ClassDojo Education Technology dominates the Education System

In an increasingly technology-based world, the education sector has also made great strides to change the phase of modern learning. This change has largely involved the incorporation of education technology popularly known as edtech to make learning easier, all-inclusive and fun.

This has led to massive investments in edtech like ClassDojo in schools and classrooms across America in the last 20 years. ClassDojo, for instance, is used in over 90 percent k-8 schools in the United States of America (US).

ClassDojo provides a secure platform that connects teachers with parents and their students, therefore, creating remarkable classroom communities. This then creates a favorable environment for the most important stakeholders in the education sector to interact freely and encourage inculcation of positive skills and values like hard work, honesty, selflessness, and kindness among others. Edtechs like these also ensure open communication lines at all times which also aid in improving education quality and problem-solving.

It is very easy for the students to be sidelined as silent partners in the education system. Technologies like ClassDojo ensure that this does not happen. They lend a voice to students to model and share their learning by uploading it on their portfolios. Students also have a platform on which to engage their parents and teachers simultaneously on issues affecting them.

Being a global technology, ClassDojo is open to any involved party from anywhere in the world and through any network enabled device. It also instantly translates messages into more than 30 languages making it easier for students to learn foreign languages and conduct foreign exchange programs from their classrooms.

In previous years when education based technologies were few, it was easier for teachers and schools to decide on the best. Today, however, the market is overpopulated and making choices is difficult and in some cases very expensive. ClassDojo however, is always guaranteed to be free for teachers hence reducing operational costs for schools.

In 2016, ClassDojo raised $21 million aimed at developing an application that will cut out parent-teacher conferences completely. This will be achieved by continuously and consistently appraising parents on the welfare and progress of their children at school both behaviorally and academically. ClassDojo is a sure way to bring a school community together by synchronizing their activities and providing a safe and time-saving platform for interaction.