Meet Gregory Aziz; The Businessman Behind National Steel Car’s Glory

For an engineering company to succeed, it must have an innovative team. On top of that, it must have a leader with great ideas and proper management skills. National Steel Car is an engineering company that specializes in the manufacturing of top quality railroad freight cars. The company is based in North America and has an experience of over ten decades in the competitive industry. Since 1994, the company has been under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz who acquired the engineering company from Dofasco. As the president and CEO at National Steel Car, Greg James Aziz has helped the company grow significantly.


Gregory J. Aziz is a great investor who is hard working and determined to see his investments yield returns. He invested in the freight car manufacturing industry as he knew the potential the industry holds. With top quality freight cars that addressed all the needs of the railcar industry, National Steel Car regained its glory. Greg Aziz has been in the frontline ensuring that the company engineers’ tank and railcars are strong and easy to operate. With his leadership, the company production capacity increased significantly. By 1999, the company’s annual production increased to 12000 cars from 3500. When it comes to the employment capacity of the company, it rose from around 600 to 3000 employees thanks to James Aziz.  See Related Link for additional information.


Apart from increasing employment and manufacturing capacity in the company, Gregory Aziz made sure the number one railcar manufacturer in North America got certification. Thus, the company got more clients and continued to engineer more advanced railroad freight cars. As an excellent engineering company, the company has been honored many times. The engineering company has won the TTX SECO Award consistently since 1996. This award goes to the engineering company that makes railcars of high quality.


Before purchasing National Steel Car, Greg Aziz was a great investor in the New York banking sector. He made huge profits from his investments. He also worked at Affiliated Foods; a family food business. He spearheaded the food business to great heights, and it became a leading importer and distributor of fresh foods in Eastern Canada and the United States. Greg James Aziz attended Ridley College and University of Western Ontario for higher education. Besides being a leader at National Steel Car, he is a great philanthropist who supports the Hamilton community.


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