Co-Founder Of Tempus Labs Eric Lefkofsky Cares About Patients And Their Loved Ones

Tempus Labs is a technology company based out of Chicago, Illinois that uses data they have acquired to help personalize cancer care for cancer patients. With the data, they have acquired they are able to not only personalize cancer care but work towards finding more efficient ways to help take care of cancer in patients who not only are already receiving care but for people who may need care in the future. Not only is Tempus Labs using the funding they receive to try and find better ways to give patients treatment but also using the resources they have to develop lifelong relationships between them and their patients, as well as their patients, loved ones.

Unlike other technology companies that work towards helping cancer patients, Tempus Labs mission in helping patients is not to make money but instead to care for cancer patients and their loved ones. This alone makes them one of the most unselfish companies around because they have an honest and well thought out plan to be there for their patients through hard times versus other companies just trying to make as much money as they can off of cancer patients.

Tempus Labs Co-founder Eric Lefkofsky is a major asset to Tempus Labs when it comes to helping patients and their family deal with not only the financial stress that cancer can bring to a person and their family but also the emotional stress it can cause. Not only has he made it a mission to care more about patients rather than money but he has the first-hand experience in helping a loved one go through cancer treatment which is what makes Tempus Labs overall better than most of the other cancer research technology labs out there.

Tempus Labs currently has over 400 employees and is continuing to add more and more employees to their experienced team each day. According to co-founder Lefkofsky, they add about 30 new employees to their growing team each month. They are hoping to grow that number of 30 new employees a month to a higher number as they continue to receive more funding.

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