How Peter Briger Helps Fortress Investment Group Capitalize On Credit

Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. It is based in New York City and in 2011 they opened a new office in San Francisco followed by ones in Singapore and Shanghai. Peter Briger is a key member of the management of this company. He joined in 2002 in New York and then moved to the San Francisco office when it opened. He started out as a principal at this company. He was brought in to join the team due to his great success working at Goldman Sachs. In his new position at this company he was able to exploit his extensive knowledge about the Asian financial market and who the leaders were of it.

About five years after Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group it went public. He had a big hand in the success that led to this initial public offering. Fortress Investment Group was the first private equity firm to go public and this greatly increased its profile. Companies in private equity had always preferred to stay private in the past as when a company goes public they have to have a level of transparency that many in this industry shun.

In 2017 Fortress Investment Group was bought out by SoftBank Group Corporation. This Japanese company decided to keep the management of this company exactly the same as before which means Peter Briger continues to be a principal. Along with the other two principals of this firm, Wes Eden and Randal Nardone, they split $1.39 billion as a result of this sale. SoftBank wants to create a leadership position in the information revolution and Fortress Investment Group is a key component of that.

Peter Briger heads the Credit Division of Fortress Investment Group. They have eight funds in total with two of them being Fortress Japan Opportunity Funds and Drawbridge Real Asset Funds. He leads these funds as the chief investment officer along with Dean Dakolias, another longtime leader at this company. They invest in illiquid and distressed credit investments as well as assets that are undervalued in nature.

As a graduate of Princeton University, Peter Briger has a seat on the board of the Princeton University Investment Company. Once he moved to San Francisco he started to get involved in few charities that help low-income people there. This includes Tipping Point and Caliber Schools, the latter one being a charter school network focused on teaching students from low-income households.

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