NGP VAN Tips for Organizing a Rally

NGP is an organization that was formed after Voter Activation Network and NGP software merged together. The company’s goal is to help organize political campaigns. They assist political campaigns and other such ventures with utilizing modern technology to have the strongest results for their objectives. Networking and fundraising tools are utilized by NGP to help campaigns. NGP has a few tips on how to have a successful and organized rally.


Goals and Objectives

Have a concise and clear objective. It’s expensive and involves using a lot of time to have multiple rallies. They’re worth it because it gets attention, donations, and volunteers for a candidate, but you have to have a plan to make it a true success.



Organization is important for a rally. Pick the right location for the rally event. Select a location with plenty of parking and easy access for attendees and media. Ensure You want a place that is easy to find and big enough for a large crowd. Check that the sound system is up and ready so there isn’t tech difficulties. Prepare for the event to be visually strong. Make sure the speakers are camera ready and the backdrop is properly prepared.



As with every event, make sure to market your rally. Create an eye catching advertisement. Use social media, flyers, posters, invite literally everyone you know, and contact the local press. This way your rally will have a far larger turn out than what you would get from limited marketing.


Utilize the Energy for Your Objective

Use the energy of the rally to successfully push for a campaign. Make sure to take names for volunteers of anyone interested in helping out. Obtain contact information from supporters, like NGP VAN software allows, who are interested in being involved or donating.