Why You Need an IAM software from Onelogin

Compared to the cloud-based systems, the cost of operating and maintaining the traditional IT infrastructure is marginally high. It has led to a new generation of cloud computing where cloud system companies offer their software as service (SaaS). SaaS has replaced on-premises identity management systems. It is cheap to acquire, operate and maintain. Manufacturers who have adopted SaaS are benefiting from improved agility across supply chains, enhanced security, and simplified identity management systems.

Benefits of Cloud-based IAM

Among the significant advantages of using a cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) include efficiency, security, and speed. Companies who use SaaS can serve thousands of customers a day. On the other hand, people who use on-premises IT infrastructure have limits of customers they serve in a day.


Another benefit that manufacturers enjoy by using SaaS is data security. By using on-the-premise identity management, manufacturers are not assured of the safety of their data. The data can be stolen or be compromised. Cloud-based IAM has improved security; users of the cloud have nothing to worry about.

Cost and Productivity.

The cost of maintaining a cloud-based IAM is low while the productivity of the system is high. On the other hand, the maintenance cost of an on-the-premise structure is high while its efficiency and productivity are low. This factor encourages SaaS adoption and ditching of premise system.


With Cloud-based Identity and Access Management, you enjoy flexibility as the software can meet all growing demands. You don’t need to upgrade the hardware since the changes are only made in the software.

About Onelogin

Onelogin is the leading Identity and Access Management Vendor. It also offers Single Sign-On SSO services. The company focuses on providing its client with efficient, fast and secure systems needed for Identity and Access Management. Onelogin has access to applications such as Office 365 and AWS. In fact, over 5000 online and desktop applications are pre-integrated within it. Today, millions of companies use their systems worldwide.