Louis Chenevert leaves a legacy

Louis Chenevert is a household name in the business world, Louis first education achievement was from the University of Montreal where he attained a bachelors in business administration. Soon after completing his first degree Louis sort to practice what he had learned and he joined a general motors firm, in this firm Louis worked for almost 14 years. He then got an opportunity to work at Pratt and Whitney, and here he was appointed as the vice president and later as the president. Louis’ business skills are exceptional, and everything he touches turns to gold.

This is evident from the responsibilities he has received in different organizations. In 2006 Louis moved to UTC where he was appointed to work as the chief operating officer. This opportunity has given him the platform to change the aerospace industry.

Additionally, Louis has also worked in different organizations in different capacities. But the most recognized contribution was at UTC. In a sit-down, Louis explains how he got the idea to merge to different ideas from Pratt and Whitney and some of the habits that have contributed to him staying at the top.

Louis Chenevert first confesses that working in a global organization, people will pitch different ideas to you, and some might be implemented immediately, but others need time and development to produce best results. While working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis recognized the GTF engine. He, however, did not act upon the idea he had at that time, but he knew that this engine would turn out to be something big in the future. As soon as he joined UTC and made his observations he knew that marrying what he had at his disposal at UTC and using the knowledge he had gained earlier at Pratt and Whitney would be a game changer, his predictions were correct since UTC is one of the most prominent aerospace providers in the world. It is a globally recognized company all over the world.

Over his years as a leader, Louis has displayed admirable leadership skills, one of the things he believes will help you to achieve your goals is working closely with your team members, be a team player. This will help the company to overcome challenges.



Equities first Hopdings LLC is a company that provides the customers with alternate means of financing. The company provides loans to their customers making the qualification for the loans less stringent. The company was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in the year 2002 by Al Christy Jr.

The company uses a unique system, that offers loans secured against the customers stocks and shares using them as collateral to the loan. The company has offices in five couhtries, they are United States, The United Kingdom, China, Thailand and Australia.

Equities First Holdings LLC in Australia has made great progress helping several customers complete transactions. Just recently, they entered into a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited to provide funding to be used in the development of major projects in India.

Equities First Holdings info: ponydesignco.com/portfolio-view/equities-first/

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Mixing Medicine And Business With Great Success

During his time as a medical student, Mark McKenna realized that the medical industry was probably not the best course for him to take. Not because he did not like that practice, but because it was not capable of offering him the level of success that he wanted. Dr. Mark McKenna’s father is also in the medical field, this is how he determined it would not bring him what he desired. He even managed to intern with his father for several years, building up his experience and saving money to start his own company.

In 1999, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to start up his first real estate company, McKenna Investments. This first company did great for Mark, building up to four or five million dollars over several years. New Orleans was hit by Katrina in 2005 and wrecked much of the assets Mark had gained with his business. Though this was very unlucky for Mark and thousands of others, Mark did not pack up and leave. he stayed behind to rebuild homes and flip properties to rebuild his assets. It wasn’t long before Mark decided to move on and he moved his family to Atlanta, Georgia. After settling down, Dr. Mark McKenna started up another successful business known as ShapeMed. This company was successful for years and even joined up with Life Time Fitness, however, they were bought out by two large private equities.

Dr. Mark McKenna has a new vision these days and it rests with his company OVME. Mark has combined his knowledge of medicine and aesthetic-wellness to a whole new level with this new company. OVME will bring various treatments that are typically only available at a medical office, right to people’s front doors. This is possible because freelance doctors can sign up with OVME and be a part of their app to provide their services to customers throughout Atlanta and Nashville.


My Stream Of Energy: Inspired By Power And Philanthropy

Staying connected to the modern world isn’t just about having digital technology. It’s not enough to secure all of the right accounts online and to protect your passwords. There’s a source of power behind the massive digital transformation occurring in the world. That source of power is now being streamed.

Stream Energy brings together as many energy sources as is possible. This includes wireless signals and emergency medical response. Wireless signals are structuring the modern world and enabling many functions in data. That data processing is being measured as energy also, so Stream enables phones plans and messaging.

Consolidation And A Larger World Plan

The larger plan for world-energy puts together all major energy sources and presents them in one, usable package. Packaging energy is simple. You receive a monthly bill, but one that covers all of the power sources that you consume. You can add them together to create the modern image of energy.

Gas, electricity, cell service and entertainment can all be supplied as one service and through one expert. This consolidation of energy is being modeled by the entire world, and makes your daily use easier, your monthly bill simpler and overall cost lower. The infrastructure needed is minimal, and this works in the public’s favor.

The Simple Steps You Take

Connecting to the modern streams of energy is as simple as registering for home services. Electricity is now consumed daily by society, and accessing a new service is more comprehensible. Stream Energy has done the complicated work for you and has simplified the registration process.

There’s a simpler access you have with energy, and the results can be experienced today. There’s no limit to the transformation that energy is undergoing. Stream Energy has made its adjustments and is in the position to lead the digital transformation ahead. You only have to connect to its source of power once.


Shervin Pishevar Forecasts the Downfall of Monopolies

In a day long tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar outlined many economic problems facing the world. While some of the issues may not seem an imperative, the long-term outlook can be catastrophic. It may all depend on how fast the world advances. There is a chance that his predictions will come to pass in the near term. The reason for this is that the world is already connected. It relies upon innovation to sustain a culturally diverse civilization. Human interaction through emotional media is available to most of the world. Thus, staunching innovation could throw the world into turmoil.

According to Shervin Pishevar, monopolies like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft should be treated like nation-states. They simply have too much influence for the rest of the world to live freely. Oftentimes their influence is unwanted. This may be no more conspicuous than in the struggle to mitigate the sharing of private information. It is not so much that these monopolies save customer information than it is that they profit from its distribution. They do so without compensating their customers. One can even argue that they cost their customers money by acting this way.

Shervin Pishevar believes that monopolies hinder startups from enter the market. This limits the growth of innovation. While needs may be met, cultures and belief system can suffer if a monopolistic agenda asserts itself. This is not an unrealistic future considering the nature of competition and the bottom line. People need to be heard. It is why infants cry out. Even a mother must listen to her child when it needs something. Soulless monopolies cannot treat their customers as dependents and then not listen to them in times of needs. Hindering startups and diversified innovation isolates anyone who is not in line with the corporate agenda.

Overall economic growth is also limited in the Shervin Pishevar monopolistic model. It was much harder for the world to come together in the past. The Internet and mobile devices make global sanctioning by opinion a powerful regulator. This is one way his prediction of the downfall of monopolies may take place.


Jeunesse Global Products Provide Impetus for Customers to Reach Desired Goals

It’s easy to see the pride that Jeunesse Global puts into its products for their customers. There is a thorough amount of detail which is very noticeable when determining the right product to fit a person’s lifestyle. The products give a wide array of functionality for everyone, despite their age, race, gender or ethnicity. Jeunesse Global has put a lot into assuring the customer that the quality expected will be the quality received from its exclusive products.

The cutting-edge platform that allows distributors to reach millions of customers in 110 countries has brought forth several types of products that are completely changing the way people take care of their health, body, and well-being. The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is a contributing factor to customers being able to design programs that fit their for achieving their best life.

Among many great products within the Y.E.S. system is the exceptional and exclusive Luminesce skin care products. The dermatologist-developed product was made to restore a youthful and vibrant skin that allows users to not only look radiant but also feel good with added confidence. Luminesce products give users the ability to maintain smoother and softer looking skin with daily treatments that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The proprietary blend of the APT-200, which is an exclusive Jeunesse blend, reveals a distinctive glow to the skin.

Each of the eight Luminesce products comes with a 30-day trial when purchased in conjunction with the Youth Enhancement System, making it an extraordinary opportunity to have a more youthful-looking appearance every day.

Jeunesse Global was founded by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. They chose to launch the company on September 9, 2009, specifically at 9:00 P.M. to symbolize longevity as the number “nine” represents. The reason behind the symbolization was to remind users of the company’s products to have a zest for life, thrive with tenacity towards their goals, and to live with passion while taking care of their health, body, and well-being.

In 2017, Jeunesse Global was the recipient of several gold and platinum Marcom Awards for exceptional contributions to the online retail industry.



Talk Fusion Changes And Leads The Way In Email Communications

Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion is a term that’s surfacing lately and there’s been a growing, little buzz taking place. So what is Talk Fusion? At its most basic level, Talk Fusion is video email. It would seem that Talk Fusion has reinvented email and it has taken it to a whole new level. Just think about it, there are so many directions that you can now go in to with a video email. From a personal perspective, people who you engage with this communication vehicle, there’s a chance for you to make a more personable and deeper connection. However, when you think about Talk Fusion from a business perspective, a whole world of possibilities open up for everyone. More specifically, Talk Fusion is an all-encompassing video marketing solution for today’s business hurdles professionals face. When you think about it, Talk Fusion is almost a face to face way for you to communicate to consumers, business associates or potential consumers.




Bob Reina created Talk Fusion back in 2007 and his new communication vehicle formulates a new medium that cultivates a dynamic communication environment that makes business professionals content more appealing, meaningful and compelling with the means used to communicate. Just think about the various avenues business professionals can use to Talk Fusion to rise above competition, boost profits and skyrocket sales.




Talk Fusion is a progressive organization who’s revolutionizing the way we think about how we communicate with each other. They are leading the way for video as a front-runner for communication and is truly a prolific, communication tool for business professionals to engage their consumers. Various technologies allow consumers to cut commercials from the entertainment media they consume, Talk Fusion allows business organizations a new avenue to reach current and potential consumers.




Another great thing is that Talk Fusion did not just stop at video email, they raised their offerings to integrating with other platforms such as video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking.




Video emails produced with Talk Fusion products are not static, they are dynamic by allowing businesses to offer any graphic imagery they want to combine in their presentation. In addition, Talk Fusion offers a variety of templates to their consumers to aid them in their pursuits. In addition, the options Talk Fusion offers, allows their consumer to add a text message.




One of the great things about Talk Fusion is that Bob Reina has chosen to market his leading products through a world-wide web of independent marketing, sales associates. Talk Fusion independent marketing sales associates reach over 140 countries. One of the most compelling selling points Talk Fusion offers is they allow for a 30 day free trial for their all in one Video Marketing solution. Talk Fusion has a free trial is open to anyone who wants to sample this great solution and another great thing is that there’s no need for credit card to use of the product.




Not only is Bob Reina is this amazing business innovator who has created great products, but he is this great humanitarian too. Bob Reina has an amazing drive to proactively make an impact to giving back to the community via various charities (world-wide). The charities associated with Bob Reina are in many forms that help animals, friends and family. One of the reasons why Bob Reina is so relatable is that he has a strong online presence from his many online video productions. As a former police person, Bob Reina has demonstrated a strong work ethnic that carried throughout his entrepreneurial career. Learn more:  http://www.talkfusioninstantpay.com/

OSI Group: Bringing New Definition to the Food Processing Industry

OSI Group is the leader in the food processing industry with presence across the globe. It has significant business in all the major economies, excellent range of product portfolio, and an enormous number of customers on the list. Since the firm decided to go for a global expansion in the early 1980s, it was storming across the globe and expanded its product diversity quickly. OSI Group was listed as 58th in the Largest Private Companies in America list prepared by Forbes in 2017. Forbes noted that the Aurora-based company made a revenue of $6.1 billion in the fiscal year ended by December 31, 2016. It also added that the firm which founded in 1909 has over 20,000 employees.

With its high-quality product portfolio, excellence in the processing, best-in-class delivery, and more, the firm has won many industry recognitions and awards. In 2016, the OSI was chosen as the winner of the Globe of Honor Award from the prestigious British Safety Council. The Council has noted that the firm could showcase excellent management of environmental risks. In order to get the Awards, OSI surpassed the audit scheme of the British Safety Council by end-to-end environmental management. The award is also considered as the certification for top-notch quality and safety.

OSI Group is also known for right market strategies to diversify its product portfolio and expand the business across geographies. Acquisitions were one of the best tools used by OSI to go beyond borders and add more product offerings. Especially after 2000, the firm completed numerous acquisitions across the world that gave it a significant presence in all the major markets. In 2016, the firm made a significant acquisition that helped it to expand its presence in Europe. OSI Group announced in mid-2016 that it acquired Baho Food, a prominent maker of convenience food from the Netherlands.

Interestingly, Baho was operating in 18 major European countries under five subsidiaries. It had processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. While declaring the transaction, David G. McDonald, the CEO of OSI Group, confirmed that the deal helped the firm to increase its processing strengths to serve the demanding customers of Europe. In the same year, OSI also acquired a food processing plant, including a warehouse, of Tyson Foods in Chicago. The deal worth $7.4 million was closed in June 2016. The takeover that included nearly 250 employees of Tyson was deemed to ensure the infrastructure support for the growth missions of OSI Group in North America.

The Capabilities That Bob Reina’s Company, Talk Fusion Has

Talk Fusion is a company that’s been around for just over 10 years, but they’re continually joining the wave of the future to make online video communication easier than ever. While video communication has been pretty easy with tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook’s messenger program, sometimes these apps put a lot of overhead on your computer, clog up memory or constantly update when you don’t want them to. Talk Fusion is much easier because it can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores for mobile users, or used easily by regular browser users on desktops or laptops. Talk Fusion basically allows you to start email-to-email video communications without even having to download any software, and the man who came up with this idea is Tampa resident Bob Reina.


Bob Reina was with the Hillsborough County sheriff’s department serving the Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida for over 20 years, but he decided to change his occupation to direct selling because he wanted to set his own schedule. He worked as a sales representative for several companies that all eventually went under until he found the idea for Talk Fusion while vacationing. He had noticed in the age of digital cameras and shooting videos that most video files were too large to email, so he wanted software that could convert those videos into formats that could integrate into emails without taking up space. He and Talk Fusion’s current IT Director Jonathan Chen began working on a program that could do that, and in three years they defied most IT experts who said such a program was not possible to develop. Talk Fusion now had its video email, but in the following years since Reina brought a lot more live video and chat software to the Talk Fusion program suite. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-releases-exclusive-training-program-talk-fusion-university-300478963.html


One of the main benefits to Talk Fusion is how associates in their multilevel marketing program can link customers to their own Talk Fusion sales pages and also recruit new associates and earn commissions doing so. Talk Fusion has tremendous rewards for associates who are successful in a monthly period allowing them to win prizes from expensive jewelry and vintage cars to paid-for vacations in dream destinations. Talk Fusion’s product suite does require a monthly or yearly subscription account for regular use, but customers can signup for a 30-day free trial if they want to test them first.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Brought Help for Minorities

The point of everything Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin did was to help minorities with the issues they were facing. They wanted all the minorities to know they were doing things that would provide them with the positive opportunities they needed.

They also wanted people to realize they were going to do their best to give the industry what they were looking for. All of it went back to the community they had always been a part of and the things they were doing to be successful.

It was how they were going to continue giving attention to others and to the things that were going on around them. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this was a big part of the business. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://james-larkin.com/about/

It was their goal to always give people the assistance they needed but also show them how they would be capable of making their own lives better. The men knew just what it would take and weren’t afraid to make that happen.

When they first started the business, they were just trying to make sure they were doing everything right. They had a lot of inspiration when it came to the business and to the things that were going on in the business. In addition to the issues they were trying to fight, the men knew they would need to keep helping people.

It was their own way of giving everyone the help they needed and the opportunities they could use to make things better. For Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, this was how their business was going to continue to grow in different situations.

As long as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were doing things the right way, they were confident in their skills. They had a lot of help that came from the community and from the options they were taking advantage of.

They had always wanted to show people things would get better and weren’t afraid to continue giving them the options they needed. It all went back to the business and the right way to run the business.

While they did have a lot of help when they first started from settlement money they used, they continue to raise money so they can make a difference for the people who they help.

The Frontera Fund continues to get better as the men make the right decisions to show people how things are going to work in their favor.

Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn