Drew Madden: How CVS And Amazon Will Shape Our Healthcare Experience

There is a lot to be said about how both CVS and Amazon could play a role in shaping our healthcare experience in the near future. Both companies currently want to own as much of the healthcare market as possible. CVS is the legacy player that has been in the industry for a very long time, but Amazon is now making great strides towards their goal of joining that industry.

Former industry employee and current industrial entrepreneur Drew believes that both companies are actually making moves that will ultimately benefit the end user. Madden doesn’t see Amazon as a destructive force in the industry, but rather as a force that will force other companies to innovate or cease to exist.

The shockwaves were certainly felt in the industry almost immediately when word came out that Amazon had been applying for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products via their website in a number of states. These are just licenses, and they have not yet been granted. Still, long time industry players had to be concerned with what it would mean if Amazon were to join their ranks. Check out evergreenhealthcarepartners.com

The stock prices of some major healthcare companies dropped when Amazon said that they were getting into the game, but that perhaps should not have been the reaction that these companies had. Instead, they should have taken the route that CVS has now taken and worked to defend themselves against the inclusion of Amazon in their space.

CVS announced that it would be offering guaranteed next-day delivery on products from its MinuteClinic system. They also put out word that they would be purchasing Aetna, a major healthcare insurance brand that has been around in the industry for some time. They wanted both of these announcements out in the public to calm jittery investors about their position in the market. They wanted to show that they were solid and strong and would continue you regardless of the fact that Amazon was now around.

The moves that each company has made are important. At the end of the day, the customers are the big winners here. They get improved services from each company, and that is something that anyone can appreciate. You can search on Google for more details.

This one also lists Nordic but not Evergreen.

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Soothe Joint Pain Away With Heal And Soothe Herbal Supplement

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The Capabilities That Bob Reina’s Company, Talk Fusion Has

Talk Fusion is a company that’s been around for just over 10 years, but they’re continually joining the wave of the future to make online video communication easier than ever. While video communication has been pretty easy with tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook’s messenger program, sometimes these apps put a lot of overhead on your computer, clog up memory or constantly update when you don’t want them to. Talk Fusion is much easier because it can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes stores for mobile users, or used easily by regular browser users on desktops or laptops. Talk Fusion basically allows you to start email-to-email video communications without even having to download any software, and the man who came up with this idea is Tampa resident Bob Reina.


Bob Reina was with the Hillsborough County sheriff’s department serving the Tampa and surrounding areas of Florida for over 20 years, but he decided to change his occupation to direct selling because he wanted to set his own schedule. He worked as a sales representative for several companies that all eventually went under until he found the idea for Talk Fusion while vacationing. He had noticed in the age of digital cameras and shooting videos that most video files were too large to email, so he wanted software that could convert those videos into formats that could integrate into emails without taking up space. He and Talk Fusion’s current IT Director Jonathan Chen began working on a program that could do that, and in three years they defied most IT experts who said such a program was not possible to develop. Talk Fusion now had its video email, but in the following years since Reina brought a lot more live video and chat software to the Talk Fusion program suite. Learn more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-releases-exclusive-training-program-talk-fusion-university-300478963.html


One of the main benefits to Talk Fusion is how associates in their multilevel marketing program can link customers to their own Talk Fusion sales pages and also recruit new associates and earn commissions doing so. Talk Fusion has tremendous rewards for associates who are successful in a monthly period allowing them to win prizes from expensive jewelry and vintage cars to paid-for vacations in dream destinations. Talk Fusion’s product suite does require a monthly or yearly subscription account for regular use, but customers can signup for a 30-day free trial if they want to test them first.

How the Choose the Right Type of Life Insurance

Freedom Life Insurance, just like clothing comes in many variations. Term insurance provides a death benefit for a specific time period usually from 5 to 30 years. Whole life insurance provides coverage for your entire life from the date of purchase until 99 or over 100 years of age. Whole life has the added feature of a savings account, which the owner can borrow from even if his or her credit is very bad.

What Type of Freedom Life Insurance Coverage Should You Buy?

This depends on what you need it for and what you can afford. If you need life insurance to cover a limited number of years, such as the years your children would need funds to attend college or the terms of a debt, like a mortgage, then a 30 year or a 20 year term would be the best coverage for your family. It is the least expensive type of coverage, so it is very affordable. There is usually a medical exam required, but there may not be for its renewal. Ask your Freedom Life Insurance agent.

If you think you may need a longer coverage period, consider convertible life insurance. This gives you the option to convert term insurance into whole life coverage. Certainly, if you believe you need coverage for your whole life, buy whole life insurance. It can be bought in forms like variable, universal life, variable/universal life and basic whole life. Each type of whole life insurance is fairly expensive by comparison with term. The premium, however stays the same from year one until death, whenever that is. Learn more on Crunchbase about Freedom Life Insurance.

The difference between whole life and term is just like the titles imply, one is for your whole life the other is for a specific term, a period of years. Whole life is expensive because it covers you forever and has an added feature of a savings account. In the past the best use of whole life was for people who wanted to pass on an estate to less wealthy beneficiaries. The death benefits could pay estate taxes. Now that the laws have changed for estate taxes, whole life purchases will need to be encouraged for other reasons like providing funds to support disabled loved ones, to benefit extended family and prized charities and to support the surviving spouse. Read:https://www.corporationwiki.com/Texas/Fort-Worth/freedom-life-insurance-company-of-america-3543239.aspx