Susan McGalla Advising Women on How to Get Ahead in Corporate World

When compared to men, there are very women in the corporate circle who has achieved as much success. It cannot be denied that there has been prejudice against women for many years, which has led to this unfair inequality between men and women in the corporate culture. However, things are changing for the better, and more and more women are surfacing as leaders in their respective fields, leaving men far behind.

One such woman who has achieved great success in her career and has grown to become one of the most inspiring businesswomen in the United States is Susan McGalla. As the VP of Business Strategy and Creative Development of Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, Susan McGalla has helped make some very crucial improvements that have led to increased revenue and better performance overall.

In the past, Susan McGalla has worked at two of the most popular apparel and sports companies, namely Wet Seals Inc and American eagle Outfitters Inc, in the capacity of CEO and President respectively. Susan McGalla is also on the board of a publicly listed firm named HFF Inc. Susan McGalla is always pushing for women empowerment and has even spoken on the topic in many of her interviews and public speeches.

As for advice to young women who are looking to build their career in just about any industry, Susan McGalla says that women must never leave their education incomplete. She says that education is what would help the women land their dream job, and if the women candidates don’t have a degree or have inferior grades, chances are less that they would hold against the men, the majority of whom always complete their education.

Susan McGalla says that women must also start managing their finances well from the very young age and start saving. It would help in ensuring that the women don’t have any problems in the future regarding financing their education. Susan McGalla said that women must be willing to work hard and put in extra hours as men do, and if they go an extra mile consistently, there is no way they would not succeed in whatever they set their mind to.