Dr. Chris Villanueva Of MB2 Dental

The dentistry industry is one of the important industries in the world. A visit to a dentist for a patient may look like a good thing, but to the doctor, it might not be the same thing. A patient just needs to identify a professional whom they can visit, and that’s all. For doctors, the profession has more than just treating the patient. Other aspects of management may hinder service delivery to patient. There are administrative duties and nonclinical procedures which a dentist must deal with apart from delivering services in the medical industry. In light of this task, Dr. Chris Villanueva started a business model which would take away the task of managing the business from the dentists leaving them to deal with the important thing in their profession which is delivery of quality services to the patients.

MB2 Dental is the business model which we are talking about here. It is a business model which give power to the dentist to concentrate on services delivery as they seek more knowledge on the same. MB2 Dental plans retreats for professionals in the industry to go on a vacation with their spouses in top tourist destinations. The retreats are supposed to make the dentists bond and enhance the relationships between them. Once there is a good relationship, it will not be a wonder that service delivery will improve as professionals will be cooperating and coming up with better methods of providing professional care to patients.

MB2 Dental is driving is driving an agenda that will see dentist enjoy their job. It will boost personal growth, improve businesses and services and make it fun working in the industry. Dr. Chris Villanueva is focused on improving the relationships between dentists. The business model being run by MB2 Dental is unique and something that not many people has experienced.

MB2 Dental according to Dr. Chris Villanueva aim at making the dentist productive by ensuring that they are working together. He adds that doctors are likely to realize their full potential when they work together than when they are in independent businesses. The leadership which he has offered this business has been the reason it has grown rapidly over the last few years. Currently, it has employed over 500 workers, and it is operating in over 70 locations. With the pace it is growing with, MB2 Dental is expected to be a global business model that will disrupt the whole dentistry industry.

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