Steelseries Recommends NewsWatch TV In Its Review

Steel series sells a range of electronics and headphones. The company enlisted the help of NewsWatch TV. They had nothing but good things to say about NewsWatch in its review.

Steelseries NewsWatch TV Review

Steelseries was working on two projects and they enlisted NewsWatch TV to provide reviews for both. One project involved promoting gaming controllers and the other project was promoting headphones. The goal was simple, get the products seen by many potential customers.

The results were impressive and Tori Puliese (the senior director of marketing) of Steelseries said the entire experience of working alongside NewsWatch TV was an amazing one. Tori’s review was positive and added that they noticed an improve in distribution.

About News Watch TV

NewsWatch covers a range of news, but they also cover sponsored/paid content. Travel, consumer, health, technology and entertainment are the categories NewsWatch covers. As of now, the show airs once per week on ION and twice per month on AMC. March, 1990 is when the show started production. As of now, over 1,000 episodes have aired in total and over 8,000 individual stories have aired.

Celebrity Appearances

Many celebrities and entertainers have appeared on NewsWatch. In fact, over 600 of them have been on the show. The celebs have discussed a range of things, such as about causes they are supporting and issues they care about. Within the last two years, major stars such as Mila Kunis and Denzel Washington have been on the show. Others includes Colin Firth and Will Smith, as well as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

NewsWatch TV has a proven track record of creating effective campaigns. Anyone who has a produce, service or info they want people to know about, then they should consider using NewsWatch TV to spread the word.