Is Brown Modeling Agency On Top of Its Game

When it comes to modeling agencies who has made a name for themselves, Brown Modeling Agency sits atop the ranks because it embodies this term perfectly. Since its birth in 2015, this agency has produced great work, has grown in numbers and has created a lot of industry-related buzz. This is only three years of being in actual existence and despite being a mid-sized company. Brown Modeling Agency has been doing things by the books. It has great talent to choose from, the talent is very professional and the agency is always searching for the “next big thing.” This agency hosts talent that can cross the borders of numerous fields, which makes it a full-service agency.


Its founder, Justin Brown, has done a phenomenal job of leading this company. Justin has an impressive background in modeling, and he has worked exclusively from behind-the-scenes. In his earlier modeling career, Justin would model those “rocker panel” type of jeans. In most cases, he would earn up to $100 an hour. He was working in a sector of the business that’s known as fit modeling. Not to be confused with fitness modeling, this sector focused on fabricating clothing to fit a specific body-type. Justin’s success actually helped to pay his way through college where he majored in business management. After college, the Reno, Nevada-native returned to the industry, but this time he had other plans in store. Justin was now working in the placement department, which was away from the camera lens. Of course, he loved his new position and this position helped to manifest into what he has become to this very day. You can visit their website



On the other hand, Brown Agency has certainly benefited from Justin’s knowledge, and his experience. He was able to combine two of Texas’ leading entertainment-based companies into one and this was the birth of Brown Modeling Agency. The agency has booked some of the biggest shows such as New York Fashion Week, and it has celebrated its talent for working on huge campaigns with Louis Vuitton. In the end, this is why Brown Modeling Agency is on top of its game as well as being on top of the industry itself.



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Heal And Soothe: The Natural Remedy To Combat Inflammation

     Joint pains aren’t something rare. A good one-third of the entire population of the country suffers from some of the other kind of joint pain, but even so, the remedies that currently exist are fewer than one would expect. Currently, people who are diagnosed with some or the other form of pain are given a bottle full of pills, and a prescription for them to come back every month and fill. While this may work, no allopathic medication comes without its side effects. It might be strong and help you out at the moment, but in the long run, it’s doing more damage to your body than one might expect. With the growing pool of information that people can so readily receive on the medications that they are taking, more and more people are turning to natural alternatives to take care of their pain and to treat any kind of joint disorders.

One of the most common types of joint ailments is arthritis, and the number of people being affected by it is on a steady rise. There are numerous types of arthritis, but most of them occur when one’s body experiences inflammation. One of the main reasons why people tend to experience inflammation is because of the kind of food that they eat. These foods can be brutal on a person, especially if their joint pain is incredibly prominent. It can prevent someone from eating the things that they absolutely love, which definitely is something that people miss when they are diagnosed with arthritis.

One natural remedy for joint pain and arthritis is Heal and Soothe. Heal and Soothe acts as a natural supplement that works differently from what traditional arthritis and pain medications do. Instead of working to reduce the pain that occurs as a result of the inflammation, Heal and Soothe works to reduce the inflammation from the start itself. The natural ingredients in the supplement work on the body so that you can eat all of your favorite foods without having to worry about being in too much pain from them.

Thousands of people all over the country now depend on the supplements that they get through Heal and Soothe to be able to live a healthy and active life, without being held back by arthritis and its effects on the body. The remedy has proven to be incredibly efficient, which is why people are switching to this over allopathic medications for the effective treatment of their conditions.

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Businessman Vijay Eswaran Believes the Changes that Happen in a Person’s Life Comes from Within

Successful Businessman and motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran believe that changes that happen in a person’s life come from within the individual. Vijay Eswaran is also a generous philanthropist and economist and Executive Chairman and founder of GI Group of Companies a global entity with interests in real estate, hospitality, retail, education and direct selling throughout 30 countries. He is also a renowned inspirational author and innovative thinker in business and personal growth.

Vijay Eswaran utilizes a keen insight into the cause and effect of the changes that can be made in a person’s life from within to grow and expand. In fact, any change that happens in a person’s life comes from a thought and corresponding determination response from within. Vijay Eswaran also discusses the mental fortitude required to change any part of your character or habit expressed in long-term actions requires a strong level of an internal disciple. The natural response to change in your life is resistance and struggle from within to remain comfortable in the state of normalcy.

Consequently, one must battle the opposing comfort of normalcy be forcing change internally first with radical discipline. Vijay Eswaran also asserts that on the path of internal and external change, you will become aware of the corresponding change of others around you that are making similar changes. However, you will also notice that some other individuals that are not willing to change within your circle of influence will become agitated by the changes you are beginning to make. In order to continue on the path of change, you must remain dedicated to your internal convictions and surround yourself with like-minded individuals traveling down the same road of positive change. Successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran demonstrate keen insight into how change happens from within a person.

The Academy of Art University Teaches Students How to Channel Their Creativity

The Academy of Art University showcased its latest work at New York Fashion Week which will be its 21st runway showcase. Ten of their graduates put forth their menswear and womenswear collections and dazzled the audience with their expressive creations.

The University was founded in San Francisco in 1929 and has since been schooling their students in all aspects of the art world. They are renowned for their innovation and creativity, and they maintain, and they also have an open admissions policy.

The backgrounds of their designers are all very unique and come form home and form across the seas. They drew inspiration from everything around them including landscapes and emotions to create pieces that really came alive and portrayed what they were feeling when they designed their pieces. The audience included well-known names to the fashion world including Sara Kozlowski and Ms. J Alexander. The collections are a reflection of all the hard work and countless hours that the graduates put into their schooling at the Academy of Art University.

The Academy of Art University covers all aspects of art from acting to animation and visual effects. They teach everything there is to know about illustration, fine arts, graphic design, landscape architecture, and so much more.

Collections by designers such as Hailun Zhou, Eden Slezin, Dina Marie Lam, and Carlos Rodriguez were features, and they showcase their individuality as well as incorporated creative mediums into their collections such as recycled bike tires and embroidery. Saya Shen used landscapes to draw inspiration from and Joanna Jadallah used a combination of materials such as brocades, knits, and wool to create a stunning menswear collection. Ryan Yu used the bold contrast between light and dark to create his work, and Jelly Shan created a collection that was fresh, girly, and edgy.

Disciplined study is taught at the Academy of Art University and students are strongly encouraged to develop and to hone in on their own unique styles in order to create their work. They are also taught technical skills, as well as professional knowledge to help them to succeed in the world.


David Samadi Success Story

Dr. David Samadi is a celebrated doctor who has taken the oncology department by a storm. The board-certified urologist is currently based in the United States, and he mostly focuses on the treatment of complex urology conditions, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and bladder cancer. Unlike most doctors in the modern times, the renowned professional believes in minimum invasive treatment for the treatment of prostate cancer. In his career life, the doctor has managed to conduct numerous laparoscopic robotic radical prostatectomy and other complex surgeries that can cure cancer. A recent survey indicate that most of the cancer patients who have sought help from David Samadi has been cured, and they are leading very happy lives.

David Samadi has come a very long way. People who have interacted with him in the past know that the doctor has a very interesting story. David Samadi was born and also raised in a Persian Jewish community that was living in Iran. When he was only fifteen years old, David Samadi and his younger brother who was twelve years were forced to leave the community and settle in Belgium after the terrible revolution that took place in the year 1979. Being separated from your family is not an easy thing. David Samadi’s life changed so much after the tough incidence. Samadi and his brother had to learn how to survive alone without any of their parents or their sister. Although they were very young and lonely, the boys worked hard and proved that they were ambitious in life. The two worked hard, and they have made their parents very proud because of the success they have been able to achieve.

When growing up in Belgium and Iran, David Samadi always had the desire of changing the lives of other people in the society. The young Samadi would always picture himself working as a doctor, and this is the route he decided to take after leaving his high school education. When Samadi and his little brother arrived and settled in America many years ago, they decided to pursue career in different fields. After arriving in the new country, Samadi was very productive, and in just six years, he was done with his education at the Stony Brook School Of Medicine. Graduating with honours in the complex studies proved that he was ready for the career in medicine. The businessman has managed to introduce so much in the field, and he has become an authority in cancer research.

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Talk Fusion Changes And Leads The Way In Email Communications

Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion, Talk Fusion is a term that’s surfacing lately and there’s been a growing, little buzz taking place. So what is Talk Fusion? At its most basic level, Talk Fusion is video email. It would seem that Talk Fusion has reinvented email and it has taken it to a whole new level. Just think about it, there are so many directions that you can now go in to with a video email. From a personal perspective, people who you engage with this communication vehicle, there’s a chance for you to make a more personable and deeper connection. However, when you think about Talk Fusion from a business perspective, a whole world of possibilities open up for everyone. More specifically, Talk Fusion is an all-encompassing video marketing solution for today’s business hurdles professionals face. When you think about it, Talk Fusion is almost a face to face way for you to communicate to consumers, business associates or potential consumers.




Bob Reina created Talk Fusion back in 2007 and his new communication vehicle formulates a new medium that cultivates a dynamic communication environment that makes business professionals content more appealing, meaningful and compelling with the means used to communicate. Just think about the various avenues business professionals can use to Talk Fusion to rise above competition, boost profits and skyrocket sales.




Talk Fusion is a progressive organization who’s revolutionizing the way we think about how we communicate with each other. They are leading the way for video as a front-runner for communication and is truly a prolific, communication tool for business professionals to engage their consumers. Various technologies allow consumers to cut commercials from the entertainment media they consume, Talk Fusion allows business organizations a new avenue to reach current and potential consumers.




Another great thing is that Talk Fusion did not just stop at video email, they raised their offerings to integrating with other platforms such as video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking.




Video emails produced with Talk Fusion products are not static, they are dynamic by allowing businesses to offer any graphic imagery they want to combine in their presentation. In addition, Talk Fusion offers a variety of templates to their consumers to aid them in their pursuits. In addition, the options Talk Fusion offers, allows their consumer to add a text message.




One of the great things about Talk Fusion is that Bob Reina has chosen to market his leading products through a world-wide web of independent marketing, sales associates. Talk Fusion independent marketing sales associates reach over 140 countries. One of the most compelling selling points Talk Fusion offers is they allow for a 30 day free trial for their all in one Video Marketing solution. Talk Fusion has a free trial is open to anyone who wants to sample this great solution and another great thing is that there’s no need for credit card to use of the product.




Not only is Bob Reina is this amazing business innovator who has created great products, but he is this great humanitarian too. Bob Reina has an amazing drive to proactively make an impact to giving back to the community via various charities (world-wide). The charities associated with Bob Reina are in many forms that help animals, friends and family. One of the reasons why Bob Reina is so relatable is that he has a strong online presence from his many online video productions. As a former police person, Bob Reina has demonstrated a strong work ethnic that carried throughout his entrepreneurial career. Learn more:

New York City Welcomes The RealReal’s Newest Storefront

The RealReal, a leader in the resale luxury market, has introduced its initial brick and mortar storefront in bustling New York City. The brand’s leader, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, Julie Wainwright created the online business six years ago. Her company authenticates and resales high-end clothing, jewelry, and home decorum. Since inception, she has moved forward with progressive pop-up store initiatives. This new pop-up concept allowed her to test the New York market without making a true commitment to retail space. The event made trail-blazing strides, increasing company sales by more than $2 million inside of a two-week span. Businesswoman Julie Wainwright motioned to make New York city the flagship for her new store. Here, she has refashioned how we have grown accustomed to shopping. Both a flower shop and a cafe were showcased at its new locale to create a premium experience for it patrons. The RealReal has also incorporated shopping events and education as a part of their New York in-store special features. Clients will normally find high-end, best-selling labels such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes online and in-store. Apparel is their number one seller hands down. The company’s inventory remains full through various lead generation marketing techniques. The RealReal initially attracted only female clients, now their buyer base consists of millennials, women, and men. Most customers end up purchasing more than one item at a time, and their purchase is usually consistent. CEO Julie Wainwright’s staff is made up of over 70 people who are learned art curators, brand authenticators, gemologists, and watch experts. The RealReal has launched another pop-up store in San Francisco, California and has scheduled another in Las Vegas. Their expert staff is usually on hand at pop-up events to assist consignors and customers. This fosters customer trust and loyalty as wells as sustain brand credibility. New York city has officially welcomed consignment frontrunner The RealReal to its retail shopping roster.

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OSI Group: Bringing New Definition to the Food Processing Industry

OSI Group is the leader in the food processing industry with presence across the globe. It has significant business in all the major economies, excellent range of product portfolio, and an enormous number of customers on the list. Since the firm decided to go for a global expansion in the early 1980s, it was storming across the globe and expanded its product diversity quickly. OSI Group was listed as 58th in the Largest Private Companies in America list prepared by Forbes in 2017. Forbes noted that the Aurora-based company made a revenue of $6.1 billion in the fiscal year ended by December 31, 2016. It also added that the firm which founded in 1909 has over 20,000 employees.

With its high-quality product portfolio, excellence in the processing, best-in-class delivery, and more, the firm has won many industry recognitions and awards. In 2016, the OSI was chosen as the winner of the Globe of Honor Award from the prestigious British Safety Council. The Council has noted that the firm could showcase excellent management of environmental risks. In order to get the Awards, OSI surpassed the audit scheme of the British Safety Council by end-to-end environmental management. The award is also considered as the certification for top-notch quality and safety.

OSI Group is also known for right market strategies to diversify its product portfolio and expand the business across geographies. Acquisitions were one of the best tools used by OSI to go beyond borders and add more product offerings. Especially after 2000, the firm completed numerous acquisitions across the world that gave it a significant presence in all the major markets. In 2016, the firm made a significant acquisition that helped it to expand its presence in Europe. OSI Group announced in mid-2016 that it acquired Baho Food, a prominent maker of convenience food from the Netherlands.

Interestingly, Baho was operating in 18 major European countries under five subsidiaries. It had processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany. While declaring the transaction, David G. McDonald, the CEO of OSI Group, confirmed that the deal helped the firm to increase its processing strengths to serve the demanding customers of Europe. In the same year, OSI also acquired a food processing plant, including a warehouse, of Tyson Foods in Chicago. The deal worth $7.4 million was closed in June 2016. The takeover that included nearly 250 employees of Tyson was deemed to ensure the infrastructure support for the growth missions of OSI Group in North America.

The Wonderful Benefits Of Heal And Soothe

Experiencing body pains lately? Is arthritis getting the best of you? Do you have sores and wounds that don’t seem to want to heal? Well luckily, Heal and soothe is here to help your body fight those destructive cells and get you back in tip-top shape!

Never heard of Heal and Soothe before? Well let me explain, Heal and Soothe is referred to as a Systemic Enzyme Therapy. In other words, it releases enzymes throughout your entire body to make repairs where repairs are needed. It is an all-natural herbal supplement designed to do what pharmaceutical and over the counter medications are designed for, only without all the negative side effects like the destructive kidney and liver risks involved with prescriptions and OTC’s.

You see when your body starts having these negative symptoms of redness, swelling, awkward heating, cuts, bruises, etc, it is experiencing inflammation. When inflammation occurs, your body releases enzymes to fight it off and begin the healing process. But sometimes, your body’s natural defense can’t defuse the problem, that’s when Heal and Soothe becomes your remedy. View Related Info Here.

Heal and Soothe contains 12 extremely powerful natural pain relievers found around the world, some of these including but not limited to; Turmeric (an antioxidant able to destroy free radicals), Papain ( a type of enzyme that attacks cancer cells and boosts the immune system), Boswellia (an anti-inflammatory that also supports blood circulation),

Devils Claw ( inflammation and pain reducing herb), and even Vitamin E (well known for its antioxidant effect.) This amazing combination of herbs was designed to help stop inflammation in its tracks and assist in the healing process of your body.

Heal and Soothe is not available inside any stores currently, but it is available online for your convenience. If you’re sick of having physical, painful issues with your body and would like to find a product that can help fix these issues, then consider Heal and Soothe. It is available online for only $49.95 with a free 30 day supply for new customers, You love yourself, so then show your body that. Stop with the unnatural medications and get yourself Heal and Soothe!

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Jeff Aronin Winning the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award

By putting patients first and by developing important medicines to help humanity, Jeff Aronin, chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, is a deserving recipient of the Weizmann Institute leadership award.

Jeff Aronin’s work in the pharmaceutical industry has helped thousands live better lives. His singular focus on patients has attracted other leaders to join him at his company, Paragon Biosciences, and Paragon’s portfolio companies, among other businesses that he has started.

One quote defines his commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare: “problems people have deemed unsolvable are problems worth solving.” Aronin and his team at Paragon Biosciences live this every day by focusing on healthcare challenges that others may have missed or avoided altogether. By developing novel treatments for unmet medical needs, Aronin and the team at Paragon are living up to the ideals of the Weizmann Institute, a global leader in advancing science and medicine.

Part of leadership means inspiring the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs, That is one important reason behind Jeff Aronin’s decision to found MATTER, a healthcare incubator based in Chicago. More than 200 companies at MATTER are in various stages of development, but all of them are committed to improving healthcare (Alivenewspaper).

As Aronin and his team create innovative biotech startups, they also are helping others do the same — the very essence of what the Weizmann Institute is all about.