Drew Madden: How CVS And Amazon Will Shape Our Healthcare Experience

There is a lot to be said about how both CVS and Amazon could play a role in shaping our healthcare experience in the near future. Both companies currently want to own as much of the healthcare market as possible. CVS is the legacy player that has been in the industry for a very long time, but Amazon is now making great strides towards their goal of joining that industry.

Former industry employee and current industrial entrepreneur Drew believes that both companies are actually making moves that will ultimately benefit the end user. Madden doesn’t see Amazon as a destructive force in the industry, but rather as a force that will force other companies to innovate or cease to exist.

The shockwaves were certainly felt in the industry almost immediately when word came out that Amazon had been applying for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products via their website in a number of states. These are just licenses, and they have not yet been granted. Still, long time industry players had to be concerned with what it would mean if Amazon were to join their ranks. Check out evergreenhealthcarepartners.com

The stock prices of some major healthcare companies dropped when Amazon said that they were getting into the game, but that perhaps should not have been the reaction that these companies had. Instead, they should have taken the route that CVS has now taken and worked to defend themselves against the inclusion of Amazon in their space.

CVS announced that it would be offering guaranteed next-day delivery on products from its MinuteClinic system. They also put out word that they would be purchasing Aetna, a major healthcare insurance brand that has been around in the industry for some time. They wanted both of these announcements out in the public to calm jittery investors about their position in the market. They wanted to show that they were solid and strong and would continue you regardless of the fact that Amazon was now around.

The moves that each company has made are important. At the end of the day, the customers are the big winners here. They get improved services from each company, and that is something that anyone can appreciate. You can search on Google for more details.

This one also lists Nordic but not Evergreen.

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