Todd Lubar: Building Partnerships With Clients

To have a successful business, partnerships need to be made. Whether that involves partnerships with business people or with customers and clients, knowing how to create solid relationships is crucial to reaching one’s goals. This has been the case with Arthur Becker, who has developed many different businesses, been a stockbroker, and invested in many different types of business ventures over the years. As his business knowledge and success have grown, others have tried to emulate his success. Based on an interview recently conducted with Todd Lubar, most experts in business agree both Arthur Becker and Todd Lubar have much in common.

For Todd Lubar, his business career has been all about having the ability to develop partnerships with many people, all of whom have different financial and life goals. For many of Todd’s clients, they have dreams of owning a home or starting a business. Thus, through his business TDL Ventures, Todd uses the knowledge gained from past experience at Crestar Mortgage, Legacy Financial, and other companies to help create new and exciting opportunities for people everywhere. Check out Medium to see more.

As Todd’s reputation in real estate has grown, he has been able to establish partnerships with many different banks and other lenders, enabling him to help more and more people. Working with clients who are considered hard to finance by other lenders, Todd uses the partnerships forged with other lenders to create financing packages that help his clients realize their financial goals. Because of his vast experience in the industry, Todd has been involved in more than 7,000 real estate transactions over his career, giving his insight into the industry that others simply don’t possess.

As he looks to help more and more clients in the years ahead, Todd Lubar knows the business climate will make it a challenge to do so. However, never a person to back down from a challenge, Todd knows that obstacles often turn into opportunities. Because of this attitude, he and his clients know that no matter what real estate project they are pursuing, Todd’s incredible motivation and business sense will make any project a successful one.

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