Dr. Chris Villanueva Of MB2 Dental

The dentistry industry is one of the important industries in the world. A visit to a dentist for a patient may look like a good thing, but to the doctor, it might not be the same thing. A patient just needs to identify a professional whom they can visit, and that’s all. For doctors, the profession has more than just treating the patient. Other aspects of management may hinder service delivery to patient. There are administrative duties and nonclinical procedures which a dentist must deal with apart from delivering services in the medical industry. In light of this task, Dr. Chris Villanueva started a business model which would take away the task of managing the business from the dentists leaving them to deal with the important thing in their profession which is delivery of quality services to the patients.

MB2 Dental is the business model which we are talking about here. It is a business model which give power to the dentist to concentrate on services delivery as they seek more knowledge on the same. MB2 Dental plans retreats for professionals in the industry to go on a vacation with their spouses in top tourist destinations. The retreats are supposed to make the dentists bond and enhance the relationships between them. Once there is a good relationship, it will not be a wonder that service delivery will improve as professionals will be cooperating and coming up with better methods of providing professional care to patients.

MB2 Dental is driving is driving an agenda that will see dentist enjoy their job. It will boost personal growth, improve businesses and services and make it fun working in the industry. Dr. Chris Villanueva is focused on improving the relationships between dentists. The business model being run by MB2 Dental is unique and something that not many people has experienced.

MB2 Dental according to Dr. Chris Villanueva aim at making the dentist productive by ensuring that they are working together. He adds that doctors are likely to realize their full potential when they work together than when they are in independent businesses. The leadership which he has offered this business has been the reason it has grown rapidly over the last few years. Currently, it has employed over 500 workers, and it is operating in over 70 locations. With the pace it is growing with, MB2 Dental is expected to be a global business model that will disrupt the whole dentistry industry.

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Equities First Holdings Gives Attention Where People Need It Most

As long as Equities First Holdings knows how to help people and knows what they’re doing to give other people the chance for success, they believe they can keep giving people what they need. When they opened their Australia office, they did it so people would know how to make things better. They also knew everyone was getting positive experience because they spent so much time trying to show them how things would get better. By the time they started doing things that other companies were doing, they were already ahead of them. They didn’t worry about the implications of making sure they could show positive experiences to other people. Instead, they focused on providing others with an experience they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Even when the companies that were similar began failing, Equities First Holdings didn’t have that problem. They already secured position in Australia and knew how to make the most out of it. They also knew things would always get better for them because of the way they did business. They focused on clients instead of focusing on making money. By doing this, they made sure they had the best of everything for all the clients they worked with.

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Mina Ebrahimi – her take on treating employees properly

During the start of a business, most of us are more concerned about the flow of money that the business generates. But unknowingly, we ought to ignore one of the most basic reasons for a positive cash flow and that is having the right people to work for you. Mina Ebrahimi is very serious about this aspect and she makes sure that her staff is always empowered. This is one of the reasons why she has such a loyal and dedicated workforce, having been into 19 years of business. She has always been generous in giving back to her staff and has never lost the sight in doing so. And she goes on to say that it has paid her off in a lot of ways.

She stresses the need of treating your employees properly in order to achieve greater leaps in business. It is your staff that makes your business grow from few hundreds of dollars to maybe millions of dollars or more. Hence it is important that you always keep your staff involved while concentrating on newer ways to scale your business. According to Ms. Ebrahimi, the smiles at her catering business is what keeps her going and gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment. She is a firm believer in the fact that it is employees that create wonders at the workplace and are the magical hands behind its success.

Ms. Ebrahimi also suggests that satisfied employees are likely to perform better and be there for you whenever needed. If they feel appreciated, they are likely to be more productive and contribute in a more seasoned way. This also decreases the attrition in the workplace and also augments the retention which is key to successful businesses. She mentions that retaining employees has lots of advantages; one of them is their quicker and quality delivery and the other is eliminating the time and money that is likely to be spent while hiring new candidates. She says that if your employees are happy, they are likely to promote your organization in a positive way which might assist in bringing in more talent, especially through referrals.


Bob Reina: You Have Arrived

Everyone waits for that moment when they feel like they have arrived in life. It is a tremendous feeling, I can imagine, for a whole host of people. They have worked very hard for a very long time to get to this point. It has not happened overnight, as anything worth having is going to be a little bit of a struggle. Honestly, that is the fun part of it. If something came easy, it would not be any fun when they crossed the finish line. It would feel routine and run of the mill for them. However, when they know they have put their blood, sweat, and tears into it, they know the payoff is going to be magical for them. It is going to be something to truly behold, without question. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/company-profile/employees-biography/82120-1877


Bob Reina has seen it himself with his own career. He was in law enforcement at one point and everyone knows that is not an easy career to get started in that is for sure. It is a noble profession where people are saving lives while also putting their own on the line as well. There is a lot of training that comes with it, and it is not something that is just going to come naturally. Once someone is thrown in the line of duty, they have to rely on all of that training to survive and thrive during the tough times.


Bob Reina is now the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, the award-winning video technology company. It is a tremendous company that is growing each and every day with their video newsletters and video conferences. They are allowing people to put that hard work into motion and see it pay off for them. They are working on something that truly matters to them and means something. It is not just a “job.” They are not just working for the weekend.


They are loving each and every single day on this earth, and they are telling all of their friends and family about how excited they are and how much they are getting out of it.

Meet Gregory Aziz; The Businessman Behind National Steel Car’s Glory

For an engineering company to succeed, it must have an innovative team. On top of that, it must have a leader with great ideas and proper management skills. National Steel Car is an engineering company that specializes in the manufacturing of top quality railroad freight cars. The company is based in North America and has an experience of over ten decades in the competitive industry. Since 1994, the company has been under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz who acquired the engineering company from Dofasco. As the president and CEO at National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz has helped the company grow significantly.


Gregory J. Aziz is a great investor who is hard working and determined to see his investments yield returns. He invested in the freight car manufacturing industry as he knew the potential the industry holds. With top quality freight cars that addressed all the needs of the railcar industry, National Steel Car regained its glory. Greg Aziz has been in the frontline ensuring that the company engineers’ tank and railcars are strong and easy to operate. With his leadership, the company production capacity increased significantly. By 1999, the company’s annual production increased to 12000 cars from 3500. When it comes to the employment capacity of the company, it rose from around 600 to 3000 employees thanks to James Aziz.  See Related Link for additional information.


Apart from increasing employment and manufacturing capacity in the company, Gregory Aziz made sure the number one railcar manufacturer in North America got certification. Thus, the company got more clients and continued to engineer more advanced railroad freight cars. As an excellent engineering company, the company has been honored many times. The engineering company has won the TTX SECO Award consistently since 1996. This award goes to the engineering company that makes railcars of high quality.


Before purchasing National Steel Car, Greg Aziz was a great investor in the New York banking sector. He made huge profits from his investments. He also worked at Affiliated Foods; a family food business. He spearheaded the food business to great heights, and it became a leading importer and distributor of fresh foods in Eastern Canada and the United States. Greg James Aziz attended Ridley College and University of Western Ontario for higher education. Besides being a leader at National Steel Car, he is a great philanthropist who supports the Hamilton community.


Visit: https:/www.facebook.com/public/Greg-Aziz

Robert Deignan Shares His Company Startup Background With Ideamensch

Robert Deignan started a call center based troubleshooting company several years ago known as ATS Digital Services, and it’s become very reputable for repairing computer issues for a variety of customers. Deignan recently made sure the company achieved the AppEsteem certification, a significant certification that adds credibility to software and operating system repair companies. Deignan also spoke to Ideamensch about his role in founding the company and taking it to the level of success that he has.

Robert Deignan says that when he needs a new idea for his company, he has discussion times with his partners, and they often decide on ideas that align with the company’s values and their gut instincts. He said part of running a good company is not just hiring the most qualified people to work with, but hiring the people who buy into your values completely and who treat employees right. Deignan certainly loves reading business leadership books which provide fresh perspectives, and his personal favorite is “Rework.”

Robert Deignan lives in the Miami area of Florida, but he attended Purdue University in the 1990s and actually considered playing professional football for a while including playing punter on the Miami Dolphins for one season. But he decided instead to play pursue an IT business career, and he started off as a sports ticket sales specialist for Fanlink back in the early 2000s. Deignan later got into more of the IT repair field and did technical work for a larger company. It was there that he got the idea for ATS Digital Services while trying to resolve a malware issue for a particular customer.

What ATS Digital Services does is use remote desktop connections while customers call them to resolve PC and Mac computer issues. Usually if there is no sophisticated hardware changes required, this can all be done without the technician ever needing to be there in-person to fix the issue. Outside of running this company, Robert Deignan also is involved with local community activities like youth sports leagues as well well as fishing trips off the Florida coast.


National Steel Car: Receiving Awards and Recognition

The National Steel Car is one of the premier manufacturing companies in Canada. The company was established in 1912, and more than one hundred years later, the company became stronger than ever. The National Steel Car is now under the ownership of Greg Aziz a wealthy individual from London, Ontario, and he is doing an excellent job in transforming the company to become the leading rolling stock manufacturer in North America. The National Steel Car is known for their high-quality rolling stocks that are assembled manually by their 3,500 strong employees who are working inside the company’s various departments.


The National Steel Car is also known for being able to manufacture the highest number of rolling stocks in a single year, at 12,500. This has been the case with the National Steel Car ever since they decided to hire an additional number of workforces immediately after Gregory James Aziz took over. Over the years, award-giving bodies have been made aware by the performance of the National Steel Car, and just recently, they have given the award to Gregory James Aziz. Several award-giving bodies recognized him because of his contribution to the growth of the rolling stock manufacturing company, and his role in transforming the railroad transport industry.


Gregory James Aziz thanked the institution who has given him the award, but he also claimed that his employees should also take the credit because they are the ones who are working hard to create these rolling stock units. Gregory James Aziz would always congratulate his employees every time the National Steel Car bagged an award. He knows that without them, the company would be nothing. Visit This Page for more information.


As a form of appreciation, Gregory James Aziz is giving his employees something in return, like benefits and incentives. The National Steel Car owner knows how to keep his employees, and most of them are satisfied with how Gregory James Aziz is running the company. They also stated that they wouldn’t be leaving the National Steel Car for a long time because of the benefits that they are receiving from the company.


Aside from awards and recognition, The National Steel Car is also a recipient of the quality certification seal. They were given the ISO: 9001 certifications about representatives from the organization reviewed the company as a whole. They were impressed by how the company is run, and they gave the award to Gregory James Aziz.


See: https://www.steelcar.com/

Find Out How to Easily Take Out Loans for Projects in Seconds Using GreenSky Credit, Investor Sahm Adrangi Reveals Details

Let’s say you’re in a situation where you have a contractor in your living room, he’s proposing a $10,000 job for home-improvement.

It’s something you need to do, but you don’t know how you are going to pay for it. Then he offers a way to finance it in an affordable way. The way he does it is by scanning your driver’s license barcode on the back. Not even a minute later, there’s a loan waiting for you, it’s not just pre-approved but genuinely approved. This means no payments and no interest for the initial year. In the end, you sign his contract.

This is the strategy that the business GreenSky Credit incorporates, investor Sahm Adrangi notes. This $3.6 billion firm allows dealers to finish trades by coupling buyers with creditors at the times of transaction. This business from Atlanta just came out of the blue and is now ranked third in the U.S. by appraisal. That’s out of all financial technology firms which are privately owned and funded by venture financiers. Sahm Adrangi highlighted that the placement is in accordance to CB Insights, an index which also placed SoFi and Stripe in front of GreenSky LLC on its rank of “fintech unicorns.”

The person who owns the lion’s share of GreenSky Credit, David Zalik, has been on the media’s radar. He relocated to Alabama from Israel with his family at four years old. He ended up skipping high school and then started at Auburn University at 14 years of age. Soon after, he dropped out to concentrate on a computer-assemblage business which he created himself. Evading the public eye is starting to be more difficult for Zalik. In September, Fifth Third Bancorp declared a union with GreenSky Credit and also purchased a $50 million share which denotes an overall price of $3.6 billion for Zalik’s business which is a big win for investors like Sahm Adrangi.

What’s the method that they use? GreenSky Credit doesn’t simply generate loans. Rather, it enlists dealers who market high-ticket merchandise like home improvement projects such as window installations, different types of siding, or kitchen remodeling. Sahm Adrangi said that it then finds the right set of banks who are willing and able to give loans to approved buyers with the merchant. GreenSky doesn’t do business with overextended recipients. Zalik mentioned the majority of its clients withdraw loans for ease of use instead of necessity.


Elysium Health and Basis

Elysium Health was co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, who wanted to focus on improving the lives of people today through his research. The company’s research is guided by its scientific advisory board, which is made up of world-class scientists and clinicians from prestigious academic institutions. Dr. Guarente himself has conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging during his career as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Elysium Health translates advances in technology and science to create clinically-validated health products that work.

Most of us work at a desk, in front of a computer, which makes us strive to be healthier outside the office. We associate that with exercise and diet, but often not with cellular health. Supplements can go a long way to improve your well-being even further, after you’ve established good exercise and dietary habits.

Basis is a supplement created by Elysium Health to support cellular health. Nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene are the two ingredients that make up Basis. When combined together, the two increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. NAD+ plays is essential to  many of our cellular functions such as DNA health and circadian rhythms. NAD+ declines in levels as we age, and those processes stop functioning.

Elysium Health decided to put Basis through a clinical trial in order to ensure its effectiveness. The results of the trial showed that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent over the course of several weeks.

Elysium Health sells Basis on its website. Each jar of Basis contains 60 capsules, which is enough for 30 days’ worth of daily intake. As a result, the company sells the supplement in a variety of monthly subscriptions. You can buy a single jar of Basis for $60, but choosing a monthly delivery offers significant savings.


Louis Chenevert leaves a legacy

Louis Chenevert is a household name in the business world, Louis first education achievement was from the University of Montreal where he attained a bachelors in business administration. Soon after completing his first degree Louis sort to practice what he had learned and he joined a general motors firm, in this firm Louis worked for almost 14 years. He then got an opportunity to work at Pratt and Whitney, and here he was appointed as the vice president and later as the president. Louis’ business skills are exceptional, and everything he touches turns to gold.

This is evident from the responsibilities he has received in different organizations. In 2006 Louis moved to UTC where he was appointed to work as the chief operating officer. This opportunity has given him the platform to change the aerospace industry.

Additionally, Louis has also worked in different organizations in different capacities. But the most recognized contribution was at UTC. In a sit-down, Louis explains how he got the idea to merge to different ideas from Pratt and Whitney and some of the habits that have contributed to him staying at the top.

Louis Chenevert first confesses that working in a global organization, people will pitch different ideas to you, and some might be implemented immediately, but others need time and development to produce best results. While working at Pratt and Whitney, Louis recognized the GTF engine. He, however, did not act upon the idea he had at that time, but he knew that this engine would turn out to be something big in the future. As soon as he joined UTC and made his observations he knew that marrying what he had at his disposal at UTC and using the knowledge he had gained earlier at Pratt and Whitney would be a game changer, his predictions were correct since UTC is one of the most prominent aerospace providers in the world. It is a globally recognized company all over the world.

Over his years as a leader, Louis has displayed admirable leadership skills, one of the things he believes will help you to achieve your goals is working closely with your team members, be a team player. This will help the company to overcome challenges.