Why Ricardo Tosto Is A Hero

Ricardo Tosto is known for his success as an attorney. He owns the best law firm in the state. It is encouraging to note that he began small and worked hard to become the prominent individual he is today.

Ricardo Tosto does not leave until his clients get justice. He offers the best defense and works to see that the clients get what the courts rules. He has been able to be successful in cases that no other prominent law firm could have considered taking leading to the high standards of the law firm.

Ricardo Tosto’s law firm has 500 team members. Most of them are associates and interns. They look up to him as their role model. He is the law idol in Brazil. Lucky for them, Ricardo Tosto takes his time to train them and help them know the secrets of being a lawyer.

To understand why Ricardo Tosto is discussed a lot for being successful in Brazil, you may need to know the law statistics in Brazil. The state of Brazil has the highest number of lawyers in the world. This is because it is the most embraced career in the country. It pays well, and there are enough clients because the state has more than 200 million citizens.

Well, that is not the point, the point is despite the big number of schools offering law, only a third of the graduated lawyers are certified. More than three million graduated defenders remain uncertified. Some of this lawyers are uncertified because the bar association board not approve the standards of the schools they attended. Others failed the bar examinations, which is taken after the law degree. It is mandatory to take and pass the exam to be a qualified practitioner in Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto has been able to get past all these stages to become the prestigious lawyer he is today.

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