Is Brown Modeling Agency On Top of Its Game

When it comes to modeling agencies who has made a name for themselves, Brown Modeling Agency sits atop the ranks because it embodies this term perfectly. Since its birth in 2015, this agency has produced great work, has grown in numbers and has created a lot of industry-related buzz. This is only three years of being in actual existence and despite being a mid-sized company. Brown Modeling Agency has been doing things by the books. It has great talent to choose from, the talent is very professional and the agency is always searching for the “next big thing.” This agency hosts talent that can cross the borders of numerous fields, which makes it a full-service agency.


Its founder, Justin Brown, has done a phenomenal job of leading this company. Justin has an impressive background in modeling, and he has worked exclusively from behind-the-scenes. In his earlier modeling career, Justin would model those “rocker panel” type of jeans. In most cases, he would earn up to $100 an hour. He was working in a sector of the business that’s known as fit modeling. Not to be confused with fitness modeling, this sector focused on fabricating clothing to fit a specific body-type. Justin’s success actually helped to pay his way through college where he majored in business management. After college, the Reno, Nevada-native returned to the industry, but this time he had other plans in store. Justin was now working in the placement department, which was away from the camera lens. Of course, he loved his new position and this position helped to manifest into what he has become to this very day. You can visit their website



On the other hand, Brown Agency has certainly benefited from Justin’s knowledge, and his experience. He was able to combine two of Texas’ leading entertainment-based companies into one and this was the birth of Brown Modeling Agency. The agency has booked some of the biggest shows such as New York Fashion Week, and it has celebrated its talent for working on huge campaigns with Louis Vuitton. In the end, this is why Brown Modeling Agency is on top of its game as well as being on top of the industry itself.



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