The Impact OSI Food Solutions In The Food Processing Industry

The production of meat products has gone a notch higher across the world today. Many companies with interests in meat production have developed, making competition quite stiffer than it was several years ago. However, some companies such as OSI Food Solutions have realized that quality matters a lot when it comes to determining a niche. The product offerings this company produces have a wider portfolio. The company is known to produce novelty foods like hot dogs and other products like sausage, chicken, pork, and beef. Although there are other companies in the US producing meat products, OSI is the largest.

You can’t talk of the top 100 meat product producers in the United States, and you don’t mention OSI Food Solutions. Any growing company announces something new it is doing, or it intends to do. One of the announcements the OSI Food Solutions was about purchasing Tyson Food Group, a Chicago chicken production plant. The company also announced its Toledo facility was under a major and expansive process. This would help OSI company to double the chicken products it used to produce. OSI also announced it bought Baho Foods. These three announcements indicated the company had attained incredible growth.

Although OSI Food Solutions has been leading the market, its efforts to stay ahead cannot be wished away. Its main aim is to ensure it meets the needs of its consumers in the meat industry. Many people in countries such as Portugal and Spain are heavy consumers of chicken products. This has led to the increased demand of the chicken products in these countries. The company realized 8 percent increased growth in 2017. OSI Food Solutions projects an increased future growth and demand for its products.

The company invested 17 million dollars in its Toledo facility to ensure remarkable expansion. In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the company a Globe of Honor Award. This came as a result of the company’s excellent management. The environment management of this company was found excellent from the shop floor to its boardroom. The company has been committed to excellent food products from 1989 to date. Western fast food chains like Hut, Pizza, Starbucks, Subway, and Papa John’s know OSI Food as their main meat supplier. The company has managed to supply its meat products in China, and it looks forward to expanding. The company also produces private label foods and co-packs brand name in its facilities.

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