. He understands that for a company to succeed to must have something special to give to the customers. As the Chief Executive Officer of Lowe Mullen, he is now the advertiser for international companies like Globo, Unilever, Fiat, and the American Express.

Troy McQuagge Manages USHealth Group Perfectly

The USHealth Group is run by Troy McQuagge, and he has been given an award by the World CEO Awards. This article explains how the company has grown with Troy’s help, and it shows that he has helped the company grow in every sector of the insurance market. He knows how to make a company that much stronger, and he is helping the company build each part of its business every year.

#1: The Plans

USHealth Group has a number of different people working on insurance plans, and there are many companies and customers who will purchase plans from the company. The company is searching for a number of clients who need their coverage, and the coverage has been designed to serve those who need it most. Troy has been at the heart of much of the growth in the company, and he is helping the company plan better policies for the future.

#2: Group Plans

The group plans that are offered through USHealth Group are offered by Troy because he has found many corporate partners to join his firm. He wants to ensure that the person who works for a large company has better insurance, and he welcomes large companies to his firm to purchase group insurance for all. Click here to know more.

#3: Family Insurance

Family insurance is offered through the USHealth Group, and the company allows single people to purchase the same plans where needed. Troy believes that giving a number of different families will benefit from buying his insurance, and he will continue to make policies that help his customers find the peace of mind they need. He leads his firm in expansion to ensure they may serve more people, and policies are affordable for all.

There are many reasons why Troy McQuagge is one of the finest CEO in the insurance field, and he done quite a lot of work to help the company offer better plans for everyone. The company is a strong competitor in the field, and Troy has been honored by the World CEO Awards because of the work he has done to grow the USHealth Group.