My Stream Of Energy: Inspired By Power And Philanthropy

Staying connected to the modern world isn’t just about having digital technology. It’s not enough to secure all of the right accounts online and to protect your passwords. There’s a source of power behind the massive digital transformation occurring in the world. That source of power is now being streamed.

Stream Energy brings together as many energy sources as is possible. This includes wireless signals and emergency medical response. Wireless signals are structuring the modern world and enabling many functions in data. That data processing is being measured as energy also, so Stream enables phones plans and messaging.

Consolidation And A Larger World Plan

The larger plan for world-energy puts together all major energy sources and presents them in one, usable package. Packaging energy is simple. You receive a monthly bill, but one that covers all of the power sources that you consume. You can add them together to create the modern image of energy.

Gas, electricity, cell service and entertainment can all be supplied as one service and through one expert. This consolidation of energy is being modeled by the entire world, and makes your daily use easier, your monthly bill simpler and overall cost lower. The infrastructure needed is minimal, and this works in the public’s favor.

The Simple Steps You Take

Connecting to the modern streams of energy is as simple as registering for home services. Electricity is now consumed daily by society, and accessing a new service is more comprehensible. Stream Energy has done the complicated work for you and has simplified the registration process.

There’s a simpler access you have with energy, and the results can be experienced today. There’s no limit to the transformation that energy is undergoing. Stream Energy has made its adjustments and is in the position to lead the digital transformation ahead. You only have to connect to its source of power once.

Alex Pall Leads The Chainsmokers To Global Success

Millions of us dream of turning our hobby into a successful career but few of us can claim to have as much success as The Chainsmokers Alex Pall in doing so. Now one of the most famous recording groups in the world, The Chainsmokers began life as a weekend project of Pall and a DJ friend who would tour the bars and clubs of New York creating music as a part-time addition to their everyday jobs.

Alex Pall has explained in various interviews his love of performing and the need to create electronic music soon became all-consuming and took over his day job to such an extent he was concentrating on his DJ work rather than his nine to five employment. In 2012, the dream looked to be over when the first DJ collaborator of Alex Pall decided to leave the band at a time when the New York-based musician was working closely with a management team to extend the reach of the band. In Maine, Andrew Taggart had just left college and was dreaming of a musical career when he was put into contact with Alex Pall by a member of Pall’s management group.

Alex Pall now believes the arrival of Andrew Taggart as a member of The Chainsmokers pushed him to quit his day job and make a full-time career out of what was then simply a DJ duo. The pair worked every day to create new music and a distinctive style which has led to them stepping out from behind the DJ booth and becoming known performers in their own right. As Alex Pall explains, very few people recognise the world’s most successful DJ’s as they are often pushed into the background by more famous guest performers on their tracks; to avoid a similar fate, The Chainsmokers have sung on their own recordings and are working hard to develop a live show which places them at the forefront of each and every performance.


WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is a blockchain platform under OPSkins. It is a marketplace laid on the bases of smart contracts that allows sellers and buyers to trade efficiently virtual assets. WAX solves fraud and fragmentation which are the biggest problems in markets dealing with virtual assets. WAX allows its users to sell and buy virtual goods instantaneously without clicking their game off. OPSkins is a global leading firm that deals with virtual assets sales. It is also a top firm in the crypto currency market dealing with bitcoin.

Malcolm CasSelle is WAX’s president and OPSkins CIO. In the year 1995, he co founded NetNoir and also worked as CTO of the company. In 1998 to 2002, Malcolm CasSelle worked as Pacific Century Cyberworks CEO’s advisor and as Vice president of the same company. In 2006 to 2013, he served in Capital Union firm based in Hong Kong as director and was in charge of private investments. In 2012 he served at Xfire, a global network for video games, as the CEO. In 2013, Malcolm CasSelle worked as MediaPass CEO and in the same year he co-founded the Timeline Labs, a company that dealt with software that tracked social media activities. In 2014, SeaChange International acquired Timeline Labs, and after the two companies merged, Malcolm CasSelle worked as General Manger and Vice President. In 2016 February Malcolm CasSelle was allotted Tribune publishing CTO. In 2017 he became WAX and OPSkins president and CIO respectively.

Besides that, Malcolm CasSelle has for a long period been a dynamic investor in firms like Zynga and Facebook and also a contributor in blockchain verticals and other big data. Malcolm CasSelle was born and bred in Pennsylvania and attended his high school in Southern Lehigh. He then joined Technology Institute of Massachusetts for his B.S in computer and University of Stamford for M.S in computer. He speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.

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Kamil Idris – Director-General Of World Intellectual Property Organization

The Director-general of World Intellectual Property Organization, headquartered in Geneva is Dr. Kamil Idris. The method by which companies redistribute their manufacturing of goods and how they administer their supply chains is greatly influenced by globalization. As the operations of corporations become more widespread, companies are moving their business to other countries.


In an interview, Dr. Kamil Idris was asked what approach should be used to create an exclusive system to increase and promote local economies. What advice does the World Intellectual Property Organization have, for upcoming deploying destinations?


According to Dr. Kamil Idris, the psychological or Intellectual Property is an essential means for advancement, especially in a financial framework in education or ability. Ideas and information are the things that steer the economy into expanding growth. This idea is applicable to all countries worldwide.


Dr. Kamil Idris, states that according to how this approach is used and converted into benefits that are practical, is decisive and is affected by many factors which include the country goals and their policy. The political commitment to a country’s level of knowledge of the possibility of the IP system, and the need for dignity IP rights, in all areas of society, the factional and legislative framework that is accessible, the amount of proficient IP, including the continuation of an environmental policy, inspires creativity and innovation.

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When asked about the pitfalls of Intellectual Property that results in globalization, Dr. Kamil Idris believes the pitfalls of Intellectual Property are a consequence of globalization. These consequences can be pointed out as counterfeiting, piracy and escalation backlogs in the manufacturing of patent operations. Another pitfall is due to globalization. More attention and resources should be provided for IP training and the advancement of patent applications.


Globalization focuses on more attention and resources, and IP training is not addressed. More focus should be to discuss IP development and human backing.


Dr. Kamil Idris was a Candidate for the Presidency in Sudan Kamil Eltayeb Idris. He was born on August 26, 1954. Dr. Kamil Idres attended Cairo University in Egypt and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Economic Theories, and Political Science.

Shervin Pishevar Forecasts the Downfall of Monopolies

In a day long tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar outlined many economic problems facing the world. While some of the issues may not seem an imperative, the long-term outlook can be catastrophic. It may all depend on how fast the world advances. There is a chance that his predictions will come to pass in the near term. The reason for this is that the world is already connected. It relies upon innovation to sustain a culturally diverse civilization. Human interaction through emotional media is available to most of the world. Thus, staunching innovation could throw the world into turmoil.

According to Shervin Pishevar, monopolies like Amazon, Alphabet, Apple, and Microsoft should be treated like nation-states. They simply have too much influence for the rest of the world to live freely. Oftentimes their influence is unwanted. This may be no more conspicuous than in the struggle to mitigate the sharing of private information. It is not so much that these monopolies save customer information than it is that they profit from its distribution. They do so without compensating their customers. One can even argue that they cost their customers money by acting this way.

Shervin Pishevar believes that monopolies hinder startups from enter the market. This limits the growth of innovation. While needs may be met, cultures and belief system can suffer if a monopolistic agenda asserts itself. This is not an unrealistic future considering the nature of competition and the bottom line. People need to be heard. It is why infants cry out. Even a mother must listen to her child when it needs something. Soulless monopolies cannot treat their customers as dependents and then not listen to them in times of needs. Hindering startups and diversified innovation isolates anyone who is not in line with the corporate agenda.

Overall economic growth is also limited in the Shervin Pishevar monopolistic model. It was much harder for the world to come together in the past. The Internet and mobile devices make global sanctioning by opinion a powerful regulator. This is one way his prediction of the downfall of monopolies may take place.

Richard Dwayne Blair: Investing For Your Financial Future

If you are considering investing or saving money for your future, you need to get professional help. Investment advisors and financial planners have great expertise in helping clients to secure their financial future.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a track record of providing the highest quality investment advice and guidance and can recommend the best retirement plan for you. Numerous clients rave about the outstanding guidance they have received from Richard Dwayne Blair.

Investment advisory and financial planning are highly sought after services and you need to choose the right firm or professional for your needs. There are many firms and professionals that offer these services but it is extremely important to go with someone who is well known for delivering top notch service to clients and will want to guide you throughout the process.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an expert in investing and financial planning and has a great reputation in the industry. Richard Dwayne Blair has access to industry resources and connections to ensure the best possible services to clients.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly trusted professional and he takes the time to ensure that his clients receive the information and service they need to reach their goals and secure their financial future.

Investing is not an easy venture and people need someone who can walk them through the entire process. They want to rely on a professional who is passionate about helping them to succeed in their endeavor.

Having a strong relationship with clients is one of the top priorities of Richard Dwayne Blair. He takes the time to understand his clients’ financial status and goals and then implements appropriate strategies to help them succeed.

Many people benefit tremendously from the investment and wealth building advice and guidance provided by Richard Dwayne Blair.

Whether you want to plan for your children’s education or you want to invest for retirement, Richard Dwayne Blair has the talent and experience to guide until you reach your goal.


NGP VAN Tips for Organizing a Rally

NGP is an organization that was formed after Voter Activation Network and NGP software merged together. The company’s goal is to help organize political campaigns. They assist political campaigns and other such ventures with utilizing modern technology to have the strongest results for their objectives. Networking and fundraising tools are utilized by NGP to help campaigns. NGP has a few tips on how to have a successful and organized rally.


Goals and Objectives

Have a concise and clear objective. It’s expensive and involves using a lot of time to have multiple rallies. They’re worth it because it gets attention, donations, and volunteers for a candidate, but you have to have a plan to make it a true success.



Organization is important for a rally. Pick the right location for the rally event. Select a location with plenty of parking and easy access for attendees and media. Ensure You want a place that is easy to find and big enough for a large crowd. Check that the sound system is up and ready so there isn’t tech difficulties. Prepare for the event to be visually strong. Make sure the speakers are camera ready and the backdrop is properly prepared.



As with every event, make sure to market your rally. Create an eye catching advertisement. Use social media, flyers, posters, invite literally everyone you know, and contact the local press. This way your rally will have a far larger turn out than what you would get from limited marketing.


Utilize the Energy for Your Objective

Use the energy of the rally to successfully push for a campaign. Make sure to take names for volunteers of anyone interested in helping out. Obtain contact information from supporters, like NGP VAN software allows, who are interested in being involved or donating.

Michael Lacey Speaks His Mind About Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Pardon

Joe Arpaio is a convicted criminal who was pardoned by President Donald Trump in November 2017. He used to be the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona and was convicted by a judge for criminal contempt.

In 2007 a federal judge had ordered him to stop racially profiling minorities, specifically Latinos, and he ignored this order and directed his deputies to do the same.

Trump pardoning Joe Arpaio wasn’t a surprise to anyone since Arpaio had been one of his earliest supporters and had also supported Donald Trump’s long-since discredited “birther” claims about former President Barack Obama.

Because of the pardon, Joe Arpaio escaped punishment for his crimes. He was to be sentenced a few weeks after his conviction but the day after he was convicted Trump had pardoned him.

After the pardon was issued United States District Judge Susan Bolton legally validated this pardon.

As sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio had been involved in many illegal acts. One of the more infamous of these was when he had two executives in the publishing industry, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, arrested in the middle of the night at their respective homes.

When they were guiding the Phoenix New Times, an independent newspaper, they relentlessly focused on then-Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the many scandals he was involved in, many of which they uncovered.

When talking about the presidential pardon, Michael Lacey commented that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had it exactly right when he called Donald Trump a moron because him pardoning Joe Arpaio proved that point beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Michael Lacey listed some of the many horrible things that Joe Arpaio had done during his time as sheriff before he was finally voted out of office. He pointed to brutal jail conditions and an outdoor tent city which Joe Arpaio enjoyed referring to as his very own “concentration camp”.

In addition to treating Latinos like sub-humans Arpaio was also implicated for financial crimes. He apparently diverter over $100 million that was supposed to be for the jails under his control. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It was in 1970 that the Phoenix New Times was first published. Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin established this newspaper, along with others, in the aftermath of the Kent State shootings where police officers had opened fire on protesting students.

Over time they bought additional independent newspapers in other cities. The umbrella business that owned all of these newspapers is Village Voice Media. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey built a network of 13 newspapers over time.

When Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were swiftly released from prison after their illegal arrests orchestrated by Joe Arpaio they sued the country for violating their free speech rights.

There were appeals that stretched the case out for a few years but eventually they prevailed in court. They were awarded $3.75 million by the judge. In order to do good with this money, they established the Frontera Fund which helps Latino nonprofits in the state of Arizona.

David Samadi the Urologist

David Samadi is highly experienced and highly qualified surgeon. He is also the chairman of urology, chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill hospital. Mr. David is a qualified urologist who focuses on treating some diseases. These diseases include urologic ailments, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and prostate cancer. David was born and brought up the Jewish community in Iran. In 1994 David graduated with a M.D. at Stony Brook School of Medicine.

David`s compassion and his dedication toward his work have made him a hero in treating prostate cancer. David became a hero after conducting 7000 robotic prostate surgeries and more that turned to be successful. This achievement made David Samadi turn as the best surgeon in the world. It has always been David`s desire and dream to help all men who had prostate cancer to live a normal and a quality life even after going through a surgery. David is also known as the only surgeon in the world who can perform the SMART surgery using the technique known as da Vinci robotic system.

In New York, David is one of the best leading prostate surgeons. David Samadi is one of the members of American Medical Association and American Urologic Association. David does his research that helps with knowledge of these diseases. He can examine and detect a patient with the disease at its early stage. He is also able to learn on the tactic to treat prostate cancer. He shares his finding all over the world through the media, and that is why he is a medical correspondent.

Robotic surgery is the future medicine of prostate cancer. Mr. David advises men to go and get tested for prostate cancer because the early the disease is detected early it gets cured. In July 2015 Samadi had to travel to Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus to perform surgeries and educate others doctors about robotic surgery. David`s good work has been reported in many medical magazines websites and also on the internet. He is a surgeon who has a good reputation due to his good and genuine deeds toward his patients. His compassion and dedication towards his career have made him famous.

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The Amazing Accomplishments Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello, a renowned American entrepreneur, was born and raised in New Jersey. Even though he just attended a local public school, he got recognition for his outstanding maths abilities. As a result, Mr. Petrello was offered a scholarship at Yale University to advance his knowledge on the subject. At Yale University, Tony performed well and graduated with both masters and bachelors. Serge Lang asked for Petrello’s assistance on various theoretical tasks at the university. Mostly, Tony could handle the complex theorems that were quite challenging to most students. Petrello was a fascinating individual who was outgoing and had a great sense of humor. While still at Yale, Tony Petrello was lucky enough to meet Cynthia who later became his wife.

After completing his studies at Yale University, Petrello attended the Harvard Law School. Upon completion of his studies, Tony started working at Baker & McKenzie which is an American law firm. Tony had pursued business law even though he focused on arbitration and taxation. While still serving at Bakers, he got the opportunity to join Nabors Industries which was a great achievement for him. Nabors Industries is a drilling contractor that focuses on the extraction of oil, gas and geothermal power. The internationally known company is based out of Hamilton. It is important to note that the company has been operating since 1968.

The management team at Nabors Industries was quite impressed by Petrello’s analytical skills. Anthony Petrello started serving at the company in 1991 as its Chief Operating Officer. Later on, in the same year, he was promoted to become a board member. Tony’s incredible performance made him get another promotion in 1992 when he became the president of the company. Since then, Petrello has significantly contributed to the growth of the company.

Under the leadership of Mr. Petrello, the company spent $32 million in the acquisition of Grace drilling in 1993. In 2010, Nabors was set to acquire another major company known as Superior Wells Services. Currently, Tony is the CEO of Nabors. Mr. Petrello took the chief executive officer position in 2011. Tony has achieved a lot of success and recognition in his career due to his excellent leadership and management. Tony ’s other notable executive roles include serving at as the director, current director of Steward and Stevenson Company, and the director of Hilcorp Energy. Apart from career accomplishments, Tony loves his family. Petello’s philanthropy is inspired by his daughter, Carena, who suffers from ventricular Leukomalacia. Tony also donates millions of dollars to charitable organizations.

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