The Academy of Art University Teaches Students How to Channel Their Creativity

The Academy of Art University showcased its latest work at New York Fashion Week which will be its 21st runway showcase. Ten of their graduates put forth their menswear and womenswear collections and dazzled the audience with their expressive creations.

The University was founded in San Francisco in 1929 and has since been schooling their students in all aspects of the art world. They are renowned for their innovation and creativity, and they maintain, and they also have an open admissions policy.

The backgrounds of their designers are all very unique and come form home and form across the seas. They drew inspiration from everything around them including landscapes and emotions to create pieces that really came alive and portrayed what they were feeling when they designed their pieces. The audience included well-known names to the fashion world including Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander. The collections are a reflection of all the hard work and countless hours that the graduates put into their schooling at the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University covers all aspects of art from acting to animation and visual effects. They teach everything there is to know about illustration, fine arts, graphic design, landscape architecture, and so much more.

Collections by designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez were features, and they showcase their individuality as well as incorporated creative mediums into their collections such as recycled bike tires and embroidery. Saya Shen used landscapes to draw inspiration from and Joanna Jadallah used a combination of materials such as brocades, knits, and wool to create a stunning menswear collection. Ryan Yu used the bold contrast between light and dark to create his work, and Jelly Shan created a collection that was fresh, girly, and edgy.

Disciplined study is taught at the Academy of Art University and students are strongly encouraged to develop and to hone in on their own unique styles in order to create their work. They are also taught technical skills, as well as professional knowledge to help them to succeed in the world.