Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and The Real Life Parallelism Sean Penn Uses For His Debut Novel

Sean Penn’s new novel has taken a lot of people’s attention, often against their will. Sean Penn’s appeal as an actor has long been established, and such star appeal may have been what contributed to the sensational attention that people have given for his debut novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.



It’s a novel that cannot be summarized. It’s also a book that’s been compared with other notable works of famous and inventive writers, including Thomas Pynchon and Sarah Silverman. However, this may not be something that Sean Penn agrees with. To know more about this, book reviews of Sean Penn’s novel coming from Entertainment Weekly (EW) and USA Today could be two of the most authoritative sources to consult.



In EW, it is described that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff could have been a slimmer book and was supposed to be an audiobook. It’s supposed to be narrated under Sean Penn’s pseudonym, Pappy Pariah. It is also a novel that’s regarded by many as an impressive intellectual comment about what’s happening in the United States today.


The references made in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff are succinct, precise descriptions and allusions to the chaotic political landscape that the country faces today. Needless to say, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff contains the worldview of Sean Penn. Asked to comment on whether he agreed with this, he declared that the best way to analyze his new novel is to just read it as it is: an entertaining read, and not something that comments on the national politics of the country.



EW also described Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to be a menacing description of a dystopia starring a hitman named Bob who happens to also be a sewage company employee. The book is seen to be flawed, but it could be a stylistic decision that plays well in the end, as far as Penn’s intentions are concerned.



USA TODAY, on the other hand, sees Penn’s new novel as a freaky dystopian novel with the outspoken and matter-of-fact attitude and sensibility that Penn has been long known for in his career as an artist. It is also revealed in the feature that while there’s clunkiness in the style of Penn as a writer, it’s still ripe with intriguing set pieces that are too timely and relevant to real life to ignore.