Securus Technologies Blocking the Network on Contraband Phones through Wireless Containment System

Securus Technologies is the only company in the corrections space that has been able to successfully develop a technology that would make it impossible for the prisoners to use the contraband phones. Even when the prisoners would have the contraband phones with themselves, the network would be blocked automatically with the new technology developed by Securus Technologies, named wireless containment system.


The use of contraband phones is so rampant in the correctional facilities that the correctional and law enforcement agencies have made it their priority in the last couple of years to stop its use altogether. The contraband phones are making its way inside the prison in some way or the other, but mostly due to the real corruption inside the prison as well as the use of the drones. Securus Technologies has been able to find a way to not only stop the infiltration of contraband phones inside the prison but to also stop the use of contraband phones entirely through its two new technologies.


The two new technologies that Securus Technologies has recently launched are the wireless containment system and the drone detection technology. As per the report, most of the criminals are using drones to supply a wide range of contraband inside the prison. Even though the correctional officers are trying to control the use of drones to supply contraband inside the prison, not much success has been achieved on that front yet. The drone detection technology, however, has proved to be highly successful in detecting the entrance of drones in the prison airspace and alert the correctional officers on duty. It would eliminate the use of drones to supply contraband, and any drone that would be detected would be seized along with the contraband it is carrying.


The company is trying to find ways to backtrack the controller as well with the drone so that the users of such drones can be arrested too. The wireless containment system by Securus Technologies would help in ensuring that the contraband phones already in use inside the prison are rendered useless altogether. The wireless containment system would not allow the contraband phones to connect to any network and thus, the phone would be nothing more than a paperweight.


Any phone without the network would not be able to make or receive calls, and thus, the wireless containment system has proved to be highly successful. It is the only such technology that is tried, tested, and approved by the FCC so far, and is scheduled to be installed in many other correctional facilities shortly. Securus Technologies is committed to the new technologies that it has been rolling out for the safety and security of the prisoners and the officers, and hope to work on it further to upgrade it.