Jeunesse Global Products Provide Impetus for Customers to Reach Desired Goals

It’s easy to see the pride that Jeunesse Global puts into its products for their customers. There is a thorough amount of detail which is very noticeable when determining the right product to fit a person’s lifestyle. The products give a wide array of functionality for everyone, despite their age, race, gender or ethnicity. Jeunesse Global has put a lot into assuring the customer that the quality expected will be the quality received from its exclusive products.

The cutting-edge platform that allows distributors to reach millions of customers in 110 countries has brought forth several types of products that are completely changing the way people take care of their health, body, and well-being. The Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is a contributing factor to customers being able to design programs that fit their for achieving their best life.

Among many great products within the Y.E.S. system is the exceptional and exclusive Luminesce skin care products. The dermatologist-developed product was made to restore a youthful and vibrant skin that allows users to not only look radiant but also feel good with added confidence. Luminesce products give users the ability to maintain smoother and softer looking skin with daily treatments that help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The proprietary blend of the APT-200, which is an exclusive Jeunesse blend, reveals a distinctive glow to the skin.

Each of the eight Luminesce products comes with a 30-day trial when purchased in conjunction with the Youth Enhancement System, making it an extraordinary opportunity to have a more youthful-looking appearance every day.

Jeunesse Global was founded by business partners Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. They chose to launch the company on September 9, 2009, specifically at 9:00 P.M. to symbolize longevity as the number “nine” represents. The reason behind the symbolization was to remind users of the company’s products to have a zest for life, thrive with tenacity towards their goals, and to live with passion while taking care of their health, body, and well-being.

In 2017, Jeunesse Global was the recipient of several gold and platinum Marcom Awards for exceptional contributions to the online retail industry.


I Like to Shine with Lime Crime

I had been looking around for just the perfect make-up products for quite some time without much luck. What’s a girl to do? I realize make-up and “looking good” are very subjective topics, but I am of the belief that a woman knows when she has found the beauty products she has been looking for. I have discovered in Lime Crime a line of products that women can believe in with confidence that they will be getting top-line quality with excellent selections.


I discovered Lime Crime make-up products through word-of-mouth recommendations initially. We were at a baby shower for my cousin, and of course at some point the topic of skin care and beauty products came up. I listened intently to opinions and experiences from my family members and friends attending, and this company was the name I kept hearing brought up again and again. Everything I heard from these testimonials was so positive that I just had to check things out for myself, so I went home after the festivities to see if it was all too good to be true.


Getting on the company’s user-friendly website, I noticed what a wide array of products Lime Crime carries and offers to its customers. Wow! So much to take in and be impressed by at once! Products that caught my attention initially were aquarium glittering make-up brush sets, mermaid sparkling highlighter sets, and moonlight mermaid bundle collector sets. I also was relieved to discover the website also had plentiful instructional videos for clients needing assistance on how to apply/wear their line of products. Now that feature hooked me. I knew I was one step closer to channeling my inner mermaid, even I am a mermaid with a few extra nautical years on me.


Look into one of their products that I found so novel and effective. Unicorn Hair (who is going to forget that name?) is a hyper-performance, semi-permanent hair color product that can make you look like a unicorn. This stuff is professional quality, conditioning hair dye that will look like a professional applied it. Get some today!

Express Yourself With Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime is a cruelty free makeup company that offers a wide selection of products including lipstick, hair color, eyeshadow, highlighter, nail polish, and makeup brushes. Each product is made in their signature colorful style. This indie company is known for being unique and of the highest quality.


Unicorn Hair is one Lime Crime’s most popular products. It is a fantasy hair color is semi-permanent, meaning it will eventually be washed out. It a vegetable dye that promises to fade out evenly and beautifully. Not only does it add a pop of color to your hair, it conditions and restores it as well. This dye doesn’t contain any harmless chemicals like bleach so it can be used safely.


The M$LF lipstick bundle is another popular Lime Crime product. The liquid lip product is applied evenly to pre-balm lips and allowed to dry. It lasts all day and will not rub off like a regular lipstick. The Velvetine set comes in modern, neutral tones that work well for an everyday look but can also be transformed into a heavier nighttime look.


Hi-Lite, also known as the highlighter for unicorns, leaves an iridescent glow on the skin. This is by far the most popular product that this company provides. This highlighter differs from others on the market by blending into the skin and look natural while still popping. The palettes are available in a variety of shades that are flattering on all types of skin tones. It can be applied over foundation or on bare skin—either way, it is sure to be a confidence boost.


Being cruelty free and vegan, this brand is health and socially conscience. Lime Crime strives to provide a wide range of products for all people. This brand encourages people to wear their personalities for all to see and promotes positive self expression.